2000 Honda Accord EX 4 cylinder from North America


Expensive, but reliable


Check engine light has been on and off for the past 10k. Had checked at Honda and they couldn't find anything. Very disapointing. Also brake rotors seem to be very poor as well. Had them turned once, and just 5k later they are warping again. Also, fuel economy has been very disapointing as all of my previous Honda's achieved 30mpg. This only only hits 26-27.

General Comments:

Other than that, I had my timing belt serviced and am NOT worried about ever being stranded. These motors are incredible.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2007

26th Nov 2007, 15:56

I have found the mileage increases if the A/C switch is off and speeds are kept around 65-70 miles per hour.

As for the check engine light, it could be a few things, but most likely the EGR. It is more prone to fail on V6 engine Hondas, but the dealer said my 4 cycle Accord needed a new one. I had the EGR replaced on my 1999 V6 at around 160k and the light came back on, so now we just ignore it. Car runs fine and you can usually tell when a Honda is running poorly.

2000 Honda Accord S 1.8 vtec from UK and Ireland


Relaxing classy car with good engine


Wheel bearing went just before 100k miles.

Door pins rattle constantly in all four doors.

General Comments:

Beautifully built dash and comfortable seats.

Good strong performance for a small engine.

Very relaxing and easy to drive.

The door pins problem is rectified by simply locking the doors!!

One of the better cars in this class, along same lines of a passat or newer mondeo.

Highly recommended and cheap as chips to buy now too!!

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Review Date: 13th November, 2007

2000 Honda Accord LX 2.3 from North America


Simple excellent vehicle. Bravo Honda!


About 2 years watch light has been replaced (covered by warranty)

5 years Cruise Control On/Off switch light went off (Can live without)

6 years evaporation sensor was replaced ($200 total)

7 years passenger side light switch button has worn out and requires several attempts to turn light on/off.

General Comments:

I wish all my future cars would be as good as this one!

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Review Date: 18th October, 2007

20th Oct 2007, 17:51

So you are not going to buy another Honda? Is that because the little light bulb in your cruise control switch went out? The cruise still works without it illuminating and it is a 3 dollar part.

23rd Feb 2008, 14:07

I bought a 2000 Accord LX 4-cyl from the dealership in 2001 that was a used service loaner car with 8000 miles on it. My second Honda Accord, this one has been just as reliable as the first one in 1983. Just clicked over 101,000 miles and I have done nothing other than routine maintenance to it. Never had it in the shop, still drives like a champ, and gets 35 mpg routinely. Very very reliable.

Bottom line - this car has never let me down, never caused me a problem, and never caused me to regret buying it. I am very satisfied. Am coming up on the timing belt replacement, which I am happy to do.

2000 Honda Accord Euro R 2.2 VTEC from Australia and New Zealand


4 door style with speed, reliability and comfort!!


Needed new clutch at 104000km - covered under my warranty free of charge (expensive job-$1100NZD through Honda).

Red paint has started to fade (mainly on plastic and bootlid/roof) - will look at getting it fixed when I earn some more money.

General Comments:

Well I sold my S14 Q's and went car hunting soon after. I was looking for something quick and fun to drive, but I had to be able to get full insurance for it. I looked through similarly priced Toyota Altezza RS200z, Mitsubishi Evo 4, BMW 328i. I wasn't too keen to get a turbo RWD so all the above cars I looked at were definite candidates. However, I eventually settled for a Milano Red Honda Accord Euro R.

The Euro R is not just some hotted up Accord, but more a potential track monster. It uses the H22a engine in its last guise and produces 220hp at around 7400rpm. This engine is a 2.2 litre, 16 valve, double overhead cam with Honda's vtec system, which kicks in at 5500rpm. This system gives the car a huge increase in power as well as a exhaust and an engine noise change. The engine in this car likes to rev and produces plenty of torque; unlike most Honda engines, however, the rev limiter feels like it is set too low (7500rpm). The 5 speed gearbox has very short ratios, which get the car up to speed very quickly. It also runs a helical-torsen LSD, which provides even grip and better cornering ability. This car has no traction control or stability assist-only ABS.

I have a 2.5" cat back exhaust as well as a short-ram intake with pod filter. Both these make the car a lot more responsive as well as making it sound very cool. The intake noise is phenomenal and will nearly drown out the exhaust. The only other modifications is the Tein Type Flex Coilovers installed, which the car a firm, but stable ride. This suspension set-up is awesome for corners and will be a great asset on the track.

The car handles like a dream, especially for a FWD, and is a great example of Honda engineering. Car runs Double-wishbone up front and 5-link rear suspension, as well as very thick swaybars and factory strut bar. Brakes are also very good - 300mm two pots up front and singles at the rear. They stop the car up very well and are a pleasant sight to see.

The car runs factory 16" magnesium (Enkei?) wheels which I have put on the new Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalins Re001 (205/50/R16). These give great grip and ride and helps the car get very fast mid-corner speeds, as well as wet-traction. Though this car would probably not beat a Integra Type R around a track (both factory) - it is a splendid vehicle that is more refined than the Type R.

The car is very subtle in its looks - lower down than the other Accord models. It has subtle sideskirts and can have a spoiler. The rear taillights are a gem to look at and the front of these cars must be one of the sexiest cars around. The Accord headlights matched with the front bar give this car the aggression it needs. Also the car has factory flares, which makes it look tougher than your average family sedan.

This car has a great interior-not crowded, but just right for the drivers car. The instrument cluster is done nicely in white with the euroR logo shown. The steering wheel is also a very nice momo item (same as in ITR). The car also runs EPS (electronic power steering) which has three settings (light, medium, hard) - I prefer hard.

The front seats are amazingly comfortable Recaros which are also found on late model Evolutions. Very nice seats in which a very nice, almost carbon-fibre fabric pattern woven in. Titanium gearknob is factory as well as lots of carbon-fibre inserts which give this car the sportier interior. Rear leg room is also good. Note this car does not have fold down rear seats which could annoy some people.

The boot itself is very large and can hold a fair amount of luggage. Has dual front airbags, air conditioning and cd player factory. Has very good HID lights which give great white light and has two front foglights.

45L gets me 450km around town and 45L gets about 550-600km open road driving (98 Octane). Full insurance for myself (19 years old) is NZD$590 per year, which is pretty good compared to Evolutions (NZD$1400).

This car has been a gem to drive and live with, and I do not regret buying it. I have only seen one other Euro R in my city so am very pleased with its uniqueness. I am definitely looking forward to taking it to the track. Would highly recommend this car to someone looking for a sporty, unique 4-door car with style.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2007

17th Nov 2007, 03:50

Thanks for the detailed review. I've been turning it over in my head whether to purchase a 2000 caldina gt-t I've been looking at, or an accord euro R. I think I'll buy the euro R now. Thanks.

20th Nov 2007, 20:37

Nice review; I have just bought one. Its red & looks as good as it drives. I'm very impressed with it. It's a real drivers car, don't you think? I've also owned an Altezza, but after having my new Euro R 2000 I will never go back. Soon as I hit 5000rpm the whole car changes into some kind of rocketship. Thanks again.