23rd Sep 2005, 03:34

To update on my Mark II Grande, the car have travelled close to 16,000km. So far no major fault except for the right hand rear passenger power window which was stuck. Took it to the auto garage shop who did some adjustment and it's now OK. Have been told that the common problem with power window is that we do not use it often which is why it got stuck. It's best to operate the power window at least once a week if not more.

The car fitting still good, but noted that there is some rattling sound on the ashtray section when vehicle going over any bumpy areas. Need to get it sorted out during my next servicing.

As for 0-60MPH timing, do not think that it can achieve in 8.8sec without a supercharger. As this engine is same a the Lexus IS 200, am more likely to believe it should be in the region of 10 plus second. This car is more suited for expressway cruising rather than all out sprint as it is pretty heavy. There is a power mode switch which I have tried and can say that the revs works much higher before the next gear is engage. It's pretty fun, but the drawback is on much higher fuel consumption. Under normal driving, am getting about 10.5km/liter on average which I consider acceptable.

My car does not come with a screen, so I do not have the problem dealing with Japanese instructions.

Have recently upgraded the stereo system with a genesis 4 channel amplifier with upgraded speakers. Have also place a below the seat alpine sub-woofer. The sound is so much better now.

Shall update at later stage.

29th Oct 2005, 05:49

Hi, if you can leave your email address, I can email you the screen translation from Japanese to English in PDF file format. Is yours the build in EMV screen?

I bought a 1993 model 5 years ago, and it has being an excellent car, never miss a bit. The car has now done 170000 km and it is still going strong. I am very happy about the Mark2. I think it is one of the best built car. The trimming is excellent. I had a 1989 Mark 2 for 5 years before I traded to this model. The next car I am looking for will be the 2000/2001 Mark2. I like the new shape.


30th Oct 2005, 21:25

Mark 2 Lave car in Russia.

10th Dec 2005, 08:46

Hi, I am also facing the same problem for the Japanese language and will appreciate if you can email me the screen translation from Japanese to English in PDF file format. I have built-in EMV screen. My ID is ansar.haque@gmail.com. Thanks.

23rd Dec 2005, 03:31

My 2003 Mark II has now done 20,000km and still every thing is working fine. Fuel consumption is approx 10-10.5 km/liter. Engine is smooth and revving up is a lot smoother than recently acquired.

The only minor problem which I have noticed is that the brakes pedal produces a faint clicking sound when step on. hope to get it sorted out as the inside cabin is quiet and this clicking sound can at times be annoying.

30th Dec 2005, 07:35

I just got a wine red colored 2003 2.0 Mark 2 Grande around a month back. The car runs like a dream. Just yesterday I managed to take the almost all the way to its' top speed of 180 kph, it just kept on going smooth and easy and was simply begging for more, unfortunately I ran out of road space. However, my mark 2 is giving me a little over 8 kms per liter (I have put in 16 inch 215s in it).

The only problem I have is that I did not get an owner's manual with it (nopes not even in Japanese), I was wondering if any one of you Mark 2 owners has one in English and if you do, can I get a copy of it.


2nd Feb 2006, 12:46

I am contemplating buying myself a Mark II JZX100 model with a 2L engine. Can someone enlighten me on the fuel consumption capacity say in km/L driving in city and on highway? Thanks.

4th Feb 2006, 00:52

I've recently bought a 2003 Mark II, 35th Anniversary Edition; the frame # is GX110 with a 2L engine. This machine is very fuel efficient considering a rare wheel drive. It is giving be better mileage than Honda CL-7 (2.0L, front Wheel). I've carefully monitored it fuel consumption and found 9KM/Lit in downtown and 10.5KM/Lit on long drives. I am proud of my decision to buy a 2003 Toyota Mark II than anything else of this range. It definitely gives a pleasure of a Lexus. Thanks. Ansar.

24th Feb 2006, 01:40

Hi everybody I've just bought this super duper machine this is really incredible too smooth & powerful. the only problem with me is it Japanese language on screen. can anybody send me this translation my email address is only_1ne@hotmail.com I'll be very grateful.

16th Mar 2006, 20:57

Help with manual for Mark11 Grande screen need english translation


19th Mar 2006, 11:24

I love the car, but I also want a translation of japanese language. I would be greatful for the help.

25th Mar 2006, 10:17

Anyone having problems with the DVD player in MK 11 Grande 2003, got the car and saw there was one installed in the glove compartment, but it does not seem to work anyone had this problem or know what can be done to repair this.

27th Mar 2006, 22:02

Yes, the one installed in the glove compartment is DVD ROM and is for the navigation system. You need to install a DVD changer available in 6 and 10 DVDs in the local market. It will cost Rs. 18 - 20,000. Regards / Ansar.

29th Mar 2006, 04:31

HAS ANYONE GOT THE TRANSLATION FOR THE JAPANESE SCREEN. I would be grateful for the help. my email haris1@hotmail.com.

29th Mar 2006, 13:06

Seems like no one has the English translation for the Mk11 screen if anyone does please help some of us out with the info we would be so thankful for the information.

11th Apr 2006, 03:30

Hi Everyone.

My 2003 model Mark II is now approaching 28,000km. Everything seems fine to date. As my vehicle does not come with the navigation touch screen control system, I do not have the worry about having to translate the Japanese words.

Guess my only grouse for this car is that the paintwork is a little thin. Stone chips can seen on the car surface.

Hope everyone is happy driving his 2003 Mark II cars as this model is the last of the mark II production series.

Hmmm, wondering will it be a collectors item in the future...

5th May 2006, 10:07

Hi Mark2 Lovers/owners,

I am in a dire need of your help. I bought a Mark2,GX90 1993 model with a 2lt 1G-FE engine. Its fuel consumption is wonderful, its power-superb! I am wondering if anyone can help me with an English version of the owners manual, I am ready to exchange it with Japanese one that I've at the moment.Secondly, can someone help me with how to use the ECR power button, and also OD button on the gear shift lever.

My name is Reuben Kapala Munungwe, my email is kmunungwe@yahoo.co.uk

7th Jun 2006, 18:12

Does any one know how many valves the Mark ll GX100 1999 engine have? e-mail addres:be61hoymail.com

4th Jul 2006, 12:44

I have recently bought a Mark 2. I am having problems using its LCD, which is in Japanese, so is there anyone who could help me?

My e mail address is bilboy2kus@yahoo.com