1991 Eagle Talon turbo from North America


Nice student car


Timing belt was replaced a second time at 97000 miles. Only $350, was expected to be $600.

Starter went a day after I replaced the timing belt.

Clutch is on the way out.

Leather seats need to re-upholstered - badly.

Molding is falling off.

Replaced the front bumper for $850.

Misc. bumps and rattles in the car.

General Comments:

The stock sound system plays great. The stock CD player reads burned CDs, unlike most older players.

This is my first car I own. I love the interior because I'm small. It's low to the ground and sporty. I'm making mods this winter and plan on racing it this spring.

Excellent on gas. However, you have to fill the 12 gallon tank with super.

There are 5 Talons (from 1990-1993) at my school.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2001

1991 Eagle Talon TSi 2.0L unleaded from North America


A must drive car


The head gasket hasn't blown yet, but it's getting there.

General Comments:

This is a very quick and stylish car and will make heads turn for another look.

You can really tell when the turbo kicks in, which in my opinion is good.

The back seats aren't very roomy but this is a sports car, so who needs them?

The all wheel drive is really handy in bad weather conditions.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2001

31st Oct 2002, 14:22

Of course your car takes unleaded gas, all cars newer than about 87 do. that is not an engine rating. 16 valves is an engine rating.

1991 Eagle Talon TSi AWD 2.0L DOHC turbo from North America


The head gasket is blown.

The tie rod ends were replaces.

The hydraulics for the hatch went bad.

The outside molding on the car fell off.

The driver's side window will not go up all the way.

The driver's automatic seat belt doesn't work and neither does the lap belt.

The power mirrors don't work on either side.

The dip stick keeps coming off and spraying the engine with oil.

The oil plug came out on the transport from Indiana.

General Comments:

The Talon is a quick car, but it needs a lot of work. The people before me did a lot of work on it, but it still needs more.

The inside is small but you can get used to it.

The stock sound system is horrible.

It's not a fun car to ride in with 4 people.

It is however fun to drive with 2 people.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2001

1991 Eagle Talon TSi AWD 2.0 turbo from North America


This car is a performance machine, a very good buy


The original alternator blew at 155,000 miles.

The original clutch is starting to show signs that it needs to be replaced.

The cruise control option was not functional when I first bought the car.

The computer had to be replaced at 156,000 miles.

General Comments:

The car handles extremely well at high speed, and turns and rides very smoothly.

The turbo kicks in and the speed increase is very noticeable.

Driving the car in the winter is very pleasurable because of the all wheel drive.

All the original parts have held up very well, even after the excess of miles and abuse that they have taken.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2001

1991 Eagle Talon TSi AWD turbo from North America


Hot looks, high performance, serious maintenance


Mass airflow sensor went 'kaput' within a week of getting it.

ABS failed, sensors went on two wheels.

That nasty and ever-so-popular 2nd gear grind-o-rama.

Misc. interior rattles and buzzes.

General Comments:

The car looks hot, is very fast, corners great, and is surprisingly the most comfortable car I have ever owned, considering I'm 6'2" and my previous car was a Chevy Caprice.

The Talon was no doubt made for looks and performance. It's a little rough suspension-wise, but probably no more than any other sports car in its class.

On the other hand, I don't care much for the clunky tranny and the AWD, and the rather high cost of maintenance and replacement parts.

If you're a non-mechanical person looking to buy a sports car, I'd say stay away from the Talon. However, if you're a 'race-nut' and you wanna burn 'Stangs off the road, and you're comfortable doing some regular maintenance yourself to save a buck, this car is for you.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2001

15th Oct 2001, 18:38

I feel as though my Talon is unstoppable. With all the minor defects, my 1990 Talon will make you eat my dust.