22nd Apr 2013, 16:06

Sorry, can someone please send to me the English manual screen instructions??? In PDF if possible...

My e-mail: valdmarguambe@gmail.com

Mozambique. Obrigado.

23rd Apr 2013, 09:16

Hi there,

What is / are the differences between the Toyota Mark II Grande 110 Limited and Regalia?

Festus - Tanzania.

6th May 2013, 10:07

Hi Mark II Fans,

My Mark II (35th Anniversary, 2003 model, 2.5 D4 VVTI) arrived yesterday from Japan. I've seen a lot of comments about the request for English version of the Touch Screen Display.

If any of you do have an English version in PDF format, could you please email it to me on:


And does anyone know the grade/viscosity of oil I should use for my next service?


Max, (Zimbabwe)

18th May 2013, 02:13

Hey Mark II Lovers,

I drive a Mark II. Does anybody have an English version of the Owner's Manual.

Please email me if any one of you have it to peshalap@yahoo.com.


Peshala (Colombo, Sri Lanka).

Sweet ride indeed....

22nd May 2013, 14:25

What's your engine capacity?

12th Jun 2013, 04:47

I have owned a Toyota Mark 2 2003 JZX110 since 2009. I bought it with 46 000kms, and it's now at 159 000kms. It serves me very well.

I only use petrol super 93, and always ensure I do a service after 5 000kms. Treat it like a baby and it will serve you like a king.

I love this car guys, and if I sell it, I will buy the same model again.

If I'm in South Africa with it, all my friends call it a mule of a Benz, BMW and Corolla.

18th Jun 2013, 03:28

Also please email me the English version of the Japanese translation on the screen. Overall, a very good reliable car.


25th Jun 2013, 06:08

Hi Mark II lovers.

Can someone please also email me the user manual of the screen translated in English? Will appreciate it.

Email: daquinmik@gmail.com

Thanks guys!

2nd Jul 2013, 03:32

Hi Mark II fans.

I have ordered a Mark II GX 110 2001.

I would like to know the fuel consumption in town traffic and at highway speeds (i.e. 80- 120)?

Icep, from Kampala Uganda.

4th Jul 2013, 22:54

Is your 'mule' a D4? I need to know.

14th Jul 2013, 20:16

Has anyone responded to your mail yet? That's exactly what I want, so please send me the information on makdru@gmail.com.

14th Jul 2013, 20:34

Perfect. It's the only positive contribution on the d4 I have seen so far. I believe each car has its own problems, and certain cars have higher demands than others, so know your vehicle.

17th Jul 2013, 15:39

Can you please send me that owner's manual. Sorry I can't pay you for the help. Thanks. My email: prethokg@gmail.com.

24th Jul 2013, 12:46

Is it 4WD? Check the plugs, air cleaner and tyres...

24th Jul 2013, 12:54

In the morning usually it's not smoke; it's kind of moisture, especially when it's cold. It is bad if it emits light blue smoke, even during the afternoon. If that happens, you will also experience the engine oil decreasing... ring pistons, bye bye.

24th Jul 2013, 13:10

Change the tyres to avoid that vibration.

15th Aug 2013, 05:30

Hi all,

I own a JZX, 110 D4, and since I bought this car (a year now) the journey has not been smooth.

(i) Genuine spare parts are hard to find (I'm in Tanzania; most of the spares are chinese made).

(ii) It's fuel selective. I have to maintain BP or Total, hence it limits my trips especially when I'm travelling to up country regions where I only come across other gas stations.

(iii) Regular nozzle issues (they say it's because of fuel).

(iv) Pressure sensors always have problems.

My recommendation: if you are in a country where fuel quality is an issue, please don't buy this car. I'm forced to believe it was designed for less humid countries with well-refined fuel.

Option: buy the same type but non-D4; a VVTi 1G is fine. My brother has it and it's loveable, no fuel selection and cruises like a speed boat.

Another D4?? Maybe in my next life :)

23rd Aug 2013, 07:59

Hey the vibration is long gone. Actually the problem was an arm bush that had cracked, and since it was fixed, the ride has been so smooth.... cheers though.

Still need help with the English manual please... Anyone?

Email is moseskigoro@gmail.com

23rd Aug 2013, 14:03

Hi, I live in Jamaica and own a 2001 Mark UU Grande. I have a lingering problem where it is losing power sometimes. Whenever I try to go into overdrive, maybe to overtake, it goes dead.

And the muffler is making weird sounds. Please advise, thanks.

Cess (neugip@yahoo.com).

Also, can somebody please send me a manual in English?

6th Oct 2013, 08:36

U have the same problem. I need the screen translation from Japanese to English. Verossa 2003. Please send it to the following e-mail address: edwinmulokozi@gmail.com

21st Oct 2013, 07:27

It is due to water vapour in the touch panel. Take out the touch panel, dry it with a hair drier, and then fit it; it will solve your problem.

Thanks, Saad Akbar, Pakistan

10th Nov 2013, 03:23

BEAMS is an acronym, which stands for Breakthrough Engine with Advanced Mechanism System.

9th Dec 2013, 13:37

My name is Aden. I happen to own a Toyota Mark 2 Blit GX 110 wagon. Make sure it is the GX 110 with 2000cc or sometimes referred to as the BEAMS 2000. It is just like the Toyota Mark 2 Grande or Verrosa; a nice car. Spare parts are not an issue.

11th Jan 2014, 13:36

Kindly send me the user manual of the Toyota Mark II Blit in English to toyotamark675@gmail.com

27th Jan 2014, 02:15

Hi, I just bought the Toyota Mark 2 Blitz. I need the manual in English to operate the screen.

Please send me the manual in English to aliakberhassan@gmail.com

29th Jan 2014, 20:32

Has anyone responded over this issue? I have the same problem with my 2001 model. Please assist. My e-mail is munenestanley@gmail.com.

22nd Apr 2014, 02:07

Hi Ken, I also had the same problem with my GX 100, but replacing them was a bad decision on my part, cos the new ones only lasted a week, however I had the original worn out ones refurbished and now it's fine.

23rd Apr 2014, 11:15

Please, the manual you received, was it soft copy or hard copy? Cos I am currently in Nigeria and need one badly.

Thank you for your response.

27th May 2014, 06:18

Hi my brother, I have a similar Mark II 90, however its fuel consumption is just too high. After monitoring it closely, I discovered that it only covers 6.5km / litre. How best can I improve its consumption?

My email address is franciskalusa@ymail.com

19th Jun 2014, 20:15


Anyone know the recommended mileage at which to change the timing belt on a 2000 GX110?

Also, do I have to be particular on spark plugs and oil used at service?


24th Jun 2014, 08:29

Hi, I will be thankful if someone will send to me a Japanese /English translation for my GX 110.



4th Jul 2014, 14:49


I have 2002 Toyota Mark 2 Grande G. It shows the gear position on the odometer display. After changing the battery, it does not show anymore. How can I re-enable it? Please help.


13th Jul 2014, 11:22

Hi, I am also facing the same problem for the Japanese language, and would appreciate it if you could email me the screen translation from Japanese to English in PDF file format. I have a built-in EMV screen. My ID is kyawthet@gmail.com. Thanks.

21st Jul 2014, 23:41

Hello everyone!!

I got a Mark-2 2003 model. Can someone please send me the English manual, and also I would really appreciate it if someone could help me to convert the Japanese language to English of the built-in EMV.

Thank you.