1998 Volkswagen Jetta GL 4 cylinder from North America


Ultimate chick car


The starter is starting to go. Other than that, absolutely nothing is wrong with my car. I love my Jetta 100% and would not give it up for any other vehicle.

General Comments:

It has a slow acceleration, but when it gets going it flies.

The seats are extra comfortable and has unique features for raising the seat and neck support.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2005

1998 Volkswagen Jetta k2 gas from North America


Piece of garbage!


3 power windows don't work. I had to have two regulators replaced and one had to have the motor replaced. Volkswagen designed the power windows so that you can't buy parts; only full kits.

Seat warmer never worked!

Factory installed tires had to be replaced at 22000 miles.

General Comments:

Volkswagen built this car on the cheap. Very poor intergrity. Quality of this car is the worst I have ever experienced and I've been buying and driving cars for over 45 years. Without a doubt the poorest quality car I ever owned.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2005

1998 Volkswagen Jetta GLX 2.8L VR6 from North America


I love it


At 15,000 miles the ABS light came on -went to the dealer and was quoted $1300 dollars for a new computer and control module of some sort. This was an issue not covered by warranty, thus I have not had ABS on my car for a long time.

Sunroof motor started lagging - dealer replaced.

Drivers side moulding fell off - dealer replaced and did a poor job so I bought some 3M tape and did it myself.

Spec tyres are garbage and overpriced.

Toyo makes a tire that sells for $80 that blows the stock $135 tyre away.

Coil-packs are an on-going issue, though after the first replacement my shop covered the next one under warranty.

To be honest I am quite happy with the performance and quality of the car.

I drive the car very hard and have yet to replace a clutch or any major drive or engine parts.

I have since made some modifications which make the car even more vicious.

Some things (like the cup holders) seem to be an afterthought, but then again driving with a 12oz. cup of coffee is probably not good for the autobahn.

General Comments:

I think Americans are obsessed with cupholders.

The car is a blast - If you want one get one.

1998 is the best year.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2005

1998 Volkswagen Jetta GL TDI 1.9L turbo diesel from North America


Excellent car for the money


At 48,000 miles the injector pump failed. Replaced under warranty.

Remote trunk switch failed around 62,000 miles.

Mass Airflow Sensor failure at 77,000 miles.

Clogged intake manifold at 77,000 miles.

General Comments:

By far, one the most fun to drive, economical cars I have ever owned.

All maintenance performed per VW spec.

Car was totaled in 2001. Replaced with a 2001 Jetta GLS TDI automatic. The 1998 was a far superior car, in my opinion.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2005

24th Mar 2010, 20:26

The 2001 Jetta does have some nice perks over the 1998, like the switch key, blue and red dash lights, and the sweet shift knob. What I don't like about the mk4 2001 Jetta is the anti shutter valve. that can leave someone stranded. And the automatic transmission will fail and you can't upgrade the engine with a chip or nozzles. I've owned 5 TDi's, and would only buy the manuals for their longevity.

My current 1998 Jetta TDi has 334k and runs excellent, giving back 49mpg mixed driving :)

1998 Volkswagen Jetta GLX 2.8L V6 from North America


Love the ride, expensive however


Window motor problems front driver and passenger. About $200 to fix each one. Heard about the window regulator problem, wish I had demanded a longer warranty when I bought it from dealer (used in 2002).

Lost radio unlock code and when car died one winter had to pay $25 to look up code. Used to be free.

Cruise control broke around 70,000 miles, but my warranty paid for repairs.

Tires are really expensive, almost $400! That sucks.

General Comments:

I love the ride, it is very solid, small with great handling. The leather interior rocks along with the power windows, doors and sunroof. There is ample spaciousness, more than I think usually.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2004