2004 Nissan Maxima SE V6 from North America


Can't afford to fix it, but can't fix it to afford me a ride to and from work!


Brakes have worn out twice already.

CD player died with my favorite CD in it 3 months into owning the car. Dealer wants $800 to replace the unit.

A/C control unit had to be replaced for over $600. Now it just blows out hot air all the time, even when it's off. And I live in Vegas!

Alternator belt fell off, leaving me stranded on the highway, during rush hour, in Las Vegas.

Car has been slipping, and slamming me forward while switching gears. Was told my motor mounts were out, and the mechanic wanted $600 to fix. Replaced the mounts for $400 and still have the same problem.

Now my car won't pass emissions, citing PO797 code for Pressure Control Solenoid "C" stuck ON, which means the valve has to be replaced for about $1300, on top of whatever it's going to cost me for either a new or rebuilt tranny.

General Comments:

I really liked the car when I first bought it. My first luxury car! Coming from a Dodge Neon, I thought I was stepping up a bit. I still like my car, but with all the problems I'm having and the costs I'm facing, I'm ready to turn my back on Nissan.

I have been sitting here reading all these comments from 2004, and can't understand why Nissan hasn't done anything that I know of as of yet? The dealers won't do anything to help, neither will the manufacturer or the dealerships.

Shame on Nissan for not stepping up to the plate. Yeah, Toyota may be doing what they're doing now cuz they got caught, and it's great advertisement regarding "owning" up to their problems, but I respect them more for it, and wouldn't mind owning one now!!

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2010

2004 Nissan Maxima SL 3.5 V6 from North America


Built cheap


Roof leaking.

ABS modulator gone bad.

Will not pass NJ inspection, may be due to O2 sensor..

Mileage counter, cruise control, and speedometer stopped working.

Passengers door lock won't work.

Driver's window motor lost a screw and failed. Had to replace.

General Comments:

I got the car relatively cheap from a car auction at 63,000 miles. Had problems with the brakes banging; took it to dealer, they said ABS modulator is bad, need to replace it for 2,200 dollars.

I replaced the window motor myself at 280.00 dollars.

Fixed the sky view roof with lots of silicone caulk.

The car is in the shop as I write this due to NJ inspection failure. I suspect an 02 sensor.

After owning 2 Volvo's and repairing them, the price to fix this Nissan is just as bad.

Seats are not as comfortable as the Volvo, and the overall quality is cheap.

The car is very reliable, always starts, but I should have just kept my Volvo and made the repairs. Now I have a 300.00 car payment and more repairs.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2010

2004 Nissan Maxima SE 3.5 from North America


For the price I paid for it, it's not worth it!


At 26K, tire walls were cracked - No help from Nissan, nor the tire company. Score :=0.

At 32K, the car was jerking, thought it was bad gas, dealer cleaning the injector for $150, then same problem. Nissan changed the catalytic converter... But they also kept the $150. Score :=0.

Nissan replaced day light bulbs and running bulbs at least 5 times in the past, each time costing between $75 to $150. They even broke the air box and other plastic under the hood!!!

Very bad design! Score :=0.

All chrome is peeling. Score :=0.

When the outside temperature is high and the engine/transmission is hot... We are losing the clutch, pretty dangerous... Nissan have NO IDEA what the problem is! Score :=0.

ABS Control Unit is busted, and yes they want 2K for that... What a joke! Score:=0.

The car is at the garage and waiting for 2 crank sensors... I hope the bill will be less than $500, but I doubt it! Score:=0.

In the next couple months, I'm getting a used ABS control, then I'm selling the car!


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Review Date: 18th March, 2010

21st Mar 2010, 19:00

Hi, looking for some answer's on why I would need to replace the ABS brake actuator on my 2004 Nissan Maxima? It has got 115,000km on it, and also one of the rear wheel sensors has gone bad. Is there not any responsibility to the mfg on these items?