1988 Acura Legend LS V6 from North America


A powerful, comfortable car that's a great value


I've owned my Legend LS for 11 years. Regular oil and fluid changes, along with brakes when necessary, have kept me from running into major problems. At 202,000 miles it still has great compression and accelerates like a dream. The leather finally gave up because I didn't garage it, so I spent $800 last year for cloth upholstery. Just within the last two-thousand miles the anti-lock braking system and the cruise control went out. Fortunately, the car still brakes well without the ABS. The automatically retracting antenna died years ago so I replaced it with a standard rubber shorty. I wash and wax regularly and the paint is like new (gold). Last year I tinted the windows. I should have done this years ago because I live in a hot area and the heat reduction was dramatic.

I've never been completely happy with the air conditioning. When the temperature rises to the 90s and 100s it just doesn't cool well - adequate, but not comfortably cool. On the other hand, I've never had a problem with the car overheating even when the A/C is on max and I'm driving uphill.

General Comments:

This car is a powerful, luxury touring vehicle with an incredibly smooth ride and so much power you really have to keep an eye on the speedometer or you'll find yourself going 10-20 miles over the speed limit. I get 20-23 mpg. It runs on regular, not premium, gas.

Recently I had an opportunity to buy the same make, year and color, but an L series instead of LS (no pin striping, no airbag). This one only has 100,000 miles on it and has become my primary car. I'm selling the LS for just $800 less than I bought the L, which makes both the old and new one outstanding investments. I expect to drive my new Legend for another 200,000 miles.

Why would Honda discontinue the Acura Legend? I suspect they wanted customers to return more often than every 20 years.

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Review Date: 5th June, 2004

1988 Acura Legend LS 2.7L V6 from North America


An exceptional car


Previous owner replaced Air Conditioning Compressor under warranty.

I replaced left axle seal at 96000 miles.

Left door handle at 116000.

Right rear window motor failure at 137000 miles.

Alternator at 148000.

Replace Timing Belt at 150000 miles.

Replaced the radio/tape player.

Brakes all around at 184000.

O2 Sensor replace twice, once under 100000 miles and once at 192000.

Engine hood struts not working at 150000 miles.

On balance routine repairs, tires, brakes. Cost of parts higher than average.

Leather seats, showing wear on drivers side.

Car still drives and looks great.

General Comments:

My Legend Coupe ranks as the best car I have ever owned. Exceeding my 85 Honda and my 29 Model A Ford and the other 26 lesser cars.

This Legend still gets looks, right along side far newer cars that cost ten times more than the $6,700 that I paid for it in June of 1996.

I bought it from a friend, who regrets selling the car, especially as the year's role by.

Not only does it drive like a sports car in town, but the ride is smooth on the open road.

The bucket seats and console give the feel of a true luxury car.

The Legend is a legend in its own time. A classic all around! A real collector's car that you can actually drive everywhere.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2004

1988 Acura Legend L 2.7 liter V6 from North America


A great deal if you can purchase one that has been taken care of and you choose to take care of it


The oil light blinks (whenever it wants to) but this is due to a faulty board. We have installed an Oil pressure gauge, and the pressure reads where it should be when the oil light blinks.

General Comments:

For a 1988 car, still running today that can still beat most cars from a 0-60mph stand still... what more can you ask for? If you take care of this car, it will take care of you.

My Acura has been one of the most reliable cars in my family. We are not afraid to drive this vehicle anywhere, because we know it will not let us down. We have performed off of the scheduled maintenance (oil changes, tranny fluid changes, etc). My leather is a bit cracked, I have 3 minor dents from the previous owner... but after last night's wax, the car still looks brand new.

Acura should not have discontinued the Legend line. Whether it be a gen1 or a gen2 Legend, the styling is timeless.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2004

16th Dec 2005, 23:14

I love acura Legends so much I will always have one.