1985 Buick LeSabre Limited: Collector's Eddition 307 5L V8 from North America


A great beast with a tender heart


I have had no problems, only regular maintenance.

General Comments:

The first time I saw this car I was impressed with the classic lines and styling. The chrome trim really adds to the overall look.

It is 2-tone green, pin stripe down each side, and a mint green interior.

When I saw the interior for the first time I couldn't believe how perfect it was. The driver's seat wasn't (and still hasn't) even begun to wear. The overstuffed interior is the most comfortable seats I have EVER sat in. I never knew a car could be so comfortable. The only way to make it better is to install a TV!

When I went for a test drive I fell hopelessly in love with it. It drove like it was brand new! I had to buy it.

The 5L V8 has great power, but is a little slow off the line. It could use a bigger engine, but it already eats enough gas! Highway driving is what this beast does best. She just glides over the road with ease, laughing at me, taunting me to give her a real challenge. I can't hear the engine, except those rare times that I floor it.

Many people just stare in total awe when I pass by. Most motorists either move out of the way or keep their distance. This car demands respect in the the biggest way.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2004

8th Feb 2004, 12:55

Wow, I couldn't disagree more with the above comment. This model of Buick is a really majestic car. I don't know what he means by 'exciting' but this car is all about comfort, safety, and durability, and nothing remotely as good is manufactured today. I've owned several similar cars, early eighties Oldsmobile Delta 88's and Buick LeSabres, and there's no better engine/transmission/body/frame out there. I've also had a lot of Caprices and Grand Marquis' which are a good second choice, but not as good as this type of Buick and Oldsmobile.

18th Sep 2006, 18:13

I got an 85 Lesabre collectors edition and she just glides down the road. I've never had any major problems with the car beyond basic maintenance. Trans rebuilt at 170k, fresh gaskets, yearly tunes up, and she purrs. The tires grip the road enough to tear the streets, while still smooth enough to sneak up on your friends. 307's only downside is that knack for valve covers wanting to leak just a smidge in the back corners. Other than that, my car turns heads everywhere I go, with people offering cash for it at stoplights. They're sad to see me drive away in it, but I'll never sell this car. Even if it was wrecked I would put forth the effort in a garage to restore this beauty...

20th Dec 2007, 20:17

"my friends say its too big"

I don't get how kids are down on "big cars" like that means there's something wrong with them. I always say "that car is too damn small, who'd want that thing." A "big car" doesn't always mean poor mileage. My '73 Dodge gets 23 mpg, which isn't a lot worse than many V-6's.

1985 Buick LeSabre Collector's Edition 307 Olds, Quadrajet 4bbl from North America


If you're looking for V8 mileage, comfort, and reliability, the '77-'85 LeSabres are the ticket


Electronic Climate Control light is always blinking, but A/C and heater still work fine.

Lockup on torque converter for overdrive is fudged up... Need to fix that soon. Trans is 2004-R.

Quadrajet carb needs a rebuild soon, and it's current state is really hurting my fuel mileage.

Wiper switch is finicky. All these electric or electronic parts like to go for a dump at least once in a lifetime. They are also very expensive and hard to find.

Like all other GM Mid '80's RWD's, the rear frame rails will eventually rot out. They're toast on my dad's '81 LeSabre. Oil sprays and car-washes are mandatory if you live in the rust belt.

General Comments:

This car is totally comfy! If you position the power seats correctly, it feels like you're in a recliner! Lots of room, and did I mention comfy?

Electronic Climate Control (ECC) and all the power options make you feel like you own a car newer than what it is. ECC is a neat feature when it works properly.

The 307 Olds is a total dog. No horsepower and even less torque. That's why I'm contemplating the Buick 455 swap. It's fairly cheap to do and will make a nice sleeper. Plus, if you locate a Monte Carlo SS or Grand National 2004-R, it will bolt up to the 455! Big block and overdrive! Otherwise, the 307 is great for mileage and reliability when tuned correctly (a 2bbl carb will help mileage greatly).

Try and find a set of the 5 spoke road wheels. They really set the car off nicely. Also find a set of winter wheels/tires to keep the others clean.

Personally, I prefer the 4 door over the 2 door cars. They have a cleaner look, easier back seat accessibility, and don't have 3 ton doors.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2003

11th Jun 2011, 10:53

A wiper switch is not worth fixing? Until recently they cost less than $80 (for the ones with cruise on the stalk to), and less than an hour's worth of labor to install.

Also to get the wipers to stop, you can simply pull the fuse too.

13th Jun 2011, 05:10

I've had several 307 V8 equipped cars, mostly Olds Delta 88s, and while it is true it is perhaps slightly slower than a 305 or even a 302, it is not a 'total dog' in my experience. Acceleration was quite adequate, and off-the-line torque response was quite good.

If the original poster has been swapping around carburetors (he mentioned a two barrel instead of the original four barrel) this might explain slower than normal performance.

13th Jun 2011, 14:02

There was no 2 bbl version of the 307 Olds ever.

15th Jun 2011, 21:08

The 1980-1984 307's were not too bad. The 1985-1990 ones were much worse. They have different heads. Do some research.

A 2-bbl carburetor wouldn't even work on this car, as everything is computer controlled, including the carb.