29th Sep 2011, 00:54

Nathan here. Going to Nyeri and on to Kieni, cruising at about 90-100kph, managed to achieve 14km/l!! Very nice. Town driving in Nairobi I get around 9km/l.

29th Sep 2011, 01:07

Nathan from Kenya,

Got my 35th edition GX110 about 6 months ago. Highway trips have seen about 13-14km/l, and in town should be about 9km/l. For the guys in Nairobi, have any of you done tuning to our conditions and fuel? i.e. our altitude and different fuel RON setting.

Want to swap my DVD ROM with a Sony DVD headunit. Any custom wiring needed, or is it a straight swap?

PS: Sweet ride!

6th Oct 2011, 07:24

In addition to the 12 August 2011 contribution, I suggest you use VK16 Iridium spark plugs from Denso; diamond pointed, they can last up to 100,000 km before changing.

7th Nov 2011, 05:11

I recently bought a Blit GX110-2004 model. The consumption is pathetic - 5KM/Litre. Any advice from other owners?



24th Nov 2011, 03:49

Take it for service. You will be surprised, especially if the spark plugs are old. Check toyodiy.com to get specific OEM part numbers.


24th Nov 2011, 04:54


The issue with those plugs is that not only are they expensive, but our fuel quality will not help you realize their potential. Best practice is to put in those that are OEM, instead of putting money into a sinkhole.


25th Nov 2011, 05:11

Hi guys, I also have the same problem of the navigation screen is in Japanese. Anyone with an English manual pdf, please email me on gherbert33@yahoo.com. thank you.

1st Dec 2011, 00:05

I have the 2004 model, and recently noticed some smoke, especially in the morning.. What could be the issue?

Apart from that, the car is very comfortable.

6th Dec 2011, 03:32

I need the screen translation from Japanese to English. Please send it to the following e-mail address. tiyamike.chikabadwa@gmail.com

13th Dec 2011, 07:47


Maurice here. Bought the Mark11 35th Grande and I have translation issues, and also would like to know if the DVD is a straight swap, or you need extra wiring?

If manual is there, kindly forward to mobaninvestments@gmail.com

7th Jan 2012, 18:30

Check the coil packs on the engine.

5th Feb 2012, 05:59

Motor.palace@live.com... Plz email me the translation of Mark 2 Grande Navigation screen from Japanese to English.

22nd Apr 2012, 09:53

Hi, help me with screen translation from Japanese to English. Send to mazubazunga@yahoo.com

1st May 2012, 13:59

Hi Mark II fans.

I'm a big fan of station wagons, and the Mark II station wagon (the Blit) has caught my eye.

Does anyone have info on the availability of spare parts and the fuel efficiency of this nice looking vehicle?

My email is mainarmiano@gmail.com

19th May 2012, 07:04

I have a Toyota Mark II Grande 2003 model. It's giving a problem of dripping petrol into the oil sap, hence consuming more fuel. The spark plugs are always wet. It's not pulling in drive. What could be the problem?

My email is godfreymweene@yahoo.co.uk

I live in Zambia.

20th May 2012, 02:09

Hi, I have a 2001 Grande Toyota Mark II, GX110 engine with a GPS in Japanese language. I'm asking for anyone with an English manual for this car. I would really appreciate it. I reside in Zambia.

You can email it to: mazubazunga@yahoo.com

25th May 2012, 04:27

I need the screen translation from Japanese to English. Please send it to the following e-mail address. scorpionmue@gmail.com

7th Jun 2012, 13:09

HI Sanjay... I'm in search of a Mark II GX 110, & please contact me if you have any idea of selling your car... :)

My Email address - shanaka_ultimate@hotmail.com

Thank you :)

Shanaka from Colombo, Sri Lanka.

8th Jun 2012, 03:28

Hello there friend.

Mohammed from New Zealand here. Please email me the translation PDF.

Much appreciated.


18th Jun 2012, 02:05

Hi Sunjay.

I am from Pakistan.

