1994 Geo Tracker Convertible 4 cylinder, 16-valve from North America


Excellent SUV, dependable, economical, turns on a dime


Interior hose to windshield wipers snapped off at 70,000 miles.

Easy to fix.

Convertible top threads finally falling apart. Had to hand-sew several times. Easy to replace top at $149.95.

General Comments:

This little 4-banger is one of the best cars I have owned. At 100,800 miles, she is still going strong. Excellent gas mileage, great on mountain roads, considering it is a 2-wheel drive. Drove right through a flood with no problem. High enough off the ground not to "bottom out".

Maintenance very inexpensive as long as all fluids are changed frequently according to manual.

Freon is just about gone in air conditioner, however, considering the mileage, it has done very well.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2003

28th May 2004, 06:16

Question: Can you tell us where you found a new top for only $150? I looked all over the web & the best price that I found was $300.

1st Feb 2005, 12:11

Hey I would like to know were you got your top for $150 because I need one and I can't find one for that cheap!!!

15th Apr 2006, 12:22

JC Whitney has new soft tops for $149.99. There are other places online that deal in Geo parts that also have them from $149.99-$189.99.

1994 Geo Tracker from North America


Cute little 4x4 with a bite!


Previous owner must not have been liked much because the seats were cut and it was keyed on the sides and hood, also it has some rusting.

The heat cover (or something along those lines) keeps coming loose so it makes a rattling noise, but when fixed is really quiet.

The doors constantly need greased to keep from squeaking.

Check engine light stays on for no reason.

Speakers pop.

The ride isn't one of the smoothest, and PA roads are nothing but pot holes so you can imagine...

General Comments:

LOVE IT!!! Though the body wasn't the best I'm working on getting it fixed up and repainted.

Very affordable.

The top has held up really well. I use Armor all on it- protects from the UV rays- and really brings back the shine.

Most of the problems are acceptable, the engine works great (despite the check engine light on.) I always have the oil changed regularly- and checked over-no problems.

The 4x4 is wonderful in the winter- I drive 40 minutes to school and on very mountainous roads- I haven't been stuck yet.

Always starts right up in the winter. The heater will cook you- even with the soft top!!

No air conditioning-but that's what the soft top is for!

The small size lets me park where ever I want- and being parked in usually isn't a problem.

Though the body wasn't taken care of- it is a tough car that holds it's own.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2003

5th Sep 2004, 22:37

As far as the check engine light is concerned. Unscrew the left speaker grille and speaker. Look for a small - 1/8 X 1/4 inch switch. Move the slide to the opposite position on the switch, and if nothing else is wrong with your engine, the light will stay off for another 30,000 miles. The switch may be affixed to a small stud just to the upper right side of the speaker opening, or even taped up in some of the wiring in the area.

1994 Geo Tracker LSi 1.6 from North America


The tracker WAS reliable even with exterior problems


The engine has finally gone at 84,000 miles, a rod shot through the engine without ever having any problems before. I am kind of disappointed because I know others who have put close to 200,000 miles on their trackers. I have always taken care of my engine checking it every 3 months and I used synthetic oils.

The engine light has been on since 60,000 miles and there was no reason for it to be on.

The driver's side door fell off about 15,000 miles ago and now once again.

The Velcro rear corners never-ever attach properly (my neighbor has the same car and I can see the same problem on hers).

General Comments:

I previously owned two different Ford Escorts, one a much newer model, and the Tracker alway out-performed my old Escorts.

It was a great car for riding around to school and work, but not that great on the highway--too much drag from the soft-top.

The 4x4 worked great, especially in our PA winters. I work in environmental research, it was great for getting into those hard to reach places.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2003

7th Jun 2003, 20:33

Sounds like you were trying to use this car for a race car, no wonder the little under-powered engine threw a rod.

6th Jul 2003, 13:18

With all due respect to the original poster, perhaps that engine light was not for naught.

It is entirely possible that problems existed with the oil pump or some other system in the Tracker which needed attention.

Failure to have the problem properly diagnosed and repaired may have led to your unfortunate experience as regards the rod through the block.

I doubt that keeping the engine singing harmed it, small engines like rpms as long as everything is well lubed, and all adjustments are right.

I use my tracker like a racer, a mud bogger, a tow vehicle for my boat and chase vehicle for my hot air balloon.

I'd buy another in a heartbeat, and already have once.