1988 Acura Legend from North America


Hold on to Yours


Transmission went at 130000. Replaced radiator. Rust is a major problem on these cars as they were not heavily rust treated by the manufacturer prior to 1991. Rust is a common Honda problem from the 1980's. I put it in the body shop and had the rusting panels redone with new sheet metal then I treated it with undercoat. I highly recommend that you consider this if you are planning on keeping your Legend for a long while.

General Comments:

Wonderful handling.

Responds well to care.

Fine horsepower for its weight.

Future collectible Car(coupe)!! When these cars become more rare on the street in future years, the price will go up. So treat yours right if you have one. the Japanese collectible car market will be huge one day!!

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Review Date: 8th February, 2006

1988 Acura Legend L V6 from North America


Great Car, but has some glitches


I bought the car from an old man at my Grandparent's church. The car had been sitting in his barn for 3 years at least when we bought it, so there were the expected maintenance repairs. But in addition to those:

Passenger side front window, and driver side back window motors are out.

Check engine light comes on after running for about 10-15 minutes, however that seems to be when the car starts running better.

Leather on back seat is cracked, front seats are badly worn.

Have had to replace many various hoses & pipes as a result of leaks.

Busted radiator a week after I bought the car.

When you cut the switch off and take out the key, engine will remain running until the headlights are cut off. (This doesn't happen every time, but most)

Hood release cable broke, a real pain to repair.

Battery runs dead over night sometimes as a result of shorts in the wiring.

The car "surges" sometimes while driving, and almost always when Idling.

The car cannot be aligned fully as a result of the wear on some part (not sure what it is called)

Caliper is stuck on the right, back brake.

Glove box is broken, and falls out sometimes on take-off.

Hood Hydraulics out.

General Comments:

Beautiful car. Runs great, although it does take some time to get going. And even though we have had many problems out of this car, I believe they could have been avoided if it had been taken care of better previously to us owning it.

Gets GREAT gas mileage, and repairs are not too costly.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2006

12th Jan 2008, 14:06

It sounds to me like your Acura Legend is like my L. The battery in mine dies slowly while driving, but remains fully charged if the car is off. I cannot trace the problem down.

I got mine for free when a friend said either I take it or he scraps it. It sat for 18 months under a tree.

For the first year I had it, it was fine. Plenty of driving power (it's fun to spank idiots in their Saturns with Cherry bombs and spoilers... they don't stand a chance), everything worked. The only real problem was the moon roof leaked.

I stopped driving it last summer because I only picked it up for winter driving. Now, the fan doesn't work, and the power seat motors are bad. I had to put an Acura Integra door handle in it, it runs like crap until the check engine light comes on, and this battery problem.

All in all however, I do want another one in better shape as mine has slight front damage, is rusty and has 216,000 miles on it.

If anybody has an idea about the battery, email me at same_old_sin@yahoo.com, or if you want to sell yours, lemme know.


1988 Acura Legend 2.7 V6 from North America


Greatest car ever made!


I live in Minnesota, and after 16 Minnesota winters, you better believe it's going to have some rust problems.

General Comments:

1988, and can out handle, out gun, and have more standard features than 85% of all cars on the road. Considering the other 15% of cars would be $45,000 and up premium sport and luxury cars. Plus being a mechanic, I've learned from other mechanic also myself. With just basic maintenence any Acura/Honda vehicle will last anywhere from 270,000 to 300,000 miles. (This is for the people that don't que into the fact of how well built an Acura is.)

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Review Date: 26th December, 2004