1989 Ford Bronco II XLT 2.9 from North America


This truck is not expensive to keep, but it must be taken care of


I have had the water pump replaced, it wasn't expensive, I have had the transmission flushed because of rough gear change, I had the gas tank replaced, because of leakage, and then the gas pump had to be replaced. I have had valve cover gasket seals put on and a transmission pan seal. The transmission mount and front motor mount was replace, as well as basic maintenence;breaks, oil change etc.

General Comments:

The truck has had problems, but she has done me well. The dash board gages on the right corner do not work, witch isn't good for the owner, I cannot tell how much gas is in the truck. The a/c system works very well and has been changed over, it was inexpensive. The body on this truck is very sturdy, I recently had an accident and she held up well, replacement parts were not very expensive, few came from the junk yard and are not hard to find. When driving on the highway this truck handles very well, she can get up on the road with the best of them and it's great for going out of town, just watch the gas.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2005

1989 Ford Bronco II XL Sport 2.9 V6 from North America


Slow and solid like a tank


The driveshaft broke about seven times from towing a heavy caravan.

The engine head cracked at only 55,000 miles. It has been repaired under warranty.

Lots of rust.

The clutch has seen better days.

It always leaked antifreeze fluid below -20 degrees Fahrenheit. (from new)

General Comments:

This truck has been used for towing a caravan most of its life. Then for a few years we used it as an off-road truck exclusively. Now I simply use it as a winter beater, the worse treatment you can ever give to a car here in Montreal, Canada. As it's a 4X4 and sits pretty high, it's very easy to drive during a snow storm. The body is rusted like crazy and water gets inside about everywhere. That said, I must say I'm totally amazed by this truck for the fact that it started right up for it's whole life even in polar temperatures. This truck has been used like a truck should be and I guess that's why it's not impressed by any mistreatment!

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Review Date: 26th January, 2005

7th May 2007, 17:18

I must say that comment was generally the way my 1989 Bronco II 4x4 performs in the winter. Granted, like yours, it has a lot of rust, but overall it's a beast. I paid only $400 (it was $1,400, but my mother had paid $1,000 of it, so I literally only had to pay the difference out of pocket), but it's an amazing truck. It has certainly changed my thinking about Ford products, or at least their trucks anyway. As for their sports cars, that's another story.

25th Jun 2007, 01:54

Well I have not really drove mine yet, but I have seen it and it looks nice. Not to shabby for a 1989 truck. mine is a 4 speed manual (I love the shifting) anyway the previous owner said it runs real good, but with minor problems such as the gauge cluster lights don't work and the exhaust is falling off in addition to the truck not starting right away under cold temps. couple other small things wrong, but "hey" nothing I can't get fixed for dirt cheap.

1989 Ford Bronco II XL 2.9 from North America


Has been a great father &son project.


Fuel pump & tank.

Complete rear brake job, including rebuilding of wheel cylinders.

Rear shock absorbers.

Passenger side engine freeze plug.

Engine started to have valve train rattle at 161,000 miles, also had engine knock at same time. Engine replace with a used 2.9 engine.

All new tires.

General Comments:

The Bronco II sat for almost 2 years in a guys driveway at the time of purchase..

At the time of purchase we charged the battery, inflated the flat tires and drove her home..

The engine died, due to lack of maintenance by the previous owner.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2004