1990 Toyota Camry CSX 2.0 litre DOHC EFi from Australia and New Zealand


A great practical open road performer


When I bought the car it was incredibly in need of some serious TLC and due its high kms it has had many problems:

2 broken windscreens.

Blown head gasket after 330,000kms, engine replaced with a higher output RAV 4 engine.

Oil leak.

Broken gas stays.

Seizing throttle pedal.

Front shocks are stuffed.

Rear suspension bushes needed replacing.

Anti-sway bar came loose.

General Comments:

Even after many problems, I think the car is totally comfortable on long trips, lots of room for passengers and luggage, and with plenty balls to drag off boy racers.

But the controls are very straight-forward and it tends to handle like a truck sometimes. Though my car is very quick I reckon, cause I've pulled a 180kph run and it does mean handbrake turns.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2001

1990 Toyota Camry LE V6 2.5 L from North America


Reliable and made to last


Major oil leak one year after I got it (car was 9 years old at that time). Spent $400 to fix.

Rear brake discs recently, but I was expecting this.

New muffler and exhaust pipe.

New timing belt at 100 k miles (previous owner did not change it at all). This was scheduled maintenance, it did not break.

General Comments:

Great car, reliable, never stuck in the middle of the road. Not very good gas mileage in the city, but great performance. Very comfortable. Well built. I got hit by a Jeep Cherokee, I had no damage. The Jeep needed body work.

Very happy, I am about to buy a new car, and I am seriously considering another Camry, although I may go for a Corolla or Honda Civic because it is a little bit cheaper.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2001

1990 Toyota Camry DX 2.0 L 4 cylinder from North America


I recommend you buy one for a long commitment


An oil leak.

The electronic shift sensor went out in the transmission.

That is about it.

General Comments:

I love this car. This is the second Toyota Camry I've owned. I just love the gas mileage and the reliability they offer. It isn't too gutless, but it isn't a sports car.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2001

1990 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder from North America


Perfect second car


Nothing. Great car. Shouldn't surprise anyone.

General Comments:

Fabulous car. Tried to find another one in the same price range ($3,000) for my daughter. Just couldn't...

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Review Date: 14th March, 2001

1990 Toyota Camry DX V6 from North America


The Camry sucks!


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

My 1990 Camry sucks. You can hear the road noise and feel how the road feels. You can hear the rear wheels above 60mph and some how it's different from the Camry I rode in Asia.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2000

26th Dec 2000, 08:56

Mine has road noise too.

7th Jan 2001, 02:16

My 1990 Camry is awesome, I love it. A reliable car I have modified to the best of my ability. Never lets me down. Still looks great. Many miles to come hopefully. Why did you drive yours so long if you hated it?

4th Apr 2001, 03:46

Tires make a huge difference in the road noise, I have always used Michelin on my Camrys, they seem to run quieter than others. I think your ratings were reversed, I think they want "10" as the best, and you were referencing "1" as the best, yes?

21st Aug 2001, 02:51

My 1990 Camry is an ex-courier car and even though it is a piece of proverbial crap, it has held together like a rock for 336,000kms.

I've been getting heaps of road-noise lately from the rear wheels, but I'm not sure of the cause of that although about 9 months ago all the rear suspension bushes needed replacing.

6th Apr 2004, 22:20

I love my Camry! I don't know about road noise or anything, but it never fails to get me where I'm going. I ran it off a 12 ft. cliff and there is still absolutely nothing wrong with it!

28th Sep 2005, 13:57

My 1990 DEX Camry is great never lets me down. As far as the back wheels noise, I never heard it. As long I keep my oil change it runs like a champ. Even Sometimes I don't keep it change I feel no change in the car performance.

1990 Toyota Camry CSX 2.0 Litre from Japan


An economical, comfortable, and value for money car


Replaced alternator.

Replaced timing belt.

Replaced battery.

Doesn't start first go when engine is cold.

Power aerial is broken.

General Comments:

Very reliable car with plenty of grunt when it's needed.

Very comfortable with plenty of luxury features such as electric mirrors, cruise control, velour seating, 4 point driver's seat alterations, etc.

Great fuel economy on the highway of 7.2L/100 km on the freeway ranging to 8-10L/100km in traffic.

Good size, not being too wide and therfore easy to park with a good turning circle.

Holds its value, and easy to resell.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2000

18th Jan 2001, 04:22

Turning circle? I had a Taurus with about the same radius. I'm constantly dismayed at the radius of my '89 Camry. Also the power steering seems under assisted, although this may be due to the car's age. I really expected better from such a small car. I do love the mileage, though.

1990 Toyota Camry LX Wagon from North America


At 100,000 miles I had to replace the air conditioner. There was a slight transmission leak, too.

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Review Date: 14th June, 1998

22nd May 2001, 17:27

Our 1998 Toyota Camry air conditioner leaks into the interior of the car. We have had it "fixed" three times by a Toyota dealer but it isn't a permanent "fix". It happened again while on a trip to North Carolina this past week. What can we do?

12th Aug 2002, 20:53

I own a 1990 camary, best darn car on the road! I have 349000 on it. still get real good gas mileage 650 kms in town 725 on the hi-way up to 829 kms if I drive sanely. and this is to 52 liters. very few repairs. usually by now the car would be long gone, but I still enjoy getting into it.