1990 Toyota Camry 2.0 from North America


I would buy another one, when this one finally wears out


Slow-dripping engine oil leak into distributor, when the engine is hot, from where the distributor housing and the engine share a common wall. So, I don't lose oil while I'm driving, but I have to put a drip pan under the front of the car while it's parked, or I'll get an oil-leak spot on my garage floor. My mechanic says that this is a common problem that he has observed in other 1990-93 Camry models. He "fixed" it by drilling a hole in the side of the distributor housing so that the oil could leak out and drip under the car, and not disturb the electrical distribution. I have to add a quart of oil every 6 weeks. My mechanic said that I could get a used distributor housing from used-car-parts yards, but then, those might be liable to develop that oil-leaking hole, too.

The only other problem has been that during heavy rains, there's a leak into the trunk. I fixed that with a tube of rubber gasket sealer.

General Comments:

I am the original owner. I bought the car in late 1990 to carry my wife and newborn son in his child car seat. My son is now 17, 6'2", and fills the back seat. It is still my primary car.

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Review Date: 18th October, 2007

1990 Toyota Camry 2.0 Carby from Australia and New Zealand


If only all cars were built like this


Front and rear struts replaced (with gas ones).

All engine and transmission mounts replaced.

New battery.

New alternator.

New rear muffler.

General Comments:

I bought this car for $500 from a friend's uncle. At first I thought I was doing him a favour, but not now.

The car had just got new tyres, alternator and rear muffler fitted, and came with a full tank of petrol - so $500 is a bargain!

The car is solid and very reliable, and after the initial repairs, my total layout has still only been around $1700 (including purchase). Not bad for a good second car.

A bit disappointed it had a carby instead of EFI and no power steering, but - $500 :) It is in great condition all round, only blemishes are faded boot paint and slight rust in the rear wheel arches.

It's a pleasure to drive, and after I got some roof racks for free, boy has it been useful. I carried all the building materials for 3 pergolas on it, not at once though. I always wanted a ute, but who needs it.

I use it as daily transport, and to take the kids to sports, and best of all, I can park it anywhere and not worry about it.

It ran out of petrol this morning, I am trying to teach it run on less less petrol - LOL. I was annoyed with it and left it where it stopped, but after reading the other comments, I will retrieve it tonight.

Hopefully it will last and last; it's the best work horse I have ever owned.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2007

27th Jun 2007, 18:22

Went back for the car last night, poured some petrol into the tank, and voila, started first time. I'll feed it more regularly from now on...

29th Jul 2007, 20:58

Had the car for a few months now and have had to do a few more repairs.

New timing belt - never changed apparently (300,000Km), new water pump and associated seals, new fuel filter, as the old one was clogged and fitted on backwards which was causing the poor power and throttle response, and fitted it with power steering (2nd hand).

The strain on the arms when parking/turning was too much without it. Easier now but it has lost some steering feedback, although it didn't have a great deal to start with.

5th Feb 2013, 17:55

Hmmm, wonder why the fuel filter was blocked (hint - running the car to empty the petrol tank).