1988 Acura Legend L 2.7L 24v V6 from North America


14 Year-Old Luxury Sleeper


When I first bought the car, the passenger-side rear caliper was not fully releasing from the rotor; a re-manufactured caliper and 2 hours later the car was braking like it should.

Old speakers were bad.

General Comments:

Bought in mint condition, this car feels brand new. Everyone who goes for a ride cannot believe it's almost 15 years old!

MUCH faster than I expected, makes me smile every time I drive it. The sport mode really works!

Cornering inspires confidence, as feedback from steering is superb.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2002

1988 Acura Legend Coupe 2.7 from North America


Go speedracer go


Too small space in the rear coupe seats.

General Comments:

My Acura Legend is very reliable.

It has fantastic handling and road traction features.

Its V6 2.7 engine is faster than fast.

Its beautiful red paint loves to shine in the sun.

There are lots of wonderful luxury features inside and outside the vehicle.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2002

1988 Acura Legend LS 2.7 24v from North America


Something like sex on the beach. This car makes going to work FUN!


I bought the car from a girlfriend that just got married and didn't need two cars, cause her husband had a Firebird (wouldn't give up an Acura for a Firebird).

I have done much to the car, when I got it the driver's window didn't work. I went to the junk yard and got some parts, it was fixed within 24hrs of having the car. This car drives like a dream for 103,000 and from what I see from peoples reviews, this car is going to last forever.

General Comments:

This car is an 1988, un-real.

This car drives, acts, feels like a brand new car.

Very few problems.

I know its a Honda but you people have to realize that Acura don't mess around.

This car makes no noise.

Great gas mileage for a BIG V6.

Leather, power everything.

Great all around car for the money.

E-mail me, Excelon@adelphia.net


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Review Date: 11th January, 2002

1988 Acura Legend L V6 24 valve from North America


A waste of time and money


When the car was brand new it was fabulous, but after a while it had its share of problems.

After about 80,000 miles, every year there would be something wrong with the cooling system, and I would have to get the radiator, thermostat, hoses and most of the cooling system replaced.

The cost to repair an Acura is very, very expensive, because all the equipment under the hood is so close together, making everything hard to get to. When I would get the cooling system fixed, it would cost me almost $2000 every time.

The Acura mechanics wanted to charge me $400 to replace a $2 heater hose, that I ended up replacing myself. It took me 5 hours to replace, because I had such a hard time getting to it.

The power antenna goes out every year, and costs about $300 to replace, but the radio works just as good without the antenna.

The people at the dealership have bad customer service skills, and aren't very friendly.

My seat belts recently stopped working, and when I went into the dealer to get them replaced, the employee looked at the seat belts, acted like I was an idiot and told me they were fine. They were still under warranty, and I had to fight to get them replaced. After talking to the manager, he agreed that they weren't working properly.

General Comments:

I talked to people in the parts department, and none of them own Acuras, because they're a waste of money. When the employees of a company won't buy their own product, that is not a good sign.

They're nice cars when they're new, but with all the money you spend in repairs over the years, you're better off buying a different car.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2001

6th Feb 2002, 10:37

Sounds like you need to try a different dealer. I love my Acura and have very little trouble.

1988 Acura Legend L 2.7L from North America


It's a poor man's sports car


The valve covers are leaking.

The power steering pump leaks all the fluid out.

The exhaust pipe is full of rust holes.

The leather seats are cracked.

The speedometer doesn't work.

The odometer doesn't work.

The thermostat stuck which blew the upper radiator hose and the water pump.

The window motors are going out.

General Comments:

This has been a great car as of the motor running good, needs a little work but I love it.

The car handles great on corners and has great acceleration.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2001