1990 Toyota Camry DX from North America


If you can find an old low mileage model - grab it!


Replaced air conditioning at 60,000 (not bad for an 11 year old vehicle).

General Comments:

My Camry was purchased used for commuting. In over four years of ownership, it was a workhorse. Although I did not drive great distances, I do spend time in traffic and this car handled it all.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2005

1990 Toyota Camry from North America


A solid ride that will last forever


Within the first week of owning the car, it had to have $800 in mechanical work to replace a computerized "brain" and an ignition coil The mechanic who did the repairs told me the car repairs were simply due to normal wear, and the car was as solid as they come and should run another 100,000 miles with only basic maintenance and wear-and-tear replacements (tires, brake pads, etc.) He was absolutely right!

General Comments:

I've driven many newer model cars in the same general class as the Camry, and none have had the solid, well-built feel that my Camry does.

Manual transmission became less smooth as the car aged, but was still completely functional. Never replaced any parts related to the clutch.

The car has a comfortable, stable ride, even with its original shocks and struts.

In my experience, most Toyota's with over 100K miles have a tendency to burn and leak oil. This is relatively minor, and sealant helps.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2003

23rd Dec 2003, 08:48

I have an '89 Camry Sedan with 158,000 miles that I bought new, using as third vehicle. Holding on to it despite badly rusted fenders. I drive it in bad weather to save my other cars. Oil leaks caused problems with ignition wiring and coil, but this was fixed.

1990 Toyota Camry CSX 2.0 from Australia and New Zealand


Camry CSX = Trooper..


Alternator has died, as a result the battery died cause I didn't take it to get fixed before the car used up all the battery power.. LOL

Apart from that, the car is a trooper.

Think my exhaust has rusted through. Might have something to do with the river driving (:

I never have had any real problems with the car apart from an aerial breaking due to a friends unwanted drunken handy work.

Dimmer died.

Air/con switch stopped working properly.

General Comments:

Awesome car - I take it camping, I take it on road trips, I take it everywhere.

I drive it to its potential, not all the time, but in general at least once every time I get into it.

Gets serviced every 5000kms and I put premium petrol in it every 2nd to 3rd fill, and octane boost every so often + fuel injector.

This car is the bomb, its still runs fine, but when the clock is saying almost 440000 kms on the original engine, which hasn't been reconditioned, it shows what a great job Toyota did with this car.

I have driven this car through an approximately 8 inch high river that's approximately 10-15 meters across several times, generally do this when I go camping and it makes it fine.

Have done it several times.

Car still performs nicely, not that this is an impressive figure except when you take into account that the car has done almost 440000! It gets to 100 in about 11 seconds, faster than its stats say when it was produced. I think they gave auto specs and I was running octane boost with premium at the time of testing. I get 9-10sec when going down a hill... (:

Appart from that, it is due for a service - getting replaced exhaust, spark plugs, air filter.

Nothing else I know of yet.

Also has a nice sound once a cd player was installed with some new front speakers, 4 inch tweaters, needed something to equilize the back speakers..

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Review Date: 13th September, 2003

20th Apr 2004, 13:20

I just bought a 1990 Camry TODAY do you have any idea how helpfull your comments have been I had a corolla, but am looking forward to the long relationship I am going to have with my new HONEY... thank you so much for making my day!!!