2000 Ford Focus SE 2.0L from North America


Reasonably priced compact with some nice power


Detachable face on stereo shorted out at around 15,000 miles.

Horrible wind noise above 45 MPH with only back windows down. Sounds sort of like a helicopter landing in the back seat.

Too much outside/road noise all together.

General Comments:

The most reliable car I have ever owned. Never stalls, never sputters.

Poor acceleration when it's hot and humid.

Poor air flow to engine in general.

Poorly designed/placed arm rest, makes it nearly impossible to use the emergency break.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2002

9th Jul 2002, 15:15

The back noise you are talking about happens in virtually every small car. You need to "depressurize" the cabin by opening one or both front windows as well.

2000 Ford Focus SE from North America


Extremely dangerous


The back wheels started wobbling shortly after buying the car. I thought it was going to fall off. It happened a second time a short time later. I was then told that there was a problem that was caused by road salt.

Fuel mileage was not even close to what I was told to expect.

Needed new brakes that to this day still squeal.

Wiring was changed because the car started stalling.

Fuel pump replaced for same reason a few days later.

Engine light came on. I was told that this was their fault as they forgot to put some gasket back on.

Same thing happened a few days later. No explanation for that.

I can't drive over 55 km because it shakes so bad. They say it's the tires that are bad.

I've had to replaced the tires at least 3 times since I've owned the car.

General Comments:

I am extremely upset with this car. I do not feel safe driving it and will never purchase another Ford again.

If I had the money it would be gone by now.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2002

25th Aug 2005, 21:34

We are on our second Ford Focus SE. The first one had 16 (sixteen) miles on it when the headlights quit working. The headlights were repaired nine times before we filed a lemon law. We settled the lemon law by selecting a second Ford Focus. To date, this car has had problems, with the transmission, axles, brakes, and tires just to name a few. The car has less than 20k miles and it is headed to the shop again for the same problem with the axles. We are frustrated as well because we purchased a new car so we could avoid headaches and breakdowns. We do not feel safe in this vehicle. I feel that the bugs should have been worked out of the Focus before it was put on the market.

2000 Ford Focus ZX3 2.0 Zetec from North America


A blast to drive when it is not in the shop


The brakes on the car have been making noise since the 10,000 mile mark.

The folding back seat broke and wouldn't close.

The anti-theft on the stereo kept shorting out the radio.

General Comments:

Very few things that I have driven have been as much as the Focus.

But the reliabilty is just not up to par with the competition.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2002

2000 Ford Focus Sport Trend 2.0 Zetec from Turkey


Good bargain, but no GTi


The car simply is great for handling, but it just gives you too much confidence.

I experienced trouble with the smart engine as the engine had to be driven 23 km to learn the new driving habits of driver.

The car cannot top 218 km/h speed. It just can's. It's a sporty car with 2.0 engine, but a lame 130 HP. Had to install a chip. I used a regular program which simply made gear ratios a bit more reactive. Then used a program readied for high degree cams. That was fine. Best result came with a special program designed for a Group N Focus Sport.

General Comments:

Lovely car. It's of high quality. Nice design. But it has poor engine. ECO-TEC engine just can't cut it, no GTi feel unless you install a chip.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2002