2001 Renault Clio dynamique 1.2 16v from UK and Ireland


Very sporty car


I've had the car for 6 months, had a problem with the spark plugs, but was fixed at dealership. the airbag warning light comes on for no reason, I just move the passenger seat and it goes off, electronic engine fault light came on, dealership didn’t know why, I put in half a bottle of redex fuel cleaner- its been fine ever since. The sunroof rattles and interior marks easily.

General Comments:

This is probably the best car I've had (touch wood) it handles so well, it looks sporty in and out, its got everything really, - ABS, trip computer, sports seats, alloys, heated wing mirrors etc..

The performance and fuel economy is excellent I can get 48mpg, for a 1.2 16v is very fast, my friends didn’t believe me when I told them it was only a 1.2 they thought it was a 1.6.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2006

2001 Renault Clio 16v 1.2 from UK and Ireland


Unreliable and unsatisfactory


Got my Y registration clio in May 2004. It's a new style 2001 expression model Since then had nothing, but trouble.

1. Sunroof Leaks - given to dealer to be repaired and came back the same.

2. Brakes siezed and snapped whilst traveling at 40 mph on a busy road.

3. Airbag light comes on all the time.

4. The car was shuddering, and needed new plug.

5. Electrical fault warning light comes on every couple of days and car cuts out.

6. Brakes are not very good.

General Comments:

The car is completely unreliable and if I could afford to I would give.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2005

26th Feb 2006, 23:39


I have a similar problem with my 01 Clio 1.4 RXE - can you tell me if you have had the problem of the engine cutting out for a split second and then automatically revving up to rest again at about 1500 revs? I have tried diagnostics at Renault dealer and they have no idea what could be causing this?


13th Apr 2007, 13:11

Hi yeah, I have a 2001 Y Reg Clio Dynamique and my airbag light came one. After reading reviews I thought what everybody else thinks "It's the wires under the seat" But my airbag light came on because it needed a New ROTARY AIRBAG SWITCH. Renault fixed this for about £190. Dear.. but it cured it.

2001 Renault Clio Authentique 1.5 dCi 65 from France


Very economic and versatile small car


Very few things went wrong.

When I got the car there was a problem with the tail lights: it's the rear fog lights that would be turned on instead of the tail lights when switching them on. I didn't realize it right away, but after being told off by several people I took the car to the local Renault dealership. They didn't understand what I meant in the first place (not easy to notice the difference in daylight) but I insisted and they finally fixed it. Cost 50 euros.

Otherwise there was a recall from Renault. They had to replace something in the engine (don't know exactly what). I didn't pay anything for that, but I know it was quite a big repair though. It affected all cars of these series (early dCi models without air conditioning).

The battery went dead this winter. It had been below -10°C for several days and the car wasn't used to that.

I also had the windshield washer pump replaced at 78000 km, a simple repair for 19 euros.

General Comments:

This is an excellent car, probably the most versatile small car at the moment.

It's very pleasant to drive and the comfort is also quite good for a car that size: comfortable front seats, little road noise even at 130 km/h.

The engine is only 65 hp, but the turbo does the job and has the necessary oomph to insert in traffic smoothly.

Fuel economy is just awesome. Needs only 5 liters of diesel to cover 100 km (47 mpg).

The noise of the engine is nothing compared to that of a VW TDI.

This one is a basic version so there is no air conditioning or CD player and I regret it (especially in summer).

The backseat isn't roomy at all. It's very uncomfortable for adults to seat in the back.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2005