2002 Dodge Neon SXT 2.0 from North America


Overall I am very satisfied with this car for the money spent


The only thing to go wrong with the vehicle to date is the left and right upper and lower control arms. These went at 64,500 miles. The sway bar bushings were also bad and were replaced at the same time.

General Comments:

The car handles and drives very well. My only dislike with the engine is that it is noisy, both inside and outside the vehicle. When I start it in the morning it ticks for about 15 seconds. This occurs both when it is cold and when it isn't. The ticking goes away after about 15 seconds, but the engine still sounds loud. It almost sounds like a diesel engine at times.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2005

6th Apr 2005, 21:24

I don't know if you know or not,...but if you paid for upper control arms on the vehicle, then you were taken for a ride. Upper control arms do not exist on that vehicle.

10th Jan 2012, 09:25

And that's one of the best reasons to get at least a Haynes manual and get to know your car! I was nickel and dimed on my first car for repairs when I would have been better off putting the money into another vehicle. I told the mechanic I talked with yesterday I wanted to hug him, because he questioned whether I really want to put the money into my own "trouble making" 2002 Dodge Neon (instead of just taking my money). But it looks as if I'm going to go ahead with removing the control arm to get those ball joints replaced. Learning to do a lot via that manual and other info.

2002 Dodge Neon SE 2.0 SOHC from North America


A Great Car


Needed new battery.

Had some minor interior panel rattles.

General Comments:

I bought my 02 neon in about a year ago and it has exceeded my expectations. I found one dirt cheap with a lot of miles and expected more to go wrong with it. So far, it has held up well. So well, in fact I sold my 99 grand am and kept this little sucker.

At 73000 miles, needed its first new car battery and I have a system in mine!

It did have some slightly annoying rattles when I got it, but a little foam under the dash panels fixed that.

Performance-wise, it is a typical four cylinder. It actually isn't too bad for a a subcompact. I drove a 190 HP grandam four three and half years before this and its not too much slower. It is comparable to any Honda accord 4 cylinder model.

Since I got mine, I have installed cruise on it and a spoiler. The wiring seems airtight and the car itself is fairly easy to work on. At 70000 miles I had the timing belt replaced (~300$) as a PRECAUTION.

Car is cheap to maintain and has wonderful brakes. They tend to squeal when they get wet more-so than others, but they stop the car on a dime. Parts are easy to find for it and there are a lot of resources for fixing / upgrading this car.

Idling can be slightly rough (nothing scary) but a good fuel injector cleaning helps a lot.

For a car that I paid 4000$ for with high mileage, this car has done well. It is my first experience with dodge and so far has impressed me.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2004

9th Feb 2005, 17:18

Yea I have a 5-speed, 2002 dodge neon also, I installed an AEM cold-air intake, magnaflow exhaust, and a pacesetter short-shifter. I also have 2 12" KICKER subs with a ROCKFORD FOSGATE amp, and I can still blow any Honda off the road I want to. You said parts were easy to find and I was wondering if anybody could give me some good sites for the neon.


12th Mar 2005, 18:58

I would've agreed with you about one week ago. Today I was going to the store and heard a high whining sound and my 02 Neon started to slip gears. It's an automatic with 54,500 miles on it. First, I assumed it needed transmission fluid. As I was trying to get home, it didn't want to go at all. I've had the car 7 months and have only put 6,000 miles on it. I should have known that American made cars are crap. I normally have driven Nissan or Honda. They were great to me until I sold them.