2000 Honda Accord S 1.8i from UK and Ireland


Indestructible engine, and an excellent car all round!


Ignition barrel fault - fixed immediately.

Warped brake discs @ 50K - common problem apparently.

Some very annoying squeaking from passenger door trim happening now, and won't go away.

General Comments:

The car was perfect when I got it, and the brake discs had just been changed, as they had warped, and this is apparently a common problem.

Clutch was replaced, but the local garage made a right mess of it, and it's never been right since with bad engagement and now a creaking coming from the clutch. However, this isn't a fault of the car, and it still ran great despite this!

Tappets needed adjusting as they are manual. Again, another local garage made a right mess of this, and it came back sounding like a diesel. Ended up getting my uncle to do it (old school mechanic), and it was perfect and quiet afterwards. Seems that today's mechanics don't know how to get the engine "on the rock".

Performance is poor until you hit the VTEC prime time at 4,500rpm and then it flies! Fuel economy is not very good unless you take it really easy. Hit the VTEC and you can watch the fuel gauge drop!

Cabin quality is very good, and feels expensive with soft-touch trims. None of that hard plastic crap.

Handling is excellent thanks to the great suspension! Stick a set of Yokohama tyres on and it's like being on rails! A little crashy round town, but an awesome motorway car, and very smooth and quiet.

Obviously this is now quite an old car, but it's gone through a hell of a lot with me, and I've red lined it on regular occasions - the engine is indestructible!!!

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Review Date: 26th November, 2010

2000 Honda Accord SE from North America




I had my transmission replaced with the extended warranty at 88000 miles. 100k miles later the transmission is going out again! I have an automatic 4 cyl. I am very upset, because I bought this car as an investment, and the reliability from Honda has disappointed me. I have maintained this vehicle with all the recommended maintenance.

General Comments:

Transmission replacement from Honda on my 2000 Accord; ya think it would last at least 100k miles.

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Review Date: 7th November, 2010

8th Nov 2010, 09:55

Did I miss something? Didn't you say your transmission lasted another 100K miles? Honda uses re-manufactured replacement parts, such as engines and transmissions, and not new ones.

Also, you bought this as an investment? And who told you a Honda was a good investment? A 1969 Boss 429 is a good investment in cars. A modern commuter car is nothing but a depreciating asset that you will spend a lot of money on. This is true about any brand and model of new car at this level. Even if you have no problems with it, it still depreciates and costs money to own.

2000 Honda Accord SE 2.3 from North America


Best car I've ever owned!

General Comments:

My Honda Accord is very reliable. It gets great gas mileage, but is a bit under powered.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2010

2000 Honda Accord LX 2.3L 4 cylinder from North America


Absolutely love my car!


Bought my car Jan 2009 at 179 000kms. Now it has 220 000kms, and so far few problems.

The sway bar links had to be replaced ($30 parts).

The catalytic converter came detached from the exhaust pipe, but my dad just replaced the bolts.

Master cylinder had to be replaced. ($100 part).

Currently it has an exhaust leak at the flex pipe, but I'm in no rush to fix it.

General Comments:

For a car being 10 years old with 220 000kms, I cannot complain about the few, inexpensive problems I've had.

Overall I love my car. The way it looks and rides. It's very comfortable, and it looks like a much newer car than 10 years old.

It's great on gas as well, with getting 600-700kms on a tank.

It also has a fair amount of power for a 4-cylinder.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2010