1988 Acura Legend L 2 door Coupe 2.7 24v from North America


I got a great deal and the car is perfect for me


My transmission went out.

The passenger and driver windows need work.

The leather is cracking.

General Comments:

I got an awesome deal on my Legend. Even with a new transmission I only have 5000 in the car.

The car is in really great shape, I don't have any rust problems or anything of that nature.

The car is pretty quick, I have street raced it a few times with friends and beat a 97 Prelude. (maybe that's why I had to put a new transmission in it).

I have read a few other reviews and the problems people are having with their Legends sound like bad maintenance. If you read the Legend handbook there are a lot of things recommended to be changed at a lot less miles than these people have on them.

If you want a fun and very comfortable car for the money, it is great.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2001

1st Mar 2002, 16:01

I too have an Acura Legend 1988. I bought it not even a year ago for $3400 Canadian at an auction (great price). When I got in to it I thought wow, what a nice car, but then I started it. Immediately I had to replace C.V. joints, brakes, timing belt, tires, antenna and all of these are probably expected with an older car.

However the driver's side window does not go up all the way (about 2inches from the top), the car thinks that the driver's door is always open, therefore the light stays on at all times.

My transmission is an automatic, and when I first bought my car, the second gear did not work, and now neither does the first gear.

The leather on the top of the back seats is cracking as well as the driver's seat. However the air conditioning still works, the radio sounds listen-able, the sunroof does not leak, there's minimal rust on the outside, and I can tell that if there was a good/new transmission in it, it would probably be a fast car.

So my end conclusion is that once I completely redo my car, it will be a pretty good one.


1988 Acura Legend Coupe Base 2.7 liter V6 from North America


If cars were dogs this one is a Golden Retriever


So far I've replaced the alternator (2x), the radiator fan, the blower for the fan and A/C, fan speed control (2x) and other wear and tear items like, clutch (wore out at 165k), timing belts (2x so far) and a couple of CV joints.

Also I had the slave cylinder for the clutch replaced once. And an assortment of sensors for emission control. The valve gaskets were also replaced once as was the oil pan and oil pan gasket.

General Comments:

This is a GREAT CAR! I will drive this thing till the engine falls off and the way this car has held up it won't be for another couple of hundred thousand miles. Sure it has had its share of repairs, but this car has not left me stranded once (knock on wood).

I have recouped the money I paid for this ($7500 in 1993) many times over.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2001

1988 Acura Legend L V-6 from North America


This is truly a high performance luxury automobile


I had to replace the thermostat.

Had the seats re-upholstered, due to cracks in the original leather.

General Comments:

The more I drive my Legend the more I like it.

The car really has a lot of get up and go, yet is very comfortable.

Really nice styling, especially when you consider that it's 13 years old.

There seems to be a cult like following out there for these G1 Legends, and I can understand why.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2001

1988 Acura Legend 2.7L from North America


A great dependable car


When I bought this in 1998. I paid $5500 and it has minor oil leaks on it.

General Comments:

Great car. Has 170,000 miles and is still going.

When I bought this in 1998, I believe I paid $5500.00 and it has minor oil leaks on it.

I changed the oil pan gasket and it has been running good for two years.

Then this year I changed two axles, changed one master cylinder and change an engine side gasket.

AC is still good and passes SMOG on the run.

Everything is running perfect.

I have added 40,000 miles on it and then I found out the current Blue Book on this car is around 4000 - 5000. What a steal for driver, 3 years and 40,000 miles.

No complaints. May consider another 95 Acura.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2001