2000 Chevrolet Malibu 6 cylinder from North America


Enough bang for the buck


I have the same problem others have listed with the A/C not working on one or two.

I have also had the problem with the turn signals not working properly. However I learned how to fix it.

The reason you can 'fix' the problem by hitting your hazard light switch forcefully is because that switch is where your problem lies.

The four way light switch goes bad and then it throws off your turn signals.

Just have your four way (hazard light) switch replaced and your turn signals will never just 'give out' on you again!

General Comments:

Overall I cannot complain about the car, especially since it is my first.

I have taken 3 road trips (total miles 3000) this summer alone and the car has driven beautifully on the open road each time.

The small glitches however can add up to costly repair bills.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2003

2000 Chevrolet Malibu 3.0 Six Cylinder from North America


A surprisingly powerful 4-door service nightmare!


Transmission went out at 2000 miles and dealer kept vehicle for over a month.

Front brakes worn at 12000 miles.

Front brake rotors first time at 12000 miles.

Changed rotors 6 times in 53000 miles.

Rough idle after starting while trying to put car in reverse. Dealer changed all three coils, distributor, cap, wires, plugs, etc... all at my expense. Has not fixed the problem. Car is back in the same shop today and they will keep it till it works! (53000 miles)

A/C cuts out intermittently when the air is not on MAX. Dealer changed compressor (under extended warranty-$100 deductible). Still cutting out! (53000 miles)

General Comments:

I wouldn't take another Malibu if someone gave it to me.

I was surprised how powerful it is, but it doesn't make up for how much it's been in the shop.

Unless you want to get to know your mechanic (mine is named Brad) don't get a Malibu!

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Review Date: 21st August, 2003

16th Jul 2004, 12:37

I had the same rotor problems with my 2000 Malibu. I finally fixed the problem myself with "power-stop" rotors from www.jegs.com. The part numbers are 0915AR-8256L&R.

These are cross-drilled vented rotors to keep them cooler. They are expensive ($99 a piece), but worth it to me because I no longer have the shimmying from high speed braking.

17th Apr 2006, 12:52

I have a 2000 Malibu and I had a rough idle and my garage said it was the fuel pressure control and they fixed it and have had no trouble since.

2000 Chevrolet Malibu 3.1L V6 from North America


Piece of S#it!


*Replaced 3 sets of rotors and 7+ sets of brake pads!! Dealership told me that I should try to use my brakes less to prevent my rotors from warping and my brake pads from prematurely wearing!

*Replaced engine @ 34,000 miles due to "piston" noise. Noise is still here!!

*Blinkers do not always work.

*Car rough idles.

*A/C compressor "grinds." This problem began at less than 2,500 miles of purchase, but dealership would not fix it.

*lots of road noise.

*A/C control panel went out.

General Comments:

I will not be buying another Malibu!!!

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Review Date: 5th August, 2003

2nd Nov 2005, 12:01

My 2000 Malibu had a piston noise on cold starts and went away after warm up. but I took it to my dealer and they replaced 4 pistons and never had problem again. but now I have a shudder in the car going over 65 kmh very annoying. its not tires or rims as I just changed them all over to my winters and its still doing it...

2000 Chevrolet Malibu V-6 V6 from North America


I may never buy another Chevy again, it sucks!!!


Began having problems with the coolant level at 11,000 miles. Problem continues.

Had problems with vent switch at 20,000 miles. Replaced twice and still have problems.

Replaced mirror switch at 25,000 miles.

Replaced brake pads 2 months ago, had to replace again yesterday along with the front left rotor.

Since replacing brakes, they only work to 40% usage.

Since replacing brakes, car stalls every time the brake is applied.

Signal light switch went haywire at 50,000 miles. Hazard switch had to be replaced to correct the problem. Dealership told me this was becoming a fairly common problem in Malibu's.

General Comments:

I loved this car when I bought it, until it was attacked by gremlins!!!

I continue to have problems since I changed the brakes only yesterday.

Now, the car stalls when you hit the brakes and I continue to lose coolant.

Is there any hope for this car or should I get rid of it before it costs me a fortune?

Of course when the car was under warranty the dealership told me there was nothing wrong. I knew there was something wrong. I took the car to the dealership many times over the coolant level, and complained that the car kept acting like it wanted to stall. They basically told me I was hearing things.

Now I have no warranty and this car stinks!!! 60,000 miles and I am ready to stick a rag in the gas tank and light it up!!! I can't see GM owning up to their very poor craftsmanship!

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Review Date: 27th July, 2003

26th May 2004, 12:42

Not sure if this is your problem or not... for the stalling, ask the dealer to check the torque converter in the transmission. If it does not disengage at idle (when coming to a stop) the engine RPM's will be too low to handle the load and it will stall. Had this problem on a 90 Lumina with the 3.1 v6, although it took over 150,000 miles for it to show up. Easy fix for the dealer.