1998 Volkswagen Jetta GT 2.0 from North America


My kids love their Volkswagens; I hate em because I have to fix em


135000 km replaced:

Front wheel bearings.

Front disk brake rotors and pads.

Rear pads.

Front strut mount bushings.

Front outer tie rod ends.

Emergency brake cable.

Engine timing belt and serpentine belt.

At 150000 replaced the engine water pump.

Door moldings fall off and have been glued several times (no mechanical fasteners used in production, design flaw).

DOORS WILL NOT UNLOCK IN COLD WEATHER. Design flaw, doors automatically lock after 20 seconds so you can't leave it unlocked even if you wanted to! An air/vacuum pump mounted in the trunk is used to actuate the locks, cold air is apparently not as dense as the engineer, again another design flaw. Official dealer response is to park the car in heated parking; IDIOT!

Plastic rear bumper clips and rubber fuel filler door stop fell off and had to be replaced.

Fog light lenses have both broken.

Ignition key switch is sensitive, and if jiggled while driving will stop the engine, turn off driving lights OOPS! If your car does not stay running, just wiggle the key a bit.

General Comments:

The vehicle is fun to drive with adequate power and relative economy.

Tight handling, sturdy solid feel, and is quiet for an econobox, with good trunk space.

My daughter loves her Jetta for its boxy appeal.

The local dealer could use some talented mechanics. The check engine light was on after I replaced the timing belt, so I asked the dealer to check and adjust timing. On their advice the belt needed to be replaced. I explained that it was a new belt and that is why I asked for the timing adjustment. They then advised that the tensioner should also be replaced, which I approved. Check engine light was still on after a $1000 service bill. I checked the timing myself and discovered that it was off and was never adjusted properly. I have since found a good independent VW mechanic, only costs half as much, because they fix it right in half the time.

And now for the punch line. My son just bought a 1999 VW Golf 2.0 and we spent the weekend replacing the water pump and timing belt and fixing a coolant leak. Looks like the muffler is also due with his next paycheck.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2009

1998 Volkswagen Jetta GLX VR6 from North America


FAST, but expensive!


First of all..

Both my back windows don't work. I had them replaced for $70 each motor.

The next thing that went were the spark plugs and wires. That ran me $475.00. I had those replaced because cylinder number one was miss firing. The car ran good after I had them fixed.

2 days later I started the car and went to take off, and the car seemed to give me trouble going. My check engine light came back on to find out cylinder #1 was misfiring again.

My temp light keeps flashing and won't turn off. Had that checked and the tech said it's just a computer glitch. But yet it still will not turn off.

From time to time the windshield wipers and fog lights will go out and turn on when they want to. Usually when it's raining outside is the day everything wants to stop working and I already drove to work. So I have to figure out a way to make it home. I work 45 minutes away from my house, so that's always a pain.

General Comments:

The car is a fast, and nice looking car. But Volkswagen is very expensive to fix. This is the 2nd VW I have owned, and personally I'm not too sure if I would buy another one after this VR6 goes.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2009

1998 Volkswagen Jetta GL Wolfsburg 2.0 from North America


Excellent long lasting, long running car


Seats are starting to get worn, but it's an 11 year old car.

I have put nearly 2k over what the car is worth in repairs. The person who had to before me did not take care of it.

I love this car.

Timing belt, tensioner, pulley, tires, ALL new brake system, fuel filters, air intakes, throttle body, control arms, drive axles, spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, both oxygen sensors, mass air sensor, replacement muffler, bellows kits on both sides, A/C compressor, engine mounts, transmission mount, turn signal switch, radiator fan assembly, all four struts on each tire.

The car will run forever mawahahaha! I was fine with all the replacements - I did all of them willing and before the parts wore out. I'm very protective of the car.

Just short of the engine and the transmission the whole car is brand new... now let's keep our fingers crossed!

General Comments:

This car handles very nice!

It's roomy and pretty comfortable. I want to get the seats redone in leather eventually... just saving money for that engine and transmission so I can be ready whenever that happens.

The car is just awesome.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2009

9th May 2009, 21:26

I am with you! Mine is amazing! I bought my 1998 Jetta Wolfsburg in 1998 brand new, and it is going strong with 144,000 miles on it. I have to change the ignition switch this week with some help from a friend.

I am so glad I chose what I did 11 years ago. I think about it every time I see someone pushing their brand new lemon down the street. My car might not be very pretty anymore, but it runs like a champ. I am considering a paint job and new leather seats and keeping it another 11 years.