1998 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 5.7 from North America


Never buy again


Intake gasket at 128000 miles.

Fuel pump at 130000 miles.

Numerous cap and rotor buttons.

ABS going out.

Wipers work when they want to.

Tie rods, idler arm, pittman arm, ball joints.

General Comments:

I have owned 2 GM vehicles and will never own a third. They are a money pit.

The motors are strong and reliable, and that is about it. They are not a work truck.

With GM being as big of a company as they are, seems to me like they could build a more reliable truck. Especially with the ABS problems they have, it's a wonder I'm still alive due to brake failure.

Sorry GM, but I will never waste money again on one of your vehicles. No wonder every one is buying foreign cars and trucks; they know how to do it better.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2008

16th May 2008, 20:42

Are you serious? You bought a truck with 120k, and your complaining that its worn out? Those are very typical repairs for a vehicle of any make with that number of miles. I'm not pro Chevy either. I've got a '07 Silverado that is a total piece of junk. I'd be thrilled if it made it 70k let alone 170k. In my opinion, the best Chevy's were the '88-'98's.

1998 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 5.7 from North America


I love this truck and I will keep it forever because it won't die


My dad bought this truck new as a shop truck. It has been beaten on as hard as any welding shop truck. I traded my S-10 for it in 2006.

The whole repair history is:

Fuel pump replacement at around 100,000.

Head gasket replacement at 170,000.

Distributor cap replacement at 203,000.

Rear axle seal replacement at 200,000.

New front brake assembly at 200,000.

I did all of the work myself except for the head gasket. Total work cost about 1500 dollars.

When turning right over 25 mph, it makes a quick jerk.

The push-button 4WD sticks. You have to shift it in Neutral to change. If you have the option, get the manual Transfer Case.

General Comments:

As I have already said, this truck has been wailed on for almost all of its life. When it no longer served as a shop truck, I used it to hall a three-horse trailer around every week. I have also done a little bit of off-roading in the rough terrain of the Michigan Upper Peninsula where I currently go to college.

It handles really well for having 200,000+ miles on it.

It still has a lot of get-up and go.

Virtually bulletproof. My sister rear ended her friend's suburban in it at 40 mph. All I had to replace was the front bumper and the mounting brackets.

I go to a college that gets about fifteen feet of snow annually, and I have never gotten stuck. I have actually pulled about six or seven people out.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2008

1998 Chevrolet Silverado 5.7L from North America


Good truck, details lacking


Valve cover gaskets at 20,000 miles.

Battery at 42,000 miles (9.75 years)

Coolant leak - ongoing.

General Comments:

This has been a good truck for me, but as you can tell I don't drive her much. Garage kept. Has been a good strong truck, but there are things that worry me such as the hard shift of the transmission when it is cold and the ongoing coolant leak.

Still looks like new and I like the styling better than the new ones.

However, has had a slight miss/vibration in the engine since new that I have never tried to fix, but still annoys me.

Worst part is that my Uncle has a 97 GMC with same motor that runs smooth as silk, which is why I bought a GM truck.

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Review Date: 29th February, 2008

1998 Chevrolet Silverado 5.0 Liter from North America


Best pickup I've ever had


AC has stopped working - I think it needs a new compressor, but not sure yet. Nothing else has gone wrong.

General Comments:

My 4th GM pickup - all have been good - this is the best one I've ever had. Well worth the money I paid - about $22K in '98. Still runs strong, I will keep forever!

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Review Date: 15th February, 2008