2004 Chevrolet Malibu LS 200HP 3.5 V6 from North America


A pleasure to drive


Nothing has gone wrong to date...

General Comments:

I've had the car for a little over 2 months now. To date it's been nothing, but perfect!

The car handles like a dream. It takes curves beautifully and feels solid when you drive. The ride is pretty smooth considering the car. It's no Cadillac, but it is much better than previous model years.

Fuel efficiency is very nice. For my daily commute I average around 24mpg, but when I got it out on the highway for it's first road trip it was doing 32+mpg. At one point it was actually doing 38mpg. That's pretty darn impressive considering it's a V6 and I was driving 85mph the whole trip!

The interior is a bit plain, but well laid out. Controls are very intuitive and I've managed to learn everything without reading the manual. Materials are all very high quality and look nice. The sound system is great. Only two real complaint: 1) The seats are a bit to hard for my liking 2) No tape player.

A word of advice. Skip the base model and go for the LS. Not only are there a few extra features that make the car feel more upscale, but the main reason is to get the V6. The new styling of the GM epsilon platform scream sporty mid-size so make sure you have the power plant to back up those claims. The 145hp V4 ECOTEC just can't compare.

I just have to say, if you've overlooked the Malibu in the past take a look again. You'll be surprised at what you find. It may be Malibu by name, but it's nothing like the Malibu's of old!

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Review Date: 15th April, 2004

16th Apr 2004, 06:56

I have the 2004 Malibu Base. I love my car as well. What an improvement over the last model. I average 30MPG with the 2.2 Ecotec with a high of 42 on the highway, according to the trip computer. There are times I wish I had bought the LS, but the 4 cyl is generally enough for me. Enjoy your car!

17th Aug 2004, 13:59

I drive the 2004 Malibu LS sometimes because we have them in the fleet at work. It seems to drive well and be really reliable, I'm worried about this loss of steering that some people have been experiencing. This year's Malibu is a lot better then the previous editions. But still a far cry from the early 80's late 70's models.

2004 Chevrolet Malibu Base 2.2 4 cylinder ecotec from North America


Full Size luxury with Compact Economy


I have had no problems so far with this car.

General Comments:

When I went looking to trade in my Cavalier, I was dead set against a Malibu, having read the comments on this sight. However, the 2004 Malibu is redesigned from the ground up, using the Saab 9-3 chassis.

The four cylinder engine at 140hp offers ample power for around town and will get you going on the freeway, albeit a little noisy on acceleration. Once you reach speed, it quiets down nicely. I average 29 mpg on a highway/city mix and have reached 38mpg on straight highway driving.

This is a very comfortable car to drive long distances in. The seats are supportive and the ride superb. GM put a lot of thought into the cabin of this car, with all controls easily found. It has electric power steering which allows you to turn with one finger at low speeds, yet tightens up nicely at higher speeds.

For being a base model, this car is loaded up nicely. It has a trip computer, all power, cruise, excellent stereo, automatic headlights, and lots of nice little storage compartments.

The trunk is very roomy, more so than the Impala, which I also test drove that day.

If you want a nice car for the money (19830 sticker, pd 18200 w/rebate), you can't miss here. A very comfortable economical mid size car!

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Review Date: 30th March, 2004

11th May 2004, 10:31

Update #1 to original post:

The car now has 8,500 miles on it and all is still well. The only repair was to the Chevy emblem in the center of the steering wheel, which broke when I pounded on the horn one day. My gas mileage is still averaging around 29-30 in a mix of city/highway with around 37 on straight highway driving with the cruise on 75. At first, I kind of regretted not getting the V-6, but with gas prices still climbing ($2.02 for unleaded here in South Florida) I am appreciating the 4 cyl more and more. I will post again around 12k to keep everyone updated. I am still happy with my car.