23rd Mar 2008, 12:32

^^Sorry forgot to write my e-mail address: aamirsawan@hotmail.com

6th Apr 2008, 03:14

Dear Sir.

Re: Foglamp 'Not Working'.

From the description you have provided, it appears that your vehicle could have been:

Subject to electrical rewiring by a person not conversant with Toyota rewiring procedures. Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan, provides it's technicians with approved rewiring diagrams and Service Manuals so that rewiring and safety checks are done correctly and to approved service standards. Please have the Fog-lamp System wiring checked by a Toyota Technician at your local Toyota Dealer.

Depending on the variation (i.e. Mark 2 Grade or Model) the Fog-lamp switch located on a 'ring' on the Turn Signal Indicator Stalk when turned on should turn on BOTH fog-lamps at the front of the vehicle. This is done automatically and simultaneously. Unlike in other cars, the Headlamps need not work for the foglamps to turn on.

Hope that helps...

Best Regards.

Sanjay Wijesinghe


Sri Lanka.

14th Apr 2008, 07:42

Dear Sanjay.

I also have the same problem. Fog lamp is working when turn signal is turned on and only in that respective side. Both are not working simultaneously. It has ring in the turn signal stalk. I thought this is the normal way.



Sri Lanka.

23rd Apr 2008, 08:07


What you are referring to are not the fog lamps, but the indicator lamps that are located on each side of the front lower bumper.

The fog lamps of the Mark II are next to the headlight and will switch on only with parking lights. Please use the ring on the left hand side to switch on/off the fog lamps.

8th May 2008, 10:26

Please try the following site for English version manuals for any car.



12th May 2008, 11:42

Hi, my name is Ayaya from Kenya. I bought a Mark II 2000 last year. No problems so far, however I wish to request the English manual.

The dashboard also shows the yellow light, almost similar to that of the door, which is usually red. What could be the problem?

Where in Kenya can we find the spares for the car, and can I find mountings for the gear box?

My email address is ayayaotieno@yahoo.com or paul.ayaya@rvr.co.ke


17th May 2008, 20:33

Dear Ayaya.

You have to order an English manual from the site given by me. www.jpnz.co.nz. The price is New Zealand $50 + postage.


18th May 2008, 01:51

I saw one member has written that he has the English Translation of the LCD Screen instructions in PDF format. I would appreciate if this member could e-mail me the PDF file to dhammikaw55@hotmail.com.


20th May 2008, 00:51

Dear Sanjay.

I got an owners manual in English from Australia via the WEB site given by you. I paid AUD 63 with postage. It seems to be a genuine manual (translated from Japanese to English by a reputed New Zealand translation company). Their web address is www.jpnz.co.nz.

Regards, Dhammika from Sri Lanka.

20th May 2008, 06:06

Dear Dhammika.

Thank You for the web address on Owners Manuals. I also found a website originating from Australia showing a photo of the same Manual. They claim it is 'genuine'. Can you let me know if this Manual is a copy of the genuine Owners Manual printed in Japanese by Toyota, Japan?

Re: Fog lamps- What does the Owners Manual say in the relevant section about how the Fog and other lamps should work 'normally'.

In the 2003 model Toyota Mark 2, the foglamps are located independenly of the headlamps at the bottom (extreme left and right corners) of the front bumper/buffer. It is white in colour and BOTH lamps work independently of the headlamps when a