1988 Acura Legend L 2.7L V6 from Norway


An excellent investment!


Headlight switch failed and was replaced in 1996.

The power antenna became corroded and would not go all the way down after 1997.

Some dash light bulbs have needed to be replaced.

Repaired rust around the rear wheel-wells and the gas filler in 1998.

General Comments:

After spending a lot of time researching what the best used car would be to purchase in 1994, I decided on the 1988 Acura Legend with an automatic transmission. This was because consumer reports listed problems with the manual transmission. I bought the car with the intention to keep it at least 10 years, if possible. It has been 8 years and the car shows no signs of slowing down. It starts immediately every time and provides excellent heating to the passengers within a few minutes on cold days. The car performs the same now as it did when I bought it. In the past 8 years I have not been able to start and drive the car 2 times. The first was in February 1996 when it was 35 degrees below zero and I had left the car outside overnight. The second was in 2000 when the battery starting go bad.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2002

1988 Acura Legend L 2.7L from North America


If this car has been taken care of you will love it, but if neglected you will catch hell


Just about everything:

Automatic transmission (2x).

Air conditioner (2x).

Power antenna (2x)

CV axles (3x)

ABS system.

A/C heater blower motor.

Tie rods.

Drivers door power window regulator.

Engine control unit(ECU).

Throttle cable.

Leather seats.


Water pump/timing belt.

Master cylinder.

Master power window switches.

Throttle position sensor.

Front map and courtesy light fixture.

Glove compartment.

General Comments:

This car is very expensive to maintain and I know it's old, but his car is in excellent shape and it still kicks butt with almost 200,000 on the clock.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2002

4th Dec 2002, 19:08

On 11-26-02 the shift cable broke on my 88 sedan so now I can add another thing that has gone south. Acura dealer wanted $185 for shift cable and 1 hour labor ($85) to repair.

1988 Acura Legend 2.7, 24-valve V6 from North America


Truly a legend in performance, looks, and reliability!


First of all, the guy that had it before me didn't maintain it well, so I was on the receiving end on a number of things. It's also an old car, so expect some heavy maintenance and fix-its.

My passenger window motor died and it was left cracked two inches for a week until it's repair. It doesn't work the same now, as the window rolls up extremely slow.

The radiator hose busted at a little under 190,000 miles.

The axles and bushings had to be replaced on the front because they were making clunking sounds over bumps and ruts in the road, as well as making noises while making turns.

The back bushings are bad and need to be replaced.

The A/C doesn't work. I bought it that way. I just don't have the funds to repair it.

I have valves or lifters making an insistent tapping sound.

Check engine light comes on after the car has been running for about 10 minutes.

Ignition switch relay went out, cost around $100 to fix.

When I got it, the headlight cases were cracked enough to let moisture in and let it rust, so it's hard to put in a new bulb without it breaking. The whole headlight unit on both sides needs to be replaced.

The leather is cracked in the backseat, and the leather on the two front seats are ripped. This was thanks to the previous owner.

The motor for the driver power seat is out.

The light in the glove compartment stays on when the lights are on.

One of the reading lights went out-easy to replace, I guess.

The hydraulic hood lifts went out.

Alternator replaced at 85,000 miles.

Fuel pump replaced at 85,000.

Oil pan gasket replaced at 80,000.

Valve gaskets need to be replaced.

(This is recently). Car hesitates upon take-off and jerks when slowing and speeding up just slightly.

General Comments:

This car rocks, despite it's lengthy rap sheet.

It still runs smooth, except for the occasional hesitation, and it still runs strong, and can keep up with the other rice cars at times.

Very comfortable. I would take long trips in the vehicle if I knew it would make the long haul.

It handles beautifully, although the steering is a bit stiff. I like it so it doesn't have so much play, though, as I like my clutch to be stiff as well.

The interior is outdated, but if you imagine you are in 1988, you are in the lap of luxury and in the seat of technology.

The trunk has plenty of room, for whatever reasons.

There are at least two cool compartments that I have on the vehicle that make for great storage of parking tags, nuts and bolts, etc..

I got it for a good price, although we should have gotten it for cheaper considering the condition we bought it in. $2,000 cash, baby.

It takes turns like a sports car, and rides like a luxury. Plenty of leg room, though the backseat is a bit small, but in comparison with other two door cars of this class, the backseat space is pretty generous.

Has plenty of potential for making it look like a rice car, or just spiffin' it up and making it look like a Mercedes.

Although old, it runs like new, even after almost 200,000 miles!! Who would have thought?

Acura/Honda really know how to make a reliable car that is easy to work on and relatively cheap-moderate to maintain.

I'm very happy with this car, but I just wish I had a newer one!

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Review Date: 31st July, 2002

20th May 2003, 14:10

I have an 1989 Acura Legend, the glitches described on the car above sounds just like mine.

I brought it new back in the day. Currently, I have over 305,000 miles on it. I was thinking about getting rid of it, but I'm going to keep it another year or so. I really don't see another car that I like and will still like 8-10 years from now.

Actually, I thought I would have had more than the few problems mentioned above for the amount of miles that I have on my car. But with only a few minor problems, I am very satisfied...