I have a Mark 2 Regalia 2002, and I am in love with the machine. The only problem I face is knocking when I accelerate. Sometimes it starts to knock to the extent that the engine check light starts displaying, and sometimes it just goes away i.e. no knocking at all. As I accelerate, the knock disappears, and restarts when I accelerate the car from stop.

I've had every thing checked, but no issue found. Can you help in this..

Regards, Ameer.


5th Jul 2012, 15:54

I have also got the same problem. Asad Ullahali Pakistan.

6th Jul 2012, 13:21

Dear Mr.Ammer.

Issues such as the 'Knocking' experienced by you are sometimes caused by the fuel used. Please check the type of fuel used and its quality. These vehicles are supposed to be run on unleaded fuel.

If the knocking persists, have your spark plugs checked checked/cleaned, and if necessary, replaced with genuine parts. Then, preferably, check the condition of the fuel filter, and if necessary, change the fuel filter to a new one - this too with Toyota parts.

Hopefully you will notice a change!

Best Regards, Sanjay.

15th Jul 2012, 16:53

Email me the English instructions to: mazubazunga@yahoo.com

17th Sep 2012, 08:21

Hi everybody, I'm Soe Thein Tin from Mandalay, Myanmar.

I'm now using a Mark II, 2003.

From the previous owner, I only could get the owner's manual in Japanese. So can anybody send me the owner's manual in English? I will be so thankful for your help. My contact mail address is ghostpearl@gmail.com

With thanks, Soe Thein Tin.

22nd Sep 2012, 13:11

Hi Mark 2 owners.

I just acquired a JZX 110. It's a nice thing to drive around in. The year of manufacture is 2002. The only problem is the manuals are in Japanese, and the TV screen is also in Japanese. I request you send me manuals in English. My email is bobngandurich@yahoo.com.

Best regards,

Richard (from Zambia)

22nd Sep 2012, 14:12

The smoke in the morning is normal, because the engine is cold during that time. Otherwise, the car is very much OK.

I wish I had my own Toyota Mark 2 Grande Limited; I would be very happy.

11th Oct 2012, 09:05

I want to swap the GX110 engine with the JZX110. Any mods needed to perform this?

15th Nov 2012, 05:18


I am so keen on buying an ex japanese car, preferably a Toyota Grande Mark II with a D4 engine. Is it a good car? Please advise.

Email necqiea@hotmail.com.

28th Nov 2012, 05:00

I'm driving a TOYOTA MARK II GRANDE (D4). Can someone send me the manuals in English, and also may I know any common problems associated with this car?

My email address is fbream@gmail.com.

19th Dec 2012, 07:34

Did you get any feedback my friend? I am having the same problem.

11th Feb 2013, 07:18

D40 engines are not good at all. You will have to fuel at Shell or Total only. It requires clean fuel, otherwise it will knock.

12th Feb 2013, 10:00

I bought a Mark 2 Blit recently. It was running perfectly, but three days ago it just lost its drive, it won't rev above 2000 revs, and its speed won't go above 45km/hr. What could be the problem?

Have checked the pump, injector driver and throttle sensor, and all seem to be OK. Please help.

From Dorothy in Zimbabwe.

16th Feb 2013, 01:02

What is the difference between a Grande and a Grande Regalia in a Mark II car?

How to know if it's a Regalia or not?

27th Feb 2013, 16:37

The fog lamps on a Mark II Grande were mainly designed to give you visibility when making a right or left turn when cornering.

4th Apr 2013, 07:55

Hello to you all Mark II lovers.

I bought the Grande 2004 model about a year ago, and recently the drive hasn't been so smooth. I get vibrations at 80 km/hr. I did a wheel alignment, wheel balancing, and even changed the tie rod ends and ball joints, all to no avail. Can anyone help me out here?

And where is the best place to get genuine parts, as the ones I fitted, I got them from Kirinyaga road...

I would also appreciate help on the English manual..

Moses, Kenya.