2000 Honda Accord LXi 3.0 VTEC from Australia and New Zealand




Nothing at all.

General Comments:

Top class car. Easy start every time.

Smooth gear change and superb ride. Total power when required from this 3 litre super quiet engine.

Car was imported brand new from Japan.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2008

1st Dec 2011, 15:06

Just to clarify - are you sure this was a Japan-new car? I'll totally eat humble pie if I'm wrong on this, but I thought all right-hand-drive V6 Accords from 1998, were made in Thailand, but were not sold new in the Japan market.

I presume you are talking about the wide-body Accord that was sold in the US as an Acura, and in Australia and NZ as a Honda Accord V6. The narrow body Accord is known as the Euro. The Euro never got the V6 motor.

I've spent in total about 6 weeks in Tokyo, and tend to spend most of my time looking at cars, and have never seen a wide-body V6 Accord there of the era yours is (1998 - 2002).

Or could it be the Japanese market got a narrow body Accord (Euro) with a smaller (2000 cc?) V6 motor than the 3000 cc motor in the wide-body cars? What capacity is your engine?

20th Dec 2011, 19:24

My car is a 2000 Honda Accord Euro R CL1 with a H22a7 engine 2200CC 4 cylinder.

They also come as a Honda Torneo, exact same engine apart from slightly different front and back.

2000 Honda Accord LX 2.3 petrol from Kingdom of Bahrain


I'd buy another one any day!


The car vibrates a bit when accelerating at about 40kmph. After that speed you don't feel it anymore. When I took it to the dealer, they said it was a problem with the bush holding the engine in place, and that it had worn out. After replacing it, the problem still persists, though at a much lower level. The vibration can still get on my nerves at times.

Brakes make weird noises every now and then, even if you just replaced the brake pads.

On a cold start, the engine sounds like it's going to die out on you any second, and keeps going half dead and reviving itself until it warms up.

General Comments:

It's one of the most beautiful cars to own. Seriously reliable and gives you your money's worth when it comes to reliability and resale value. I've never had to take it to the workshop for any major problems. I don't think any other car would've stood this test considering the way I drive.

Still has excellent power (after 170k kms), and can pack quite a punch if you want to race off the moment the lights turn green!

I've never had trouble with any engine components, and the AC still works like a charm (even though it has to work in conditions where the outside temperature was no less than 50 degrees Celcius!).

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Review Date: 1st October, 2008

2000 Honda Accord EX V6 from North America


Other than the SRS light, the car is great!


I purchased my 2000 EX V6 4 Speed Automatic from my daughter in 2005. Within several months of owning the car, the transmission indicator would flash on D4, so I called Honda and it was under warranty and was "rebuilt" free of charge.

A year later my SRS light was staying lit and I had a new seat-belt assembly installed 2007 "under warranty".

Now last week the SRS light is on again. I have been searching and cannot find recall information about the SRS light?

Also about 4 months ago my car would not start after parking at store car was running fine then I come out and it would not start. Had taken it to my mechanic and he was getting a code that it was the ERG and replaced it. The car would run fine, then the light came on again, he thought it was a defective ERG valve so he installed another one.

The car was still not running right, so I had to take it to a Honda dealer and they said it was the computer. That was about $800.00.

Even after the computer was installed, the car does not run the same, in the morning it has a miss, but after it's warmed up it is fine.

Also, if I have anything in the passenger seat bag, purse, etc. the airbag indicator light goes on and off. I have read so, so many complaints about this SRS light, you would think Honda would do something about it. If anyone has any information about a recall for the SRS light, please let me know.


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Review Date: 29th September, 2008