1998 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 2.0 gas from North America


I like the inspiration behind the car, but it's been really poorly executed and assembled


Power window regulators broken (2)

Passenger rear window actuator inoperable.

Passenger side mirror adjustment inoperable.

Coolant fitting on side of engine block gasket worn and leaking.

Front shock mounts worn out.

Front right wheel bearing worn out.

Driver seat cushion has gone flat.

Spontaneous on/off on the security system (twice).

A/C duct seals worn and blowing humid air into CD player resulting in skipping and who knows what else.

General Comments:

The car's drive train and engine seem to be reasonably reliable and the front end (ball joints, CV joints, tie rod ends) has ben tight and running fine since the day I bought it. But all of the stupid little things going wrong drove me to trade the thing in for some other brand. When I had to drive home in stop and go traffic with the horn going off spontaneously and inoperable windows I knew that this was it. I'm done with Volkswagen until their quality numbers get better.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2004

18th Aug 2005, 02:08

I own a jetta as well and I have yet to deal with any of these problems. I have read a lot of comments on the 98 jetta GLS and I assume that I have just gotten lucky. I love my jetta, granted there has been some minor problems, but that is because of the fact that I have put 22,000 miles on it in the past 9 months. So I guess what I am saying is that no matter what car is purchased and driven, there will always be problems. It's not just the car.

29th Aug 2005, 17:13

I wish that everyone who has ever owned a 1998 Jetta GLS could be contacted. Why? Because we would all have the same problems listed.

- Wiring issues that cause the windows to malfunction or become inoperable.

- Body moulding that DOES NOT stay on.

28th Nov 2005, 09:33

My 1998 GLS (75K original miles) has performed very well for me! Only nonroutine maintenance work I've done includes:

- front rotors (at 65K -- OK!)

- exhaust (at 60K)

- front hub bearing (75K)

- battery (hopefully) now.

Thankfully, I haven't experienced the problems others have described - nobody has mentioned my leaky sunroof, though!

I have owned 2 other VWs and my experience is that with VW, the design is good, but the manufacturing quality is EXTREMELY variable. Before the 98 GLS, I had a 97 GLS that I almost went to "lemon law" court with VW (hence the quick trade to the 98). Before that, I drove my 90 GTI to 200K with very few problems. Go figure!

1998 Volkswagen Jetta GT 2.0 Gas from North America


It is a classy, affordable, well built, fun driving car


The only thing I can say that is wrong with the car is that the wipers occasionally come on even though they are in the off position.

The oil dipstick tube has a plastic guide at the top of it that is broken. I have noticed on a few Jettas and Golfs that this is common.

The front cup holders are to far in under the ash tray to allow taller cups or drinks.

General Comments:

This car made me smile the moment I left the dealership parking lot for a test drive. It is fun to drive, sporty, attractive, and has a feel of quality throughout.

This car pulls strong in each of the 5 gears, and I have had excellent fuel economy.

Unlike my last few domestic cars that seem like they were engineered by a grade 4 class, this car is well thought out. I believe they actually thought about what they were building and they built it instead of vice versa like some of my former cars.

I have owned 30 previous cars, but I find myself enjoying this one immensely. I am a mechanic, and look forward to working on it as well as driving it. It is a total pleasure.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2004

4th Jun 2005, 16:06

Actually I don't have a comment, but more of a questions. I have a 1998 Jetta GT and I just had the battery terminals changed and now my radio doesn't turn on.. It has a "safe" message on the screen. How can I get rid off the message?

Please help...

19th May 2007, 22:23

This will happen every time your have to change a battery or disconnect the terminals to work on a starter motor or something. Write the code down and have the dealer show you how to re-enter it.