1998 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 5.7 from North America


I love this truck and I will keep it forever because it won't die


My dad bought this truck new as a shop truck. It has been beaten on as hard as any welding shop truck. I traded my S-10 for it in 2006.

The whole repair history is:

Fuel pump replacement at around 100,000.

Head gasket replacement at 170,000.

Distributor cap replacement at 203,000.

Rear axle seal replacement at 200,000.

New front brake assembly at 200,000.

I did all of the work myself except for the head gasket. Total work cost about 1500 dollars.

When turning right over 25 mph, it makes a quick jerk.

The push-button 4WD sticks. You have to shift it in Neutral to change. If you have the option, get the manual Transfer Case.

General Comments:

As I have already said, this truck has been wailed on for almost all of its life. When it no longer served as a shop truck, I used it to hall a three-horse trailer around every week. I have also done a little bit of off-roading in the rough terrain of the Michigan Upper Peninsula where I currently go to college.

It handles really well for having 200,000+ miles on it.

It still has a lot of get-up and go.

Virtually bulletproof. My sister rear ended her friend's suburban in it at 40 mph. All I had to replace was the front bumper and the mounting brackets.

I go to a college that gets about fifteen feet of snow annually, and I have never gotten stuck. I have actually pulled about six or seven people out.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2008

1998 Chevrolet Silverado 5.7L from North America


Good truck, details lacking


Valve cover gaskets at 20,000 miles.

Battery at 42,000 miles (9.75 years)

Coolant leak - ongoing.

General Comments:

This has been a good truck for me, but as you can tell I don't drive her much. Garage kept. Has been a good strong truck, but there are things that worry me such as the hard shift of the transmission when it is cold and the ongoing coolant leak.

Still looks like new and I like the styling better than the new ones.

However, has had a slight miss/vibration in the engine since new that I have never tried to fix, but still annoys me.

Worst part is that my Uncle has a 97 GMC with same motor that runs smooth as silk, which is why I bought a GM truck.

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Review Date: 29th February, 2008

1998 Chevrolet Silverado 5.0 Liter from North America


Best pickup I've ever had


AC has stopped working - I think it needs a new compressor, but not sure yet. Nothing else has gone wrong.

General Comments:

My 4th GM pickup - all have been good - this is the best one I've ever had. Well worth the money I paid - about $22K in '98. Still runs strong, I will keep forever!

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Review Date: 15th February, 2008

1998 Chevrolet Silverado K-1500 Z-71 5.7 350 Ci from North America


A intermittent problem Ive had from day one, was during driving the vechicle, the "SECURITY" light would come on. Then after I would shut the engine down, it wouldnt re-start. The engine would turn over, but no fire. And the "SECURITY" light would flash at me. It normally would take about a half hour of sitting, and try it again, it will start. A professional mechanic friend of mine told me the 98' Full size trucks had that problem, it was a faulty Theft lock sensor, in the colum under the dash. I don't like dash work, so I haven't replaced it yet, nor will I waste the money paying a mechanic to do it. The problem only happens maybe on an average of once a year. No biggie. I do understand technology is a pain in the butt, that's why I don't understand why people swear by it. But that's OBD 2 for you. Id be happy with OBD 1.

Around 83,000 the fuel pump went out. I noticed when I first bought it, used, the fuel pump diddn't sound normal. When it would prime the fuel line after shut down, it would have a weird wine to it. I knew it was a matter of time for it. I replaced it myself with a new GM part costing me about $300.00 and a couple hours labor.

Around 85,000 Miles the ABS system started activating even on dry pavement. Being a Garage Mechanic, I determinated the ABS Sensors in the front went bad, or need cleaning. In almost 60,000 miles I haven't needed brake linings replaced, so I haven't cleaned the ABS sensors to see if that would fix the problem. And I won't tear off the linings, calipers, and rotors just to clean ABS sensors when I can pump my own brakes in a hot stop. I just pulled the ABS fuse in the fuse box under the hood to fix the problem. And I don't have ABS Brakes now. Who cares.

About 90,000 I did a tune up, changed the distributor cap and rotor. The distributor is located in the back of the motor with not much room to remove the back screw between the cap and firewall. When reinstalling the new cap, I ended up overtightened the fastening screw, and cracking the threaded tab in the distributor because GM stupidly used plastic on the ring in the distributor. Why plastic that's dumb. Had to replace the distributor, only a $50.00 part.

