2001 Dodge Ram Pickup 2500 5.9 from North America


Would never buy a Dodge pickup again


Underside is completely rusted, including drive shafts, floor, frame, engine, shocks.

Vacuum is poor, such that the defroster goes on on hills; dealer couldn't fix under warranty.

Has a bearing growl at 75 mph. Averages 12mpg.

General Comments:

Truck has 5.9L, but drags itself along.

Steers poorly, and has hard steering compared to other pickups I've driven.

Seats uncomfortable on long trips.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2011

2001 Dodge Ram Pickup SLT 5.9 liter from North America


Should be just used for city driving to look good, but never used for playing


Well at 66000 I replaced my brakes for the second time.

I use the truck for off road, in the mud and water, as well as the snow.

At 75880 miles, I lost the tranny; it just stopped working, so I sent it to the shop, and it cost 3300 dollars to fix it.

All was well until I took my Dodge Ram 1500 out once to the sand dunes where there was water and Mickie mud mix. I lost the transmission after being stuck in the mud and water; that was at 76000 miles. I was stuck for about 5 minutes; after someone pulled me out, I drove one hour and started having problems. Limped it home, towed it to the shop, and that cost me another 3500 dollars.

After fixing that, I was OK with my truck, it never again saw mud and water mix. It only saw some light snow.

At 108000 miles, the rear end started to go out, and now I am faced with the dilemma of repairing that. After what I have been reading, I will fix this truck and sell it. I will not buy another Dodge Ram 1500 that is under the age of 2010.

The water pump went at 60000 miles. I have always kept up with a well maintained truck. This one was not made to do anything but stay on the road, and never be taken out four wheeling.

I had a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500, and it was tough, hardy and full of fun four wheeling every weekend with no glitches. The new one sucked.

So that is my story, I have loved Dodge up until this 2001 truck. So as I sit looking at how I am going to fix this one now, it will be tough. I am in college and it's hard with no money from no work. Just school. But oh well, I'll make it. As soon as I fix this pile of crap, I will get rid of it.

Thanks for reading, David.

General Comments:

Good for nothing truck.

Maintained and care is high.

However the comfort of the truck with power everything was great.

Poor truck for work.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2011

2001 Dodge Ram Pickup 3500 CTD 5.9L turbo diesel from North America


Cheaply built truck from Mexico. But the Cummins turbo diesel is why I bought it


Clutch, vacuum pump, water pump, heater core, entire AC system, VP44 injection pump, clutch master / slave cylinder, both power windows, rebuilt front end twice, new suspension.

In the 46,000 miles and 6 years I've owned this vehicle, everything I expected to go wrong has. So I entered the equation knowing what I was getting into. Each repair/ replacement has been met with OEM or better upgrades to make this truck more bullet proof. I plan on keeping her another 10 years, regardless of mileage, so the repair expenses will amortize over greater time. The engine and transmission have proven reliable thus far; both items that are NOT built by the vehicle manufacturer.

You're on your own if you decide to own a vehicle like this. Study the Cummins forums and learn what works for this truck, and what doesn't.

At then end of the day, I have a good looking rig on an 8" lift and 40" military tires that will pull a house. It would cost me over $75,000 to get the same set up in a brand new vehicle.

General Comments:

Even though this truck is 9 years old, people stop me everywhere I go to comment on her, mostly due to her lift and tires.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 3rd November, 2010