9th Nov 2007, 07:12

9th November 2007

Re: Owners Concerns (Mr.Faysal Bukhari, Pakistan)

I am sorry, I won't be able to e-mail this advice, due to a technical issue with this computer, however I have tried my best to answer all your questions (generally) below:

1. The built in Navigation/TV/DVD system is mainly built by Toyota with the Japanese market in mind. Hence, as the TV relies on satellite transmissions beamed/focused in and around Japan, at best the reception would be 'grainy' when imported into Pakistan or any other country.

However, a qualified technician could fit a TV tuner card to this system enabling you to watch local TV channels on this Unit, though it is not meant to receive such broadcasts. As I do not live in Pakistan, I can't comment on the quality of the reception you would receive after such a modification. However, here import owners claim that they have 'Good' reception once a TV tuner/capture card is installed.

2. ETC Power/Snow Button - Not Clear. Probably a button that lets the driver adjust the transmission to suit different driving conditions (Eg. with snow).

3. The DVD player - Usually works normally. However, in your case as it is coupled with the TV/DVD/Navigation system then you will have to control it via the display screen. Since, this is not possible currently as the Navigation/TV/DVD system does not work the DVD player may not work, or even if it did you may not be able to use it effectively. Best option is to get TV/DVD/Navi system to work!

4. No, the Navigation System only works in Japan.

5. Cruise control switch - Check the area below the steering column (near the driver's side door) or on the turn signal stalk (switch) for it. If your car is equipped with cruise control, it should be here.

6. Japanese Owners Manual Translations - Check out the websites that I have mentioned on this site in an earlier posting.

By the way, what is the 'grade' or type of the Mark 2 your driving?

Hope that helps...


Sanjay Wijesinghe

Sri Lanka.

14th Nov 2007, 17:38

Mr Sanjay, Thanks for your help in trying to determine the cause of vibration on my toyota mark11.Actually it is not the engine that is giving the problem. As a matter of fact the engine performs fine. The problem is a vibration on the frame of the car, once the RPM returns to normal after the car is warm. In Guyana we do not have an authorised toyota dealer and as a result it is difficult to pick the fault. I am living in the US and I only go to guyana for vacation, and that is when I get access to the car. One mechanic told me it may be the engine mounts. This was not verified. We also looked at the exhaust system to see if it was touching the frame to cause any vibration, but that was not the case.

15th Nov 2007, 07:06

Re: Vibration Problem (Reply)

I read your comment with interest. However, one shouldn't jump to hasty conclusions eliminating this or that. Remember, no mechanic has successfully diagnosed the fault on your car and probably will only 'make predictions' about what would or would not be at fault.

If you say the fault is 'In the frame' of the car this could be due to any number of reasons, and may or may not be due to a single fault or flaw. Further, since you purchased this vehicle as a 'Used' car, I assume you are unaware of it's history (E.g. any previous signs of structural and/or frame damage).One option is to show the car to a Reputed Dealer/Mechanic specialised in (any Japanese brand) and ask him for his professional advice on the matter. You could also ask them to do a complete inspection of the car or get an 'Inspection Report' as it is known in Sri Lanka.

Hope that helps...



(Sri Lanka)

22nd Jan 2008, 13:29

Hi, My name is Nadeem Iam from Islamabad, couple of days back I went to see the Mark II 2004 in a showroom and I finally decided to buy, but one friend of mine who also owns a showroom in Islamabad tells me not to buy Mark II as its fuel consumption is very poor not more than 6 km, no spare part is available in Pakistan and zero resale. Actually I love this car and now Iam bit confused Please advise me what to do.


Nadeem Chaudhry


3rd Mar 2008, 03:04


Can someone email me owner's manual in English for Mark 11 year 2000.

My email is dogrummy@yahoo.co.uk

Thank you a million.

5th Mar 2008, 09:55

05th March 2008.

Re: Purchase of Mark 2 (2004)

Dear Mr. Nadeem.

Unfortunately, this is a personal decision you have to make. Depending on what car you choose to buy, the realities of maintaining, what is in essense, a domestic model in Japan will need to be taken into consideration. I don't know the trade in (used) value of Japanese automobiles in Pakistan, but do know that its not easy to find spares (especially body parts) for the Mark 2, 2000-2003/4. As for fuel economy, it should be better than a Camry, Verossa or Crown. But your friend would be right if you were interested in a Corolla or Allion.

Best Regards.

Sanjay Wijesinghe


Sri Lanka.

7th Mar 2008, 07:53

Hi friends.

I have a mark 2 2002, 2500cc. It won't start.

I scanned it and no fault was recovered.

I have checked the ECU, injector drive module, throttle body and pedal sensor. They are in a good condition.

Can some one help me?

My name is Soerin, and I'm from Surinam.

19th Mar 2008, 11:55

Dear Mr.Soerin.

Re: Starting Problem

It's difficult to pin-point the fault in your car from the details you have given. To verify, diagnose and suggest replacement parts to engine related issues like these one needs an advanced diagnostic computer, such as the one used at Toyota. What warning lamps light up on your car's dashboard when it would not start? I am not a professional mechanic but here are some tips that might help:

Generally, the issue could be narrowed down to a fault in the following or combination of these issues:

A) Engine Management Computer (Fault in the electronic sensors) which when faulty will not allow the vehicle to start. You may need to replace these and run your diagnostic equipment again to verify that everything is 'OK' and the car starts.

B) Type of Fuel Used- I do not have the Owners Manual for this car, but from what I know one should only use 90 Octane (or higher) UNLEADED FUEL only. If you have used a different kind or lower quality fuel, it could affect the engine seriously. This will lead it to malfunction.

C) Check simple procedures like- whether the Transmission is in 'P' position, with the hand/foot-brake engaged. Discharged Battery-condition and terminals, alternator. (or electronic equivalent)

D) Condition of Starter Motor and Drive Belts- these should be in good working order without being worn, bent or torn. Replace if they are in a worn, bent or torn condition.

Good luck and don't loose hope!

Best Regards.

Sanjay Wijesinghe


Sri Lanka.

23rd Mar 2008, 12:26


I have a 2004 Mark 2 Grande Limited. The problem I am facing is that I can't seem to turn the fog lights ON, they turn on, only when an indicator is turned on and only the fog light of that respective side gets turned on. Is this how it's supposed to be? And can someone, please send me the English translation of the Japanese screen.

Any help with that would be appreciated