1996 Toyota Corolla 1.6L from North America


The most dependable car out there


Ignition key cylinder.

C/V joint.

General Comments:

The most dependable car I have ever owned. I bought it wholesale from a Chevy dealer I was working at two days before my son drove it to Arizona from NH. I don't think he even checked the fluids.

It has been across country four times (40+MPG) and has been driven hard. Oil changes every 3-7k, no transmission fluid changes, one set of tires and front brakes. He has never changed plugs or wires, and at 175,000 miles it still gets over 30MPG around town. It doesn't burn or leak a drop of oil and runs like a top.

It does need one rear coil as it was thinking over bumps, but the coil seems to have seated itself and it has lessened. Also needs a passenger side window switch. Eventually he is going to have to break down and buy a timing belt, but that is regular maintenance suggested at 90,000

The only modification made was a new stereo as his display died. He got a nice Pioneer online and the supplier sent everything to simply plug it and play it. It took us 15 minutes to change it out, and I am not electrically handy.

My daughter has a 96 Corolla as well with over 225,000 miles on it, and it looks brand new. She bought it a year ago with 200K and has not sunk a dime into it.

I had a 95 Geo Prizm, which was truly a Toyota Corolla in disguise. I loved that as well. Had to get rid of it after 50k. I needed a truck. Never did a single repair to it either.

I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a reliable, cheap to run, albeit not very sexy car. Every car will last if you do maintenance by the book. Want a true test? Give it to a college kid and let them have at it. See any car match those older Corollas

My son's girlfriend is looking for a car to get her through Grad school. Guess what we are looking at?

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Review Date: 17th September, 2009

29th Jul 2012, 19:02

Just an update on this car. It now has 215,000 miles. It's getting a little old, but is still running strong. It is just starting to drop below the 30 MPG area. My daughter's 96 has 250,00 miles. Have to do some normal rust work to the rockers. Too many winters in upstate NY and NH. Still great cars.

23rd May 2017, 16:28

Just finally retired this car after 15 years of ownership with 275,000 miles... the toll of 20+ years of New England winters finally got to the body, and the rust was bad enough she wouldn't pass inspection. A sad day.

Still running just fine, no engine or transmission problems. Hadn't changed the oil in 5 years, never changed any other fluids at all. Just a set of tires and brakes at one point.

The most reliable car on the planet. Period. Except for the Toyota Landcrusier ;)

24th May 2017, 10:14

One of the most reliable cars, period. There's many more. A mid 90s Accord could actually surpass your longevity fortune as another excellent example. With minimal expense, achieving very high miles on the odometer reading.

1996 Toyota Corolla from North America


This car never let me down

General Comments:

This car, though little; has so much potential.

I got this car when I graduated high school, and recently let it go (4 years later).

It never gave me problems, and it's easy to guide with.

Very good and reliable transportation.

Not too luxurious, but worth having.

The only thing I would've changed were the seats, because they would fade and get stained easily..

This is as amazing car, I will miss it very much.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2009