1994 Geo Tracker LSi 1.4 from North America


We will buy our third Tracker this year


Driver door switch (25,000 miles, won't turn on the dome light).

Top zippers are hard to use (45,000, WD-40 helps).

Turn signal relay (78,000, expensive to replace).

Headlight goes out periodically ($10.95 + tax).

General Comments:

Very noisy. Very reliable.

Easier to get in than a Jeep (we wanted to trade a Jeep Wrangler Sport for a Tracker), bumpier ride than a Jeep, but acceptable, much cheaper on gas, best "over the hood" visibility for a 4WD (not a "truck-feeling" vehicle). Only the Jeep will get you through the snow better (plowed through a 3 foot drift with the Tracker, AMAZING).

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Review Date: 7th January, 2001

1994 Geo Tracker Sport 1.6 from North America


Eye catcher


Battery went dead, but hey it was the original, I think it lasted long enough.

Front brakes and a driver's side door handle.

General Comments:

Good car for a weekend thing, I don't know if I would recommend it for everyday use like I use mine for, but then the 5 speed in this vehicle is rather harsh in my opinion.

Besides that, I have no problem with the car, I love the convertible top.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2000

2nd Aug 2001, 07:17

Specifically, what was your problem with your brakes and how did you remedy it. I find that my brakes aren't as sensitive. Maybe my brakes just needs bleeding. Thanks.

1994 Geo Tracker 2-door convertible 4x4 from North America


This is a great vehicle to own and you'll get your money's worth out of it


I haven't had any major problems yet.

My softtop is starting to wear out but that's to be expected after 6 years.

General Comments:

When I was car shopping I thought that this Mini-SUV would never suffice. What I was looking for had to be tough like a truck, 4x4 and reliable. Needless to say I bought it anyway and in the past year that I've owned it I have taken it through snowbanks, into cow fields, hauled livestock feed in it and driven all over the place. I am really surprised that it has taken all that and it still runs like the day I got it!

It definitely isn't the safest car on the market, I knew that from the beginning but as long as you know the limitaitons of this vehicle it's a great little truck.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2000

28th Dec 2000, 09:26

I agree with your assessment completely. I bought a 94 Tracker 4X4 in 97. It had 39k miles on it. Now it has 102k miles on it and I have seen little change in performace other than my tendency to be a little easier on it because of its age.

Last year, my wife bought a Suzuki Sidekick 4 door 4X4. It has automatic and air conditioning. She loves it due its maneuverability and agility in traffic.

Living in Western Pa these little vehicles are superb in our application of them. They are faithful little trucks. The only drawback is lower power engines in both. Mine has a 1.6k engine. Hers has a 1.8k engine and automatic (which causes a power loss compared with a 5 speed). Even though, this is a very very minor problem which is offset by the amazing fuel economy, 32/26 MPG respectively. When we replace these vehicles they will be replaced by Suzuki/Tracker equivalents.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide my input.

Norman Prevatte

Sewickley, PA

4th Dec 2005, 20:48

I totally agree with the main review. The Geo Tracker is overall a very reliable and relatively hard working vehicle for it's size and power disadvantage. Yes they are unsafe, but I still say you have more between you and the outside world than in a Jeep.

One point I would like to make is that, at least in my 1993 Tracker LSi, it says right in front of your face on the sun visor that the Tracker is prone more so than some other vehicles to rolling. I must say if you cannot read the visor 1 foot in front of your face then call me before you hit the road next time so I can stay home.