1994 Ford Probe GT 2.5L from North America


The best car I have ever seen! I'm in love!!


Radio was not working when I bought it, but I replaced it with a used original Ford AM/FM, CD player, and it works fine. The CD's get a little warm though. Don't know why.

The driver's window doesn't roll up properly. The dealer had a lock box on it, and messed the alignment up. Nothing else wrong with it. The car is a Cherry! I got lucky!!!

General Comments:

The car is the best performing car I have ever seen for the price! It has great acceleration, and it handles like nothing I have ever driven before.

I don't know why they stopped making them!! I want a newer model! I'm gonna own this one forever! I'll rebuild the motor and everything if I have to! I'll never buy another car again.

Everyone should experience this car. They won't believe it, if they drive it!!! I think the Mustang was afraid of this car!!!

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Review Date: 18th December, 2000

6th Feb 2002, 18:33

WHOA, calm down there :) But, hey, I love my Probe too. I can't say I'm dying to invest in a zillion dollars worth of work to it, but I, too, want to keep mine forever. I heard the 93+ Probes are going to be classics someday, so maybe we all should hang onto ours!

4th Nov 2005, 00:20

The reasons, I believe, are twofold as to why they are no longer being made. One, the name. Back in the 70's when they first started making the prototypes 'Probe' was a cool futuristic name, now it's a dreaded procedure at the doctors office. Two, would be that in its 8 year production run only 837,273 were ever made/sold. That isn't a heck of a lot for a mass produced car.

22nd Apr 2008, 13:53

Do you have to run premium gas in the Gt Models?

1994 Ford Probe GT 2.5L V6 from North America


More than the sum of its parts


Timing belt needs help, most problems occur with the things that Ford is in charge of.

The engine is great. At 108,000 miles the performance hasn't even blinked but the little things are all getting worn.

The transmission hasn't gone yet, but I can feel the glitches.

Cup holder was designed by a chimp.

General Comments:

I love this car and will keep it for a long time because of its ability to dust Eclipses, Talons, V6 Mustangs, Lasers, small Porsches, and a variety of other mid-range sportsters. No one expects the Probe to show up behind them and no one expects to get dusted at 110mph by a Ford.

If the dual cams don't getcha, the handling does. I can't drive fast enough to lose control with this thing on the highway. 16 year old mommy's boys everywhere beware...

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Review Date: 18th November, 2000

11th Jul 2001, 00:58

The probe does too have a cup-holder!

I own a 96.

6th Feb 2002, 18:35

My 93 GT has a cup holder, and I agree that it is in a terrible place! My elbow makes a lotta contact with my drink!

8th Feb 2002, 20:29

My 1994 has a cupholder in the center console.

14th Mar 2003, 14:30

My probe is a piece of junk. I've had it all of about four months and I'm about to put my third engine in it. Don't get me wrong I love my car and the way it handles, but they need to work on the engine design. It's a 1994 gt and those little civic's just can't keep up at all.

2nd Jun 2003, 16:35

If you people make a big deal over where a cupholder is in a sports car get a life! You shouldn't even be drinking in the car, especially when you're racing... the probe is overall a great car and I wish they would start making them again.

22nd Dec 2003, 04:30

I disagree. I owned a 94 ford probe gt and it was by far the worst car I have ever owned. When it DID run, which wasint very often, it was very quick and handled well. As far as being reliable goes the probe ranks a 3 on a 1-10 scale in my book. Everything possible broke on the car and the motor was shot by 110k. Ill never buy another american car again.

29th Aug 2004, 08:30

American? Hardly! Probe was based almost completely on the Mx6, bud.

25th May 2005, 20:49

I am working on a 94 GT. Does anyone have a manual they could send for replacing the waterpump?If so send the pages for this to tb1fan2005@yahoo.com.THANX.

29th Jun 2007, 00:46

Engines go if you beat em, you guys beat the mess out of the engine for 10 years then wonder why it goes! I have a 94, and its been great. At least ford was smart by letting mazda do most of the car, it outperforms chevys all day long!