2000 Honda Accord EX 4-cylinder from North America


I love my Honda


Nothing has gone wrong with this car. It has performed beautifully and trouble-free the three years that I have had it.

General Comments:

I was so shocked to see all of the disparaging remarks about the 2000 Honda Accord. This is my second Accord and I can't foresee not buying another Honda when the times comes.

I service it regularly at a Honda/Acura only repair shop which uses only Honda parts.

So far, she's still running like a little champ.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2008

25th Aug 2008, 13:14

I agree!

I also read very bad reports on the type vehicles my wife & I own, but our experiences have been very positive.

Very few issues at all, excellent dealer service, and we are extremely satisfied with our vehicles.

Reading some of the reviews would lead you to believe that they were all lemons - but this is not the case.

I suspect that many of the problems I read about could be prevented by maintaining a vehicle properly and by not abusing it.

2000 Honda Accord SE 2.2 VTEC from North America


Buy every warranty possible, you never know if Honda screwed up when building it


Needed new seals.

Needed new axles.

Transmission has died. Needs replacement. Honda has known that they installed a faulty transmission, however they did not offer a recall. Now I am stuck paying $3000 for a new one.

General Comments:

I bought a Honda believing that the company was reputable and that 'Honda's can go 200,000 miles' without any issues. I feel that Honda has made buying a car from them like playing the lottery, if your lucky you'll get one that they didn't screw up, if not, too bad they won't fix their mistakes. It's a shame Honda can't take responsibility for their actions. They have the ability to make a great car, they just need to follow through when they screw up.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2008

2000 Honda Accord DX from North America


Great economical car


My SRS light came on at about 66000 miles.

Sensor in the seatbelt was replaced by the dealer.

No problems since.

General Comments:

Great car. More for the high school or college student. A little too small for a family.

Great gas mileage, drives nice, and so far no problems.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2008

2000 Honda Accord LX from North America


There is a loud banging when the car is put into reverse. Then I found out about transmission recall for 50K miles or five years. Took it into Honda dealership - they couldn't hear anything however, all my passengers ask "What's that noise?!!!"

Dealer not very nice about it - so I called National Honda. They said I'd have to pay a costly diagnostic fee to find out and directed my case to different Honda dealer instead of my local one.???

Have since re-read recall notice Honda posted on line, and the conditions of the recall were changed from the original form. Now loud noises are okay???

Took the car to my local mechanic-paid $2400 for overhaul of transmission -- since forward gears were starting to slip, also. He fixed the forward gear problem - but still bangs in reverse.

Have been reading about extensive problems in other areas that can't seem to get fixed or resolved. I'm getting rid of mine now and won't buy a Honda again. This was my second one.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2008

2000 Honda Accord SE from North America


Bad transmission - not a good car


SRS Light on after 60K miles.

Major transmission issue and deep humming noise in Engine after 87K miles. Transmission rebuilt.

Exterior headlamp changed 4 times. See recalls.

Battery changed 2 times.

Increase in engine noise.

General Comments:

Very sensitive to maintenance and will break down easily.

Frequent visits to repair shops to replace/change one item or other.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2007

6th Dec 2007, 22:33

Must have been something you did to your car, because it is usually the V6 that has that trouble.

Interestingly enough, I have an I-4 and a V6 edition of your car, and have only had problems with the alternator needing replacement on the V6 and the EGR valve on both cars. Other than that, they are both running great and on their original transmission.

My I-4 has 120k and my V6 has 170k. It is all in the maintenance. I will admit I have had to replace the headlight bulbs, but Honda said nothing of a recall. They only burn out once a year and are very cheap to fix.

4th Mar 2008, 11:02

I am now having troubles with my Accord SE. After babying her for 7 years she is showing signs of old age. The transmission is going up, lights are going out and I was unaware of the recalls or I would have traded her in years ago. I agree... bad car, not worth the headaches which is a shame because I got 280,000 miles out of my '92 accord.