Alero 4 cylinder

This car is really crappy and cheaply made

97 words, 1 comment


Good with major engine problems

71 words

Alero 6 cylinder

What a lemon!

173 words, 1 comment


I love my car, but find the upkeep very expensive

108 words


Unfortunately, it is not a good opinion

121 words



74 words

Alero GLS V6 3.4L

Pretty good car for the mileage, and the years owned

43 words


Very good

495 words

Alero 3.4

It has been a very dependable car

273 words

Alero GLS 3.4 Liter

Great value

91 words

Alero GL 2.4L twin cam

Great and reliable

127 words

Alero GLS 3.4 V6

It has been a reliable car

279 words


Troublesome at times but a great ride

116 words


The windows suck

86 words

Alero Twin Cam

Sexy, safe, and reliable! I love it!

146 words

Alero 4 cylinder

Wish I never bought it!

77 words

Alero GS 2.4 liter

It's a lemon, don't buy it

140 words

Alero 2 Door Coupe 1.7

Poor, cyclic components fail early

200 words

Alero GL

As good as all my other cars and trucks

137 words

Alero gls 6 cylinder

Piece of crap

243 words

Alero GLS 3.4L V6

I like it

135 words, 1 comment

Alero GLS 3.4 V6

A total let down from what I was told I was buying

52 words

Alero GLS 3.4

Great daily driver

198 words

Alero GL2 3.4L V6

Fantastic, sorry to hear others haven't enjoyed it as much as we have...

190 words

Alero 2.4 TWIN CAM


180 words

Alero GL l4

Nice car, but needs to be serviced a lot

22 words

Alero GX 6 cylinder

I would keep it longer, if only because of the money I spent on repairs

78 words

Alero GLS

Good little car, but lots of brake problems (with noises)

112 words


Good car!

58 words

Alero GLS

Pile of junk

104 words

Alero Gx

This car is very unsafe

58 words, 1 comment


This car is a total lemon!

54 words

Alero GLS 2.4

I love it sometimes, but then I don't other times

66 words

Alero SE 2.4

Terrible manufacturing..

148 words


The car is not a good car at all

107 words

Alero GLS 6 cylinder

Over all disappointment money pit

275 words, 2 comments


One of the most expensive mistakes I have ever made

98 words

Alero 2.4

Alero's are not bad

49 words

Alero GX 2.2 4 cylinder

It's has sporty looks and is a great ride

59 words


Lemon lemon lemon

229 words

Alero GL


198 words, 3 comments


Good and really comfortable and drives well

46 words

Alero Sedan

Electrical problems, but a good car all around otherwise

157 words

Alero 4 cylinder

I love my car... when it isn't in the shop!

62 words


Runs well just falling apart

90 words, 1 comment


234 words, 1 comment



192 words

Alero 3.4L V6

A "k" car would be a better choice

165 words, 1 comment

Alero GL3 3.4 Liter V6

Very nice car for a young driver

107 words, 1 comment

Alero 3.4

Costly and frustrating

183 words, 1 comment

Alero 3.4 liter V6

This car is falling apart

49 words

Alero GL 3.4 V6

Engineers know how to calculate!

185 words

Alero GLS Sedan 3.4L V 6 engine

I wish the problems / fixes were more widely known because it is a nice car despite all the problems

203 words

Alero 2.4L

The Alero is reliable and comfortable, but a real pain to work on

123 words, 1 comment

Alero GL 3.4L (6 cylinder)

It's too easy to complain about the ones we love..

443 words, 3 comments

Alero GLS 3.4

Very good car for the money- equivalent to a low cost yet fun to drive sports sedan

272 words

Alero GL ???

Sucks in every possible way

106 words

Alero GLS coupe 3.4 V6

It's not your father's Oldsmobile

117 words


365 words

Alero GLS V 6 3.4L

Will never buy GM again

80 words

Alero GT

A complete disappointment

157 words

Alero GLS 3.4L

This car is not dependable.

170 words


I will never buy another Oldsmobile again

55 words, 2 comments

Alero GX 2.5 4 cylinder

No more GM cars. Next time, I am buying a Honda or Toyota

117 words


This car sucks for a female single person

150 words, 4 comments

Alero GL 3.4 Liter V6

Good for a first car, though not the best quality

100 words, 2 comments


This car is nice, but unless you are a mechanic, get ready to spend all your money trying to fix it

106 words

Alero 4 cylinder.

For the most part, reliable with quirky, mostly minor, inconvenient problems

267 words

Alero GL 3.4L V6

The car is sleek, but has way too many problems

101 words

Alero 3.4L V6

88 words


I will never purchase another vehicle from GM

70 words

Alero GLS 4 cylinder

For the price, this car is a good deal

209 words

Alero GL

Piece of Crap

262 words, 3 comments

Alero GL 3.4 liter V6

If there was ever a car that needed to be recalled entirely, this is it

225 words

Alero GLS 4

Can't be done in one sentence

89 words, 5 comments

Alero GL V6

Buying this car is one of the biggest regrets of my life

276 words, 1 comment

Alero GL 3.4L V6

Nice car, but only worthwhile if you are willing to learn to do repairs yourself

148 words, 2 comments

Alero GLS 2.4 liter 4 Cylinder

151 words

Alero GL 2.4

The car is exceptionally adequate!

