1995 Ford F150 XLT 5.8 from North America


To date, the best truck I've owned


Aside from routine maintenance, I had to get the transmission rebuilt and replace the front cover gasket.

General Comments:

To tell the truth, it's the best truck I've owned to date. It doesn't leak or burn oil, it's got more power than my friends 2000 Supercrew, and aside from rebuilding the trans at 225000 miles, everything is original. I drive it everywhere and I'm confident the truck will see at least 300000 miles.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2006

1995 Ford F150 XLT 302 V8 5.0L from North America


Well-built to the hilt


First, my exhaust manifold on the driver's side wheezed. There is a fair amount of rust present. Aside: when I was looking to buy my truck, I noticed a lot of trucks of this year with this problem.

Transmission went out at 135,000. I had it rebuilt with a heavy duty shift kit and with synthetic oil.

Gas tank rusted out; it cost $300 to replace it. My second tank rusted out not long after; I haven't replaced it.

The starter went out around 145,000 miles.

My automatic locking hubs went out around 150,000 miles.

I replaced the shocks just recently and it rides a lot better.

Last week, the garage replaced my ball joints, front seals, and front disc brakes. ~155,000 miles~

General Comments:

It's high-end power lacks, but the trade-off in gas mileage is OK. This truck is a Super cab short box with a topper. It also has a visor. Best mileage: 18 mpg. Worst mileage: 12 mpg. Wind really affects the mileage.

My first fixing experience with it was a rusted-out spark plug that left the threads in the block. (I thought that first spark plug didn't look like anything I'd ever seen before. ;) ) Advice: change spark plugs before they get too rusty and use anti-seize in the threads of the spark plugs.

The body seems very rust-prone, especially the tailgate, wheel-wells, and door areas. They salt the roads pretty good around here, so what can you expect?

I've put in $3,500 in repairs in three years, 32,000 miles. All in all, I'd say that it was well-built for the use it has given. I've been trying to care for it as best I can, but it's the nature of the beast to suffer aging problems.

Everything in the cab still works like it should. The dash rattles a little.

The engine doesn't use oil, so I use a good synthetic brand:Amsoil.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2006

1995 Ford F150 XL 5.0 302ci from North America


This is one fine truck!


New seal for the transmission at 85,000 miles.

General Comments:

This is a all-around good truck, The only bad thing about it is it's fuel economy. The engine still has pep, and no mechanical errors have occurred. However, a Minnesota winter will not be good on any vehicle's fuel consumption. For being a pick-up it can still push through the deepest amount of snow (actually growing up in Minnesota it's common to become immune to the rapid changing driving conditions)

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Review Date: 24th December, 2005

25th May 2010, 12:23

I know what you mean by harsh Minnesota conditions. I live in Stillwater and am glad to know that a 1995 F-150 holds up. I am about to buy one, and thanks for the review.

1995 Ford F150 XLT 4.9 Inline 6 cylinder. from North America


It is a very tough and reliable truck!


The manual transmission slave cylinder has been replaced about every 35,000 miles. I've replaced three so far.

There are two fuel tanks on this truck each with its own fuel pump, I've replaced a total of three pumps.

I have also replaced each fuel tank due to corrosion and leaking.

The twin I-beam suspension is tough, but once the front shocks start to wear, watch the inside of your tires wear right off.

General Comments:

This truck has never left me stranded.

I've kept up on preventative maintenance and enjoyed a reliable truck.

After 145,000 miles I still feel it is a very dependable ride and it still looks great.

I don't plan on getting rid of it until it hits 250,000 miles!

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Review Date: 21st November, 2004