2001 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 quad cab four by four 5.9 liter gas from North America


I am torn between keeping it or not


The torque converter came apart. Now it has a vibration between 40 to 60 miles per hour while accelerating.

I had that problem the first day after picking it up. I drove it for two weeks like this. They looked at it finally and told me that the torque converter needed to seat itself in, and that this would go away.

The reason that I took it back to them was the fact that it was still under warranty, but that the power steering pump failed also.

General Comments:

The truck rides like a dream.

It rides better than my wifes Dodge Durango. I don't want to get rid of it, because this is my first experience with Dodge, however with what I have read from all of your other writers, I'm not sure that Dodge is the way to go. I'm looking at going back to Ford.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2003

10th Aug 2004, 20:03

Dodge trucks are good trucks. All these other people sound like they don't maintain there trucks, trash them, and blame dodge. I have a fleet of 9 of these and love them.

2001 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 SLT Quad Cab 5.2 from North America


A great truck that needed some help in the performance department


Defective valve body in transmision. Fixed under warranty.

General Comments:

With the addition of an R/T cam, headers and Lucas synthetic oil this 5.2L truck really flies now.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2002

2001 Dodge Ram Pickup 2500 quad cab 5.9L gas from North America




Since I have owned the truck I have been back to the dealer about 15 times for peeling paint on the tailgate, leaking transmission, drivers side mirror was replaced three times because it shakes at highway speeds. By the way it still shakes. I have noises coming out of the transmission in reverse and gages that go out intermittently. That was the minor stuff. After 14,800 miles the engine developed a loud tapping noise. I brought it to the dealer and they replaced all the lifters. That did not fix the noise. They then replaced the engine. That also did not fix the noise. They now are saying that the noise is a normal fuel injector noise? Hello Lemon Law!!! Talk about quality control problems.

General Comments:

Don't buy any Dodge products no matter how good they look!!!

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Review Date: 20th September, 2002

12th Oct 2002, 12:52

If there is a noise coming from the engine, and they replace it and the noise dose not go away then it is not the engine. Check the other parts to see what it is.

2001 Dodge Ram Pickup Quad Cab 2500 SLT+ 5.9 V8 from North America


It has no reliability


Most recently, I have been having problems with the transmission. I brought the truck to the dealership countless times for the transmission to be repaired, but after they fix it, it only works properly for about two weeks. The service and customer service is a hassle. Whenever things go wrong, I have to make another appointment. They are not concerned with working around my schedule, and the mechanics have taken days off during those appointments; thus, leaving my truck there with no one to fix it.

After only 20000 miles, the shocks needed replacement. I encountered poor customer service at that time as well.

General Comments:

Since I first purchased this vehicle, I have had nothing but problems. They refused to refund my money for an alarm they never installed, the shocks wore quickly, and now they will not properly fix the transmission. They have wasted my time, my money, and my effort.

I will never buy a Dodge again. They are unreliable, they have poor customer service and mechanical service, their products are not durable, and they do not care about the customer. In my opinion, GM and Chevy build a far superior vehicle. If you are looking for a pickup truck, appearances are not everything. If you are a person who needs your truck to work for you, do not purchase a Dodge Ram!!!

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Review Date: 10th August, 2002

2001 Dodge Ram Pickup 2500 SLT 4x4 5.9 I6 turbo diesel from North America


A great heavy duty truck


There have been minor problems such as trim pieces coming loose around the front bumper, blown bearings in the U-joint, and a broken steering stabilizer. Most of these have been covered on the warranty. There have been no expensive repairs to date.

General Comments:

This is a beast of a truck. It can pull anything and looks great doing it. With 4WD and 4:10 gears you can go just about anywhere.

The diesel engine is awesome. It is a Cummins diesel which are also put into semi trucks. They can go 350,000 miles before the first overhaul is needed. They are also solid steel unlike the Powerstroke from Ford or the Duramax diesel Chevy offers. Those both use aluminum heads which can warp over time. The are also larger displacement and V8 configurations which gives them around 60% more moving parts that the Cummins I6 engine. Only downside is that is is a loud engine, but you get used to it quickly.

My truck has the SLT Laramie package which comes loaded with every imaginably option. The 6 way power seats are great for long trips and so is the premium sound system. The truck also has a "quad cab" which features four doors and seating for six.

Gas mileage is between 18 and 25 on the high way and could be better with a manual transmission and 3:55 gears. That is quite admirable considering a gas V8 or V10 has much less torque and would be getting half the mileage.

This is a great truck if you need to pull heavy loads or carry a ton of stuff around. The whole truck is very well thought out. The only things I dislike are that diesel pollutes more toxins than gas and that it smells more. The truck is also fairly loud like I stated before. All in all it is an excellent heavy duty pickup.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2002

21st Jun 2006, 17:25

Hi there. I would just like to inform you that the pollution you mentioned earlier is in fact incorrect. Although diesels produce much more visible pollution than do gasoline engines, the visible pollution is only incompletely burned fuel. Other than that, there are very few emissions that diesels produce.

Proof of this is when internal-combustion powered submarines were first introduced. The gasoline engine was only used once, afterward a diesel engine was used to power them because of it's lack of harmful emissions and it's versatility in fuel use. They may stink, but I think that it's worth it to have little to no toxic emissions and to be able to run on cooking oil, kerosene, jet fuel, diesel, bio-diesel, and a host of other alternative fuels that could be (hint-hint) GROWN!

9th Feb 2007, 21:24

"They are also solid steel unlike the Powerstroke from Ford or the Duramax diesel Chevy offers. Those both use aluminum heads which can warp over time."

Powerstroke uses an iron block and head construction just like the Cummins...

3rd Aug 2010, 21:33

We purchased our 2001 Cummins powered 2500 4x4 mostly to haul our cabover camper.

On our trip to Florida in Dec of 2009, we noted occasional and intermittent power loss that would be one to three minutes in duration. After several stabs at the accelerator, the engine would catch and operate normally.

On our way back to Colorado, this engine problem re-occurred several times and we limped home. I suspected a fuel delivery problem, and the dealer confirmed that the original factory lift pump installation was at fault and failing. For a mere $1400, they would replace the lift pump with the new and improved pump that was re-engineered by Chrysler, but that this costly problem was not under warranty. With only 58000 miles I paid for the new installation.

This truck has been well taken care of, and appears new, and on our return from Alaska this June, the problem re-occurred, and now it is blamed on the injector pump, which probably was damaged when the lift pump went bad.

Oh, did I mention while in Fairbanks, an input seal to the rear differential was leaking and that also was replaced.

So far in the last nine months, the truck will have cost over $4100 in repairs and has less than 70000 miles in nine years. Sorry Chrysler, I'll never buy your product again, and this tax payer gets screwed twice.