2000 Honda Odyssey LX 3.5 from North America


Good, but not great


Replaced alternator.

Brakes are noisy. Especially rear.

Sliding doors stick.

Transmission is beginning hesitate, clunks into gear.

Cloth panels on doors separating from cardboard backing.

Radio light burned out.

Clock light burned out.

Original speaker system was poor.

General Comments:

I am concerned about the transmission, since I am out of any extended warranty period.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2009

2000 Honda Odyssey EX 3.6 from North America


A very bad car, I will never buy/drive another Honda again


At around 100,000 miles the timing belt had to be replaced.

Fuel pump quit at 60,000 miles.

Interior cloth parts have fallen off.

Sliding doors stick when they get wet and will not open.

Speedometer stopped working at 107,000 miles.

Clock light burns out often.

At around 70,000 miles the AC no longer would get cold.

Randomly will crank but not start.

Has stalled out on freeway once.

Cassette player stopped working.

Passenger power window stopped working.

General Comments:

This car has been an absolute lemon. For years I was told that Honda's were reliable cars and would last you for life, and I can tell you that I will never be buying another Honda again.

This car ran fine until around 60,000 miles, then it all went downhill from there. It has been expensive to repair.

Fuel economy was never great and it only could manage about 21 highway (with cruse control on).

Very uncomfortable seats to sit in for over an hour.

All the plastic feels cheaply made, and the driver side door panel has cracked.

When the engine was running good, it had ample power and drove alright, but once the timing belt was replaced it would shudder if you tried to accelerate.

I am actually very surprised that this car has never had a transmission problem that supposedly plagues these cars.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2009

11th May 2009, 12:49

Your engine shuddered upon acceleration since you had the timing belt replaced? If what you claim is true, why didn't you take the van back to the garage that replaced the timing belt? Some mechanics are super stupid, take it to a reputable place and quit pointing the fault at Honda. BTW, I don't own a Honda, never did, I just read your review out of curiosity, so I am not pro Honda. I drive Buicks.

22nd May 2009, 21:25

We HAVE had experience with Honda. The word "lemon" is a gross UNDERSTATEMENT. I've never seen a more poorly built, under-engineered vehicle. We are now back to Fords. They are flawless.

25th Apr 2011, 20:25

I bought my 2000 Honda Odyssey used in 2003, and have put 198,000 miles on it. The only time I took it to the dealership was to have a cracked windshield replaced. I change the oils and fluids regularly, and it has never broken down even once. I have a '99 Accord LX too with no problem. I don't believe all that crap about the first two writers. If it's true, they must have abused their rides so bad. Go to Africa and see 1989 and '90 Honda Accords still riding strong, in spite of sub-quality oil and parts.

2000 Honda Odyssey from North America


I love it!


I purchased my 2000 Odyssey Van in 2004 with 92,000 miles and I have 147,000 miles now. Except for $400 of sliding door problems I have had no unusual repairs required. I came to this site while looking for an aftermarket catalytic converter to buy because my check engine light has been on for about 5,000 miles but after reading about all the money that others have spent on CCs I have decided not to make the repair at this time. My Honda is running normally and my gas mileage has remained the same at 24mpg on the highway. I have not had any transmission problems either.

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Review Date: 12th March, 2009

2000 Honda Odyssey EX from North America


A dangerous money pit that should have been replaced by Honda


Transmission replaced free of charge at 88k in 2007.

Dealer said replacement warranted for 3yrs.

Replaced CC @100k. Replaced IAC valve at 108k.

At 108k, told dealer transmission was not working correctly.

Dealer ran all codes, denied failure, ran out the 109k warranty. Also believe dealer disabled the warning light system. So what: they said part has 3/yr warranty. ("it's like you got a new car now", mgr. said.)

At 110k, problem so bad that dealer admitted tranny must be replaced.

Dealer said he would replace it free of charge.

Arrived for scheduled (by email!) appointment and was told business manager refused to pay.

This car is a well known lemon. Dealers and Honda do everything possible to conceal facts.

General Comments:

The car was trouble free until 80k and nothing but trouble since then. I will never buy another Honda again. Oh, yes: it needs $500 worth of new motor mounts, too.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2009