146 words, 2 comments

Alero 2.2 four cylinder

Why did I ever trade my Dakota in for the car?

126 words

Alero GLS 2.5L

I really, really love my car, but it is starting to become a financial drain I can't afford

301 words

Alero LS V6

This Oldsmobile has been a great car

58 words, 1 comment

Alero GL 3.4 V6

Reliable, but uncomfortable

76 words

Alero GLS 3.4

Can you say Lemon?

425 words, 2 comments


All in all, I'm fairly satisfied with my Alero

193 words, 4 comments

Alero GL 3.4

I would not recommend this car to anyone

201 words

Alero GL V6

In my opinion there are major computer wiring problems in Aleros

149 words, 27 comments

Alero LX 2.4

A headache and getting worst

70 words

Alero GLS 3.4

Too expensive, both to purchase and run

134 words

Alero GLS 6 cylinder

Good car, few issues

32 words

Alero GLS 3.4

The price looks good used, but look again

69 words

Alero GL V6

It's a good buy if you don't plan on keeping it for more than 3 years

431 words, 2 comments


A pretty nice car

45 words

Alero LX 3.4 V6

The Oldsmobile Alero is the best value for my money

235 words

Alero GXL 2.4 LD9

Definitely would buy an Oldsmobile again

124 words

Alero GL 2.4L

Money pit

92 words, 2 comments

Alero GL 4 cylinder 2.4 liter

A piece of crap, you could not pay me to drive it now

235 words

Alero GLS 3.4

I'll never buy another Oldsmobile

130 words

Alero GL 3.4L V6

Great car if you like to constantly have problems

169 words, 3 comments

Alero GL 3.4 V6

GM should be standing behind these cars and honoring all repairs to get the care running correctly

123 words

Alero GLS 3.4 V6

Nice car with some flaws

141 words

Alero GL

32 words

Alero GL 3.4L V6 PFI OHV 12V

An over-priced piece of junk

262 words

Alero GL-4 2.4

Unreliable money pit

214 words, 2 comments

Alero 4.0 cylinder

A poor overall car

68 words

Alero GL

Nothing special, but reliable

106 words, 1 comment

Alero GLS 3.4

It is a good-looking money pit that I no longer trust.

228 words, 1 comment

Alero 2.4 I4

Olds RIP (Rest In Peace)

347 words

Alero GLS 3.4

104 words, 2 comments


A high performance car and I love it

54 words, 1 comment

Alero GLS

A sad decline of American-made business ideas

151 words

Alero GX 2.4

A lemon

119 words

Alero LX V6

Nice car, many annoyances

363 words, 3 comments

Alero GL4 2.4 Liter

Slick car, multiple problems!!

213 words, 48 comments

Alero GX 2.4

The many problems in this car make buying it not worth it

196 words, 5 comments

Alero GL2 V6

BUY ANOTHER Manufacturer

92 words

Alero GLS 3.4

Strong engine, but poor wear and tear

165 words, 29 comments

Alero GL 2.4

Cannot wait until my lease is up and it is time to turn the car in

309 words, 53 comments

Alero GL3 3.4 V6

Good car with some problems, but terrible customer service.

271 words, 6 comments

Alero GLS 3.4L V6

A hunk-of-junk. Buyer beware

249 words, 26 comments

Alero GLS 3.4L V6

Not a good choice

69 words, 1 comment

Alero GLS 3.4 Liter V6

Don't pass this thing up! If you can catch it!

132 words, 1 comment

Alero GL3 6 cylinder.

Better to buy used, better value

75 words

Alero GLS

Rotor issues galore, but great otherwise

174 words, 5 comments

Alero 4 cylinder

Powerful car with ongoing problems

112 words, 119 comments

Alero GX 2.4L

A good looking piece of junk

374 words, 6 comments

Alero GLS 2.4L 4 cylinder

Sports car, with the price and affordability of an economy car

200 words

Alero LX 6 cylinder.

Nightmare car! Never ever buy this car!

237 words, 1 comment

Alero GLX V6

Decent price, skeptical about customer service

159 words

Alero GL

A great car for someone on a budget, who wants something that looks good

199 words, 1 comment

Alero 4 cylinder

You get what you pay for

152 words

Alero GLS 2.4

Don't buy it

118 words, 33 comments

Alero 4 dr. sedan 1.6

I've owned worse and better cars. Overall, I'd give it a 7.5 out of 10.

171 words, 2 comments