2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee SE 4.7 V8 from North America


Good or bad, it's a Jeep!


Had to replace the driver's side tail light; the reverse circuit burned out. Found an inexpensive one at an auto recyclers.

Head gasket blew at 202,000KM.

General Comments:

After reading some of the reviews, and all things considered, I've been fairly happy with my Jeep.

I paid $7600 CDN for it last year (thought I would pick up something reasonable during the recession) to replace my 1992 Cherokee Limited. I bought that one a year old with 28,000 KMS and gave it to my nephew (going in for auto mechanics at college) at 550,000 KMS!!! It was going to need some repairs, and at its age, with the driving I do, I decided a newer car was in order.

The ride, and all other features have been fantastic. There are some usual Jeep squeaks and rattles from time to time, and the lack of a glove box lock is annoying. I don't think the engine was maintained by the previous owner, as the first oil change we did, the dipstick had sludge on it. The dealer said he changed the oil before we picked it up? Who knows?

When I was driving last January in -18C weather, the truck overheated. I was able to get back on the road again, and when I got home, it overheated again. The mechanic said it was low on coolant (no leaks however), and was fine until last August on a 30C day when it overheated.

I found out the had gasket was blown and the head was cracked. The motor shop said it was probably done back in January and not diagnosed properly at the time. Instead of spending $7000 on a Mopar rebuild from the dealer, I had a $3000.00 complete motor with 60K put in (decent warranty on it too). No problems since. Just impressed that it ran that long, used no oil, and didn't constantly use coolant between January and August. I commute 105KM to work and back every day.

I know some of these 4.7L engines have issues, but I don't think this can be blamed on Chrysler, but myself for not checking out the full service history of the Jeep, and the possibly lack of care the previous owner's fault. Otherwise, so far so good. The only thing I miss is the leather seats on my Limited. I would buy another though!

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Review Date: 26th November, 2009

30th Apr 2012, 21:14

Must agree with care. Flaws I can live with. Mostly cosmetic. Peeling chrome badge, leather deterioration. Suspension sagging caused by long travel to achieve off-road tasks. Otherwise, a solid SUV designed by Jeep engineers. So it's not to be considered as a Chrysler product.

A 2004 is a mature Grand with most issues addressed: axle noise, vibration, oil leaks, seat firmness etc.. See wjjeeps.com for year to year mods.

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.7L from North America


It's a Jeep thing baby!


Driver door power assembly has shorted twice.

Dome and courtesy lights turn on and won't go off.

Brake lights keep going out -- bulbs are fine!

General Comments:

This is my 5th Jeep and am a loyal customer since my first CJ-7 in high school, but am having serious doubts whether I'll buy another Jeep given not just the widespread "defects", but the lack of support from the manufacturer. Not the same Jeep company I fell in love with.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2009

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L six from North America


Jeep quality was high before Chrysler got a hold of it


First example of inferior quality were the front brakes. At just under 20,000 miles the rotors were warped beyond repair and the brake pads were worn out. Complete brake R&R about $650.00. As a side note my Taurus was replaced at 135,000 miles and had a brake pads installed at 90,000, and still had good brakes at time of sale. The front brakes on the Jeep are aftermarket and are still in good condition.

At 78,000 I noticed excessive coolant loss. It turned out to be the freeze plugs rusting out. Shop replaced with aftermarket plugs for about $350.00, but slight leakage began to occur within 1,000 miles, then at about 3,000 miles after the forward plug blew out suddenly, all coolant was lost and engine was shut down immediately. New dealer plugs installed by same shop seem to be holding... for now.

Current problem however is the front differential. It started making a buzzing noise at 60,000 miles that seemed to gradually grow in volume over time and miles. It was sort of a growl that increased with speed and diminished while slowing down. The front pinion bearing was replaced at about 80,000 miles. The race and bearings exhibited significant pitting. Well, here I am at 92,000 miles and the same noise is back. Haven't been to the shop yet but will soon.

This rig has had an assortment of weird problems too. For example, drivers side mirror delaminated and had to be replaced $500.00.

General Comments:

Seats etc are comfy enough, but the leg room is inadequate fore and aft.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2009