2000 Chevrolet Malibu LS from North America


A Piece of Junk, Don't buy this car


Changed rotors & pads three times in two years.

My fuel gage is now staying full until I drive 160 KM on the take of gas. I have ran out of gas for three times while my gas gage says still I have a quarter left. I had towed away my cars for two times and dealer says this problem does not cover 5 years power train warranty. Now I fill up gas based upon trip odometer.

I am experincing a problem with suspension with a loud squeak every single time I drive over a bump.

The entire wire system is hay wire. Light flicker continue makes noise. The tail lights continue to go. During the storm, the water left out in the systems and burned out all the bulbs.

Cooling system leaks, overheating the car, Replaced thermostat, water pump, intake gasket., cost me about $900.00. Problem started again last week, cooling leaking, overheating car, cooling fan does not work. I don't know how much it will cost to fix it.

Two weeks ago change the tension & belt, cost me about $ 480.00

Fuel tank lights comes on all the time, few times I open the fuel tank's lid and close it. It went away and came back, Took to the dealer, changed the sensor, Same problem still there.

I had also replaced the front wheel bearings.

Air Conditioning blower will not work on 1 & 2.

General Comments:

I have had the several problems & I think the Chevrolet should recall and fix all the problems. This is a brand new car I had purchased and I am still paying the loan money. New car should last atleast five years without major problems.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2003

14th Jul 2003, 07:20

If you acquired the car with that many miles on it, there's no telling how the previous owner/owners treated the car. Anybody who knows anything about cars, and takes care of them, can make them last a lot longer. They could also recognize problems the car already has, before they purchase it and blame all their problems on Chevrolet.

2000 Chevrolet Malibu LS V6 from North America


Good car value for the money, but at what real cost as the miles accumulate?


Front brake rotors at 2000 miles.

Vent selector turn switch in dash HVAC control unit at 1000 miles.

Front main bearing seal and manifold gaskets at 60,000 miles.

Resister pack (part of HVAC - no interior blower speeds on positions 1, 2 of fan switch) at 61,000 miles.

Noise coming from front struts at 25,000 miles. Dealer could not find the source. Replaced struts at National Tire & Battery. Noise returned later. My independent mechanic diagnosed the source as the upper strut mounts (which are not replaced when installing new struts). I sprayed the upper strut mounts with a lubricant (like WD-40). The noise has not returned.

General Comments:

To correct the front brake rotor warping problem (dealer refused to turn the rotors), I bought a pair of Stewart Warner rotors at an auto supply parts store for $150; then had my independent mechanic install them and also new pads. No problem with brakes since.

The dealer told me that the fan blower problem was in the dash control unit which had to be replaced in total. When I mentioned the resister pack, I was told that this was an integral part of the blower unit and was not user replaceable. After consulting my Haynes repair manual, the resister pack is a separate unit next to the blower motor, and was the problem. I was able to replace it myself.

I commute 300 miles per week; the car is very comfortable. It has the smoothest auto transmission of any car I have ever driven, including my wife's 2001 Camry.

But the car seems to have these four repair points as it ages that GM has decided not to do anything about. When I took the car to the dealer for the leaking oil/gasket problem, the service advisor said that "this is a common problem in this engine." At a repair bill of $900, this is a "common" problem?

I will keep the car until it is paid for, then buy a Toyota or Honda! And I have owned GM cars all of my life.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2003

14th Jun 2003, 22:12

I hear blind allegiance to Japaneese cars from this, I replaced a 2000 Accord with the Malibu, Prior to that I had a Camry. Honda does not build a better car they just market it better. Any time I had a problem or a defect Honda tried to tell me I somehow caused it(and it had a LOT). My Camry needed Brakes about every 20,000 miles. I won't go into details, but it was not a superior car in any way. The Malibu is not perfect and there is no car that is. Get an extended Warranty be prepared because if you think the Malibu is inferior to any other car import or domestic you won't be happy with it either. BTW Honda was replaced because their dealer actually screamed at me for complaining. I'm lucky my Chevy dealer is honest and they stand behind their repairs.