1998 Volkswagen Jetta TDI from North America


Very cheap car to maintain


The ignition switch went out and caused a few other things to go hay wire. Got the ignition switch repaired for $200.00 and everything worked great.

The rubber molding on the side of the door started to come loose and was able to fix it with a glue.

General Comments:

The great fuel economy. 45-55 mpg.

The car does well up step hills with all the torque the car has.

The interior is a little on the cheap side in looks, but has held up very well.

I have overall been very happy with the car and will be looking forward to getting a newer body style.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2006

1998 Volkswagen Jetta K2 Edition 2.0 gas from North America


Great piece of German Engineering


Starter has a dead spot in it. Car won't start unless its off in gear and you rock it back and forth to get it off the dead spot, then it starts. I didn't trust it so I bought a new starter and installed it myself.

Body molding fell off. I restuck it on their with 3m double sided auto tape and a hair dryer, car looks like new now.

Engine light is on, but I found a sensor (think its Mass Airflow Sensor) that was pulled out on the airbox.

Left rear passenger window does not work.

Rear brakes need rotors and pads, the pads are worn and rotors have a ridge on them, plan to have my dad replace these next weekend, will update.

Radio in safe mode before buying. Told seller this is unacceptable (dealer) and he got it out for free, works great.

Might need clutch in next 20,000 miles, it engages a bit high, but I drove a truck with a HD clutch so what do I know.

New front tires... it needed them, backs are okay for another 10,000.

Seat has little wear mark, will stitch up.

General Comments:

First off, I got this used car off ebay for $1800 off a dealership. I knew it had problems, but it is a sweet car for the money.

I suspect the dead spot in the starter and the engine light (might be a dealer mech who pulled it? maybe) may have swayed her to trade it in, the college girl before me. So I picked it up and threw new front tires on it and drove it home. I picked up a starter too and put it in.

All in one night I put the body molding back on, put the new starter in (beware home mechs like me, the starter bolts actually hold the engine to the frame to prop up the motor when removing the starter), changed oil, and changed oil filter.

Now this car has a perfect body, no dings, dents, scratches, rust, and all the molding is SOLIDLY put back on. The car looks great and with the alloy wheels...ooohhh, it will kick ass when I wash and polish.

The K2 edition is an inbetween special edition on the luxury list, I got blacked out tail lights, foglights, better looking seats, premium sound (sounds great cranked up), heated seats, different shifter, and remote.

The interior seems well put together, it needs to be cleaned though. The black grey colors look great and controls are easy to get to. Cupholders in a great place. Seats are comfortable. Controls are a bit complicated, but easily learned from manual. There is plenty of space for my 5'11 frame and you can see everything around you (except for the rear, large ass trunk gets in the way). The trunk itself if HUGE, I could fit 4 bodies in there! lol.

Exterior: A bit dated, but looks very sexy in black, alloys, and blacked out tail lights, and spoiler. Sits low and looks like a small tank. And very easy to get into.

Driving: Wow, its like, well, its great. Its my first car (I'm 16) and well it handles way better than any of the other cars I've driven (to think that I almost bought a 99 ford escort?!!).

Its steering is tight and the engine is peppy with the 5 speed manual. The car makes it feel like you're going slower than usual, like you're going 50 but it feels like 30...

Brakes are crap right now due to the rear brakes being shot, it stops, but it doesn't like it.

Acclerating is a fun filled affair with plenty of revs, shifts, fast moving car, and grinning driver.

The car takes turns like, its on rails. and just holds the road so well, I can see myself just driving this for the pure fun of it.

It seems to have plenty of power in all gears and goes highway speed with ease.

MPG is expected to be decent, mid 20s I hope. I filled her with $25 the other day, I'm happy.

Overall, great German engineering and I can't believe I'm going to finish this car for about $1000 under book value in good condition. Love this car.

I did my research, and well if you're mechanically inclined and have the tools, I think you can work on this car easily. Otherwise, stay away or buy an older version. However seeing as I know what I'm doing and so does my father, well this will do just fine.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2006

20th Jun 2006, 21:39

Update: 121,000 miles, or something close, still a great driver.

Did a tuneup recently, car runs much better.

Added headlight accents to make them not so square.

Only problems being the left rear passenger window is still out, and the rear right window is off track, and I really don't feel like ripping the door apart to get to it. So they're double sided taped into the door frames, so they won't fall down LOL. When I get some more $$ I'll fix them.

2nd Aug 2006, 19:02

Now it's about to get a Garret t3 turbo kit. 190ish hp and 200 ft/lbs of torque. What now suckas?

23rd Nov 2007, 15:43

I have a 98 GLS, bought it in 2002 when the car had 65K miles on it. Muffler shield rattles since I got it and didn`t know if the previous owner changed the timing belt so I changed it at 85K.Nothing major went wrong about this car so far and I have 130K miles on it now, but for a while I was tired of the little electrical issues. I changed the ignition key assembly at 100K now I have two sets of keys, every winter I have to change at least one window regulator. Transmission makes a grinding noise when the car moves in reverse, but I think it was my fault, last snow storm I got stuck and kept moving the car back and forth with tires spinning at high rpm. Its too much rpm for reverse. Acceleration is actually pretty amazing for this little 2.0 4cyl and the car hugs the road pretty good in my opinion. But I`m not gonna buy another Jetta, its time to upgrade.