1994 Dodge Intrepid 3.3L from North America


Great car


Had to have the torque converter rebuilt just after I bought it (right after the warranty ran out), besides that I've only had to replace the normal jelly bean repairs (alternator, brakes, water pump, etc...).

General Comments:

The car just hit 340k miles and I still drive it every day. Best car I ever bought for the money, and it still gets 26mpg on the highway.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2009

1994 Dodge Intrepid ES from North America




Transmission went out twice, engine locked once, suspension made a lot of noise, heater fan didn't work.

General Comments:

Even if it was free, I would not want this car. This car is the last Dodge I will own, new or used. The car was nice till 30000 miles, then the trans started to act up, from then, it just wasn't reliable.

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Review Date: 12th December, 2008

1994 Dodge Intrepid ES 3.3L from North America


This is a good, solid, and economical form of transportation


The head gasket was replaced at 116,000 miles.

The serpentine belt was also replaced at 116,000 miles.

The fuel pump was replaced at 126,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car has been very reliable for the most part.

My grandparents purchased it with 33,000 miles on the odometer. This car still has the original transmission and it shifts smoothly. I have the transmission fluid flushed every 30,000 miles, or when it starts to get dark. I recently got a tune-up done and the engine idles very quietly. When my grandpa owned the car he maintained it properly. I change the oil every 3,000 miles and check all the fluids to make sure they are at their proper levels. The Intrepid was a great looking sedan that was ahead of it's time in styling.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2008

1994 Dodge Intrepid 3.3 from North America


Some problems, but over GREAT CAR!


When I first bought the car, I had to replace engine mounts and transmission mounts (this was from former owner). Replaced crank shaft sensor as well.

Later, replaced a lot of front end components, tie rods, rack bushings, inner tie rod ends, ball joint, sway bar links.

Fuel pump died later on, first MAJOR repair.

AC leaks, common problem with these cars.

Anti-freeze leaks from front of motor. $400 to fix.

General Comments:

Although the car has had its fair share of repairs, I expected it. I bought the car for only $950 with 111000 miles on it. The car is VERY reliable, with the exception of a few noises from the front end.

Car has got some good power. The 3.3 is a STRONG motor, made for minivans. The tranny is alright for now, some noises, but Dodge has crappy transmissions anyway.

The interior is SUPER comfy, my car has a few problems with the power windows, mainly due to someone trying to break into the car. Lots of wind noise from the front doors because of weather stripping deteriorating over the years.

This car burns NO oil, leaks NO oil, and rides very comfortably.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2007

26th Jun 2007, 17:19

I think the motor/transmission mounts would be classified as a major repair don't you think?

16th Aug 2007, 12:16

Car has been reliable for me, strange one came up the ABS light, heat fan quit, but heat still comes in summer, winter, radio was off, but now on, do I have a electronic problem? Anyone have a similar situation??

1994 Dodge Intrepid SE or Base 3.3L V6 from North America


A true life saver


Water Pump @ 125,000 miles. & 278,000 miles

Power Steering Pump @ 156,000 miles & 288,800 miles.

Radiator @ 290,400 miles. (Oklahoma heat to blame)

Thermostat @ 291,500 miles.

CV Joints @ 276,800 miles.

Rack & Pinion @ 278,800 miles

Headliner started to sag in 2003

Headlight brackets shattered at 265,000 miles.

Catalytic Converter @ 287,600 miles

First repaint on September 11th, 2001 from Bright White to Stone White.

Driver Seat severely wore out on lumbar.

Passenger Air Bag cover warped from Oklahoma heat

Very light rust to be originally from Chicagoland area.

General Comments:

For a car with almost 300,000 miles, it has outlasted and outperformed some of the newer cars out now. I LOVE MY CAR!! It's been from San Francisco to Philadelphia, Milwaukee to Cincinnati & Detroit, Indiana to Oklahoma and back... as you can tell, very well traveled.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2006

2nd Dec 2006, 20:48

I too have a high mileage 1994 Dodge Intrepid that has 295,000 miles on it. The car has been great to me, I change the oil every 3000 miles or so. I did have to have the tranny rebuilt at around 150,000 miles, but that's the only major repair. The paint is faded and the driver's seat is pretty worn out, but I'm gonna keep driving her until she stops.