About 95,000 miles I had to replace the water pump. I replaced it with a high flow model. Non OE part.

Rear defoggers don't seem to work, not a big deal. Don't care that much to even look to see if it was a blown fuse or not. With a straight vertical rear window, not much snow and ice has a chance to accumulate on the back window. Done even need the thing.

General Comments:

Truck I think overall is a good truck. Not as good as my old 91' S-10 Pick up I had. The only problem I had with that was the rust. I got rid of that with 167,000 and it ran like it was bran new. I'm sure its still on the road today. I could do anything to that thing custom wise and never had to reprogram the ECM. That's why I liked OBD 1. OBD 2 I have to reprogram the PCM every time I do stuff custom, or look at the "SERVICE ENGINE SOON" light. Word to GM, if its not broke, don't fix it. We don't need a sensor to sense a sensor. That's just more to go wrong. On my K-1500 Silverado, I put a K&N FPIK Cold air intake kit on it, and a Granatelli Mass Airflow sensor in it. With that upgrade it makes the motor sound like an old 600 Pontiac when you open up the throttle. Also upgraded the exhaust system to a dual system. On my model I have 2 2 1/4 pipes going into the muffler, and 2 2 1/2 coming out. Stock was 1, 2 3/4 coming out pass side exit. So with going duals and a Flowmaster Super 40 Series Muffler, the truck cooks. Now I can take Japanese rice burners off the line, what I couldnt do before. I had them in the high end, but never off the line.

Also after those improvements, I have noticed a gain in fuel economy. From 15 city and 18 Hwy to now 16 to 17 city and 22 hwy.

I am also really impressed with the brakes on it. I bought the truck used from CarMax. I was given a listing of all the work they done to it prior to them selling it. They replaced the brake linings on it. I have put on just under 60,000 miles on thoes brakes, and they still on the truck. And all I do twice a year is when I rotate the tires is clean the rotors, linings, and calipers, removing all the brake dust. And lubing the brake slides with graphite (Anti-Sieze) lube.

Overall I think the truck is decent. I don't know how it compares to Asian imports as far as reliability goes. And I will never know. I am an American and I will always buy American. But as far as the American 3 goes I think that it has been the most reliable compaired to the Ford's and Dodge's of its competition. Considering some of my friends/ things I've heard always being intrested in cars that atleast I have my stock motor and trans. And how often small things go wrong as I compaire it to Ford and Dodges V8 models.

I have always since I bought it have done my maintenance on time, using the top of the line synthetic lubricants, yes they cost more, but I plan to have this truck untill it can't go no more. When it was new it was a $30,000 truck. In my opinion it should last over thirty years. $10,000 a year.

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Review Date: 31st December, 2006

18th Apr 2007, 21:14

OK, OK, A couple more entries to my above entry...

The truck now has just under 107,000.

Both not major, but while I'm here, I might as-well post a comment to my above original comment.

As per the guys entry below mine on the main page, some my radio bulbs went out just not to long ago. Yea I know how you feel. it is a bit hard to read the buttons at night.

And also not to long ago, the blower motor speed selector switch totally went out on all speeds. Great timing, always as winter starts in February in Chicago when you need heat. But never in summer what you don't need A/C.

No biggie, switch was $26.32, and was fairly easy to install.

16th Jul 2007, 11:03

If you go to howtomendit.com, you'll find a tutorial I wrote on how to remove the Silverado radio and replace all the bulbs in it. It takes about 3 hours, and is a pain in the rear, because you have to take the radio out, take it APART, and solder all new bulbs on to the board, but it can be done.

As for the ABS - bad news. The sensors are integral with the front-wheel-drive hubs, not separate parts. When mine started false-activating under light braking, just as you come to a stop, I had to get both hubs replaced - $600.

Fuel pump - yup, been there. CHANGE THE FUEL FILTER OFTEN. These pumps are very susceptible to failure, especially if the filter starts clogging up. The pump will still work, the truck will still run, but you will notice that the pump gets increasingly noisier (the "whine" you mentioned).

I noticed the whine, knew I needed to change the filter. But I was too late. By the time I did it, the pump was shot.

14th Jan 2015, 15:43

My fuel pump whined for 2 years before I replaced it. I only replaced it because the fuel gauge stopped working and I got tired of using my tripmeter to measure when I needed gas.