5th Jan 2012, 08:32

Wouldn't have dragged on a week, had you read the first comment I made about national averages. We wouldn't have heard about Florida 4 times after that... LOL!

5th Jan 2012, 08:36

It's all about entitlement here in the US. We haven't had any reason to change our mentality when it comes to wanting things we don't need. If one can afford something, then it is reason enough to have it, even if it still is a wasteful vehicle. As the economy sinks further and further, you'll see full sized vehicle sales dwindle like they have done briefly in the past. Sad to say, but $4 plus per gallon actually did us a favor in 2008. Too bad the lesson didn't stick though, as short term memory seems to be the norm for most.

5th Jan 2012, 16:17

I started with a small truck, and after 2 years I bought a full size. I do not like borrowing family and friend's tools, larger trucks etc. If something goes wrong, it can strain relationships.

I think renting is ridiculous also. If I lived in a condo or small townhouse maybe. I have a larger home and have done a lot of upgrading inside and out. A lot of hardscaping as well. I also tow a boat, and even have a Wells Cargo enclosed trailer. I have many friends that have similar full size trucks. I don't borrow, I buy.

My office is under 10 minutes away, and I wonder how wasteful my gas usage is. I drive a couple cars, mainly for more room with my family. If gas hit 10 bucks a gallon, that gallon would get me to work for almost 2 days. Probably better than the small econocar rational of driving an hour commute each way.

It's a full size truck review, and function is more important than MPG anyway.

6th Jan 2012, 10:15

I see it more as setting goals, achieving them, and enjoying the fruits of one's imagination and success.

If you want material things such as a nicer home, car, education etc, and achieve it solo, it's great.

I do not have to worry about fuel expenses and enjoy traveling. I like nice cars, homes, boats, and worked and paid each off.

I can appreciate it's a tough time for many, and it's natural to grouse. If you want a small car with high mileage, why are you on a full size truck review? I do not drive my truck heavily, but when I do it's utilized in the manner it's designed for.

You have to realize that for over 20 years the largest selling vehicle in America has been a full size truck. Not cars. Apparently individuals see the value in their ownership. Maybe at some point that statistic may change to where the # 1 vehicle sold in America is a small pickup? Maybe that's possible, but for our purposes it's not effective. If you are combining strictly commuting in an empty truck, maybe small size seems perfect for you. That's great. But to reiterate over and over about gas prices, when that would be the last factor on why I buy a new full size over and over, is not relevant at all.

I buy for strength, also safety, pulling and stopping, room for 4 adults (my children are teens), and we also use our truck buying a lot of heavier items and bring home. I do not want to borrow friends and relatives vehicles and/or rent. I use my truck a lot. During the day I like driving a car.

The only limitations I see with a truck are security with open beds and the ride on long trips. They are still a truck. I would like to see more real new full size owners on here, and get their take and feedback on why they own one. Friend of friends or just an opinion is not owning. The utility aspect on here just doesn't get covered. It either gets to be about patriotism, gas costs or some other irrelevant disdain. I actually own one. Does anyone else have a new full size truck on here, besides the original first commenter and myself?

6th Jan 2012, 17:13

Once again... entitlement. And the reason full sized trucks are the #1 seller is due to commercial use, not personal preference.

Just because you can, doesn't always mean you should... but then what is the point? Most people won't listen anyhow. They do what they want either way, as long as it suits them. Who cares about conservation when you are well off and have earned your way right?

Okay then, let's get back to the reviews...

7th Jan 2012, 15:45

I also use my full size truck for Habitat for Humanity donations, take turns picking up for our church sales, food bank pick up and delivery, take all my yard waste and my Christmas tree to the recycle center. I also do car shows with my 9 mpg classic car. The attendance and sponsors have raised large donations for numerous charities, adopt a families, Veterans Hospitals etc utilizing vehicles that cause you dismay. There are close to a thousand cars in my club alone. I do have an enclosed car trailer to tow. I doubt a Prius would pull it.

8th Jan 2012, 10:00

Okay, okay, easy now. There are always exceptions. Driving 80 miles per day solo in a vehicle that gets 15 mpg is what is wasteful. Driving a pickup around purely for the chance you may need it on the rare occasion is what is wasteful. How you are using your truck is hardly the norm for the average private owner of a pickup.

Old muscle cars are a lame comparison as well. Do you put 15K - 20K miles on it every year? That is the average. I am sure the occasional trip to a show isn't even close to that.

8th Jan 2012, 14:19

I would never drive 80 miles a day for work. Your point is about wasting gas. If I own 5 automobiles, I drive only one at a time. My truck maybe 2500 miles a year. It's paid for, well tuned and ready to go. How is that wasteful? I know many with 2 new cars and a full size truck in my area.

As far as car collectors; most drive under 2500 miles a year, or less if antiqued or running classic plates. That's a restriction with collector car insurance policies. I have 2 and am not allowed to drive them to work. My collector vehicles have restrictions, cost under 300 year to insure, and have full replacement value however.

I don't know how many people you know that do ridiculous daily job commutes in full size trucks. I picked a new Silverado, which has one of the nicest rides. But every truck I tested has been honestly fairly uncomfortable to commute in. Most families, unless you live solo, have more than one vehicle. I moved to be close to my job. If you burn more than a gallon a day in whatever you may be driving, you are wasting more fuel than I use even with a full size truck.

The rationale of buying a higher MPG vehicle is OK if you drive 2 hours round trip. I live and work in a normal suburban area. I could move an hour away so that I could afford a bigger house, and mow another acre and burn gas on a tractor as well. There's always some rationale why people criticize, yet they may not be doing everything possible in all the other areas of their lifestyle they carve out for themselves.