1999 Ford Escort ZX2 2.0 from North America


Performance bargain



General Comments:

Cheap, peppy, fast and economical.

The ngine could be more refined.

Great value.

Very quick steering.

Good ride.

Nice looks.

After it broke in I get 30mpg in the town and 36-38 mpg on the highway.

Great fit and finish for a $12,000 car. Premium sound with CD sounds pretty good. Interior controls are easy to use and well laid out.

Car and driver said zero to sixty in 7.4 seconds with manual transmission. Sounds really neat when driven hard. Have not done a thing.

I change the oil every 10K and it stays full between changes. Make sure to only use 5w-20 or 5w-30, anything else will screw up the variable timing.

Seems to get great snow traction, mine has the 15 inch wheels and tires. No problems in the snow or rain.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2001

1999 Ford Escort ZX2 2.0 Zetec from North America


A fun city car, not a good long distance freeway ride


The rear brakes siezed, but were fixed under warranty.

The back of the drivers seat sometimes tends to slip as if the lever was pulled if I lean back (like trying to reach for something in the back).

The car eats gas like a V8. Ford can't seem to find the problem and refuses to do anything about it.

The drivers side window rattles if it's not fully up or down.

The drivers seat squeaks sometimes.

General Comments:

The car is very quick and agile for its class, and is really fun to drive.

The seats are uncomfortable on longer drives.

The engine is very loud and buzzy at high speeds, and is pretty rough at idle.

The shifter is a bit sloppy and the brakes are quite mushy.

The car has been mechanically stable, but it's the little things that bother me - It's just not put together right.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2001

1st May 2001, 03:37

Write Ford. This is a common problem that needs to be resolved.

11th Aug 2002, 12:51

I just bought a 1999 Ford Escort ZX2 with manual transmission, and everything seems to be just right for the type of car it is. The only one thing that I have noticed is that it does seem to burn up a lot of gas. I thought it would give me at least an average of 25 to 28 miles per gallon. I am not even close to that, and I am a "good" driver.

Has anyone else had this kind of issues with their Ford Escort ZX2? If so, what is the problem?


1999 Ford Escort ZX2 from North America


A big piece of junk that costs over 200 a month to cause you trouble!


Lets see...

The windows leak.

The windows don't shut right causing the door to not close right.

The heater broke.

The tape deck broke.

The steering wheel squeaks.

The car knocks when I turn (but won't it duplicate for the service dept.!)

It dies while driving it.

Didn't start up a few times.

Vents blow themselves shut when on anything higher than low.

Not what I expected from a new car that is a year old!

General Comments:

I do not recommend this car to anyone who needs to get to work or appreciates the value of a dollar. Thank you Ford for selling me a bigger piece of crap than I traded in to you!

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2000

26th Jan 2001, 21:26

I've had all of those problems, but I can offer one solution. I had the same knocking when turning on my 2000 and I thought it was a wheel that was out, but it turned out that the motor and radiator mounts were bad and I had to them replaced. I was lucky to find decent dealer but had to travel very far (Otis Ford in Quogue - Long Island, New York - you can look them up on the internet and they will send you info for proof).

1999 Ford Escort LX from North America


Numerous starting problems.

Stalled three times on the highway within one month.

Had to get transmission repaired.

Front wheels misaligned for an unknown reason.

Engine began making unusual noises after approximately 10,000 miles.

Very slow accleration - feels like a rock when trying to gain speed.

Paint is peeling behind behind the right front door.

This car has been maintained and serviced regularly - and then some.

Definitely not a "budget family car" after being to the shop five times in the past year.

General Comments:

Horrible. DO NOT BUY.

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Review Date: 15th December, 2000

13th Jun 2002, 10:36

I own a 1999 Ford Escort LX. It has 60000 miles on it and the engine doesn't make any funny noises. I had to change the right outer tie rod at 50000 miles and have had no other problems. The gas mileage is great and the pick-up is adequate. It is definitely not a dragster, but it is reliable, affordable, and low maintenance. I love mine.