2000 Honda Odyssey from North America


Buyer Beware with the Honda Odyssey


Series of problems:

*The engine light came on, and yet they cannot identify the problem. Same problem I have read on the web page, ERG is broken. Dealer has not fixed.

*Manual Sliding doors stick, so much so that the door handle is coming off. Apparently this is also a recall, and even the original recall fix has to be repaired.

*Ceiling lights randomly flicker. Some sort of wiring/electrical problem. I took it into the Dealer and they could not identify the problem. Apparently this is a known problem with a Honda recall on it for the recall.

*Transmission went out, unfortunately it is out of warranty-- but this is a very prevalent problem with Honda. The previous owners had taken this van in to be repaired for a hard shift from 1-2. The transmission doesn't go to the 1st gear but straight into the second gear. But the dealership did not fix the problem, instead they put a small band aid repair and made it last until the warranty was out. (There is a class action lawsuit out there, for those who have similar problems) Oh and they also suggested that I repair the engine/transmission mounts which according to them were a real deal at $500. Not to mention the faulty catalytic converter at $900. The Honda Service Center is making a killing of of these defects caused by poor products and poorly manufactured vehicles.

General Comments:

Stay away from the Honda Odyssey-- it's a nightmare waiting to happen.

From bad transmission to electrical problems to sticky side doors, this is just one big lemon, I am waiting to see what the next big expense is going to be.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2008

11th Sep 2008, 14:05

It has done plenty of miles though? What do you expect?

2000 Honda Odyssey LX from North America


I have a Honda 2000 Odyssey LX with 115,000 miles.

Check engine light came on for EGR valve and catalytic converter (checked codes for free at Autozone). I got a quote for $1,600 to repair both from the local repair shop. I told the mechanic I was going to think about it, and when I picked up the car he accidentally left in the EGR repair instructions (from an on-line service).

Using the instruction, I took off the intake manifold, cleaned it out (the the EGR intake port was clogged) and installed a new EGR valve. I took it back to Autozone to have them review the check engine light, only the Catalytic converter code remained. I then let the tank go down to almost empty, put in half a tank of the super premium gas, cleared the check engine light (pull the fuse for your interior clock - it's on the same circuit - or take off negative battery cable) and the check engine light stayed off about 800 miles, long enough for me to pass the State of Il emissions test. (I tried the super premium gas test again and it works for around 800-1000 miles.)

The check engine light has come back on again, but I have two years before the next emissions test where I will try the super premium gas routine again.

I hope this helps.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2008

2000 Honda Odyssey LX from North America


I love this van despite all of the problems I've had!


My transmission went at 89,0000. It was replaced free at the Honda dealer.

I had the engine mounts replaced at 89,000 as well.

I also had a very strange problem. The front end was shaking like crazy! Costco was replacing my tires & noticed one of the mounts for the tire was missing. I took it to be replaced & that store noticed that ALL of the mounts were in the process of breaking! I had all of the mounts replaced on both front wheels---NO MORE SHAKING!

Now it's the same story---the CC needs to be replaced.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2008