1995 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3.4 from North America


A great stock performance car


The compact disc player skips occasionally.

The knob on the air conditioning broke off. I re-glued it.

The center console top broke off.

General Comments:

Other than a few cosmetic items, my Grand Prix has been the best running car I have seen. It has 120000 miles on it and runs like the day it was bought. I am the third owner. The first two were family members. The only complaint I have is being too powerful for me. I clip the gas too hard and the tires chirp. It handles great on high speed turns through performance tracks and has great acceleration off the line. The cabin is comfortable, but a little dark. The speaker system is O.K., but I added a few speakers to spruce up the noise level. I am upset that there are very few after-market performance parts for it. All in all, I love my Pontiac Grnad Prix.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2002

1995 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 3.6L from North America


Excellent toy for me to drive


Replaced air compressor 3 times, WE LIVE IN ARIZONA, THAT HAS TO BE WHY??

Had oil pump leak.

Replaced 3 batteries to date (May 2002)

Altenator has been replaced 3 times, heat related.

Power Antenna would not raise last year.

Window on drivers side won't go up after being lowered at drive thur's.

Ignition failure, won't start some times, had ignition wires changed out at dealer.

Engine compartment is too cramped to do any work outside of dealership. And is the most major heating problem for us here in Arizona. This area is always hot even in the winter time.

General Comments:

Love this car, and will keep it forever. It is very fast, and sporty. It has ran very well with a corvette on a winding road, doing in excess of 115mph. Kept up with him with no problem. Only 2 of us on board, 1 driver and 1 screaming passenger (wife). Took curves at 90mph when posted at 45, ran at 120 mph for long period of time, until Arizona DPS was spotted. He turned his lights on to let me know he was there, but decided to leave me alone, after seeing stop light lit for several hundered feet. I behaved after that. Ran 44 mile distance in 25 minutes. I LOVE THIS CAR, AND DO TAKE CARE OF IT, ONLY RUN LIKE STATED ABOVE ONE OR TWICE A YEAR TO HAVE FUN, AND HEAR THE WIFE SCREAM.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2002

17th Aug 2007, 14:58

Hey, if any of you read this, the driver's side window gets stuck occasionally. For owners of the GTP, you simply have to hit the door until it works. It is NOT the motor and you can save yourself some money.

11th Apr 2012, 08:19

My driver's side window did that. I replaced the switch and everything was fine. Probably could have just cleaned the connectors of the original.

1995 Pontiac Grand Prix SE Coupe 3.1 3.1 Series from North America


Great car if you take care of it


Mufflers got rusted holes in them. Had to replace both.

Center consol lid had broken.

Condensation in the tail lights.

Solenoid acts up spontaneously.

General Comments:

I bought this car Thanksgiving of '01 and it's been great. Went well through the Iowa winter and the 2nd gear start helped out tremendously. Has great performance, especially if you use it as a semi-manual. Has great handling at high speeds, except going a little too fast may cause the back end to fish a little. Not many choices for after-market, although I have put some parts to enhance performance. Great car and the only way I could think of mine performing any better is to have the GTP.

I plan to drive it until at least 100K miles, I believe it will work the exact same then.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2002

31st Dec 2003, 22:37

I have a 94 SE and up in michigan the 2nd gear start also helps out a lot during the winter and when extremly wet out.