2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee LIMITED CRD 2,7LT from Turkey


Design Flaws Everywhere!!!


I just bought this car, Its Warranty is still valid, expiring in a month. I can't say anything about its reliabilty, but sure thing that I am going to say something about the design of the car.

Please see below:

General Comments:

Now lets start to the real part;

First off all, trading my BMW for this car was a mistake, I admit it. After driving 5 years of BMW, there seems to be endless flaws in this car.

The soft and comfortable appearing seats starts aches in your back after awhile. Besides, it is very hard to find a comfortable position in these seats I don't know why.

2.7Lt Engine seems fast in slow speeds, but as the speed increases (after 120kph) the power of the engine is insufficient for the desired acceleration.

Front console seems so humdrum, undistinguished, I don't understand? ain't this car is in the same category with TOUAREG? X5? LAND CRUISER? why there is absolute "nothing" in the interior? There is even no section in the sun blockers to put the license of the car. It exists even in my wife's Nissan Micra? there is no single compartment I could put my shades in? nothing for little tiny things? There is only the "nothing fits" glove compartment (even the car's manual doesn't fit there) and this big, ugly, clumsy designed Middle section under arm compartment wasted with CD slots!

This car is not warmed up! no I am not talking about the engine, the cabin! My feet are freezing, this car is like full of holes and wind blowing from everywhere! Back seat passengers can't stand their seats, as they cry out the freezing wind blowing (directly to their bottoms) from the hinges of the seats.

This is a car full of design flaws! The Gas pedal is the worst issue! It is soo touchy, soo soft that your feet is enough to bring it down to the middle by its own weight. No need to push or give a force to push, you often try to keep your foot up not to push the pedal giving you uncomfort and rage. I couldn't stand it, and asked my mechanic to fit a spring under the pedal and he did. It is OK now, but still not comfortable enough for my taste, I bear it sadly as there is nothing to do more?!

I don't even mention continously beeping alarm sounds (when you leave the key on car), inaccurate fuel tank gauge, idiotic road computer, tiny "nothing fits" door pockets, never ever accurate working rain sensitive wipers, old fashioned dashboard..

At least this model is more good looking (exterior) than the newer one.

In short, one shouldn't be surprised American car companies are bankrupting. No doubt They are sooo primitive compared to the German and Japanese cars.

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Review Date: 26th December, 2005

27th Apr 2006, 11:38

I also have a 2.7 CRD and sorry it is not RARE here in Europe, In fact Diesel engines are more prefered in Europe than cylinder Gasoline engines.

Another correction: 2.7 CRD engine is a Mercedes-Benz engine (since they have merged in past years) used also in Mercedes E-270 CDI. It is a superb engine much reliable and better than the Chrysler ones.

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.7L V8 from North America


Good. Looks better than the 2005 model


Brake rotors every 15K.

Main seal leak @ 16K.

Driver's seat (leather) started cracking around 20K, had to get it repaired.

General Comments:

Overall, a good buy. It's still a Jeep, with a solid front axle (Mine is 2WD), so it rides like a truck, but we expected that. The brakes really wear fast. Most of the driving is highway with little brake use, but every 16K I've had to replace all 4 rotors. The dealer says that's pretty normal. I would not get the leather seats again. They were nothing like leather seats in my Cutlass.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2005

9th Sep 2006, 02:26

I must agree, leather is deteriorating fast. Unacceptable for the price. But behind the wheel there is something competition can't offer: authenticity and feeling. And above all, and American legend that inspired the world without compromise.