2002 Acura TL 3.2 3.2 from North America


Performance, Luxury and Reliability all in one, but not a beemer


The first thing that went wrong with my car was the headlight. The driver side headlight burnt out on me at 100,000 miles and to my surprise cost me $125 to replace one bulb. A little bit expensive, but considering it is an HID lighting system it was understandable.

At 120,000 miles I had to replace my lower ball joints and back struts. I blame this on the pot hole roads of Wisconsin after a harsh winter.

Dashboard near the front windshield is starting to warp from the sun. It was warped when I got the car at 75,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car is a great car for performance, luxury, and reliability. The car has more than enough power to pass on the highway. Flooring this car on an open road reassures you that you made a good car buy.

I test drove a 2007 Acura TL and actually preferred my 2002 TL. The inside of the newer TL seemed cheaper then the 2002.

Great car, great reliability, but not as good as other luxury sedans in its segment.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2008

2nd Apr 2011, 11:38

Wow, sounds exactly like a post that I would have put up. Same exact things happened to my TL. Ball joints due to the roads in Wisconsin, warped dashboard. Also test drove the newer TL's. Preferred my year.

I also owned a Mitsubishi Eclipse before this car. Great car. I have over 190,000 and it's still going. The transmission is shuttering a bit, but I will drive it to the end.

2002 Acura TL from North America


I have been very unimpressed with this car in nearly every respect


The transmission went out at about 75,000 miles.

Replacement transmission went out at 91,000 miles.

Insufficient lower back support for long trips in front seats.

General Comments:

Driving along the highway at over 75 mph when suddenly smoke is coming out from behind my car and then tachometer nearly red lines in cruise control. I pull over and smoke is pouring from the car. When I opened the hood I found transmission fluid all over the engine compartment. Stranded over 200 miles from home. Dealer towed car home and replaced transmission (2nd time in less than three years) under warranty and assures me that the problems have been fixed. But now I read here that they were making the same claim for any replacements made after March, 2005. My last transmission was replaced in July 2006 and went bad in December 2007 after only 15-16k miles.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2008

2002 Acura TL S V6 gas from North America


A very sub-par product from a trusted name


The outside trim on the "B" pillars has worn off.

The front brakes kept warping at 20k,35k,48k,60k.

The interior trim is fading even though the car is usually in a garage.

The radio/amp produces a strange noise at low volume.

The transmission has been replaced twice and the latest replacement produces excessive vibration when in-gear.

General Comments:

Overall, it is an okay car, but I bought it from my step-dad in 2004 for 40% of its (then) value. If I paid retail, I would really be upset. As it is, I am just want to get rid of it and go back to Lexus. The transmission problem is totally unacceptable for any car brand, let alone Honda/Acura. Moreover, the dealerships are not very forthcoming with detailed information on exactly what is wrong with the transmissions and what to expect from the replacement units. The last time I had the tranny replaced, I forced them to tell me it was a re-manufactured unit. I guess they will just keep replacing junk with junk until the problem sinks the company. Also, they refused to show me my old transmission as proof they actually replaced it. The last tranny I got looked dirty on the outside. The first replacement looked "new" even though now I know it was a reman.

The brake rotors are another area of repeat failure. I finally got tired of replacing pads and having the rotors turned and bought after market rotors. The new ones work much better, even with Acura pads.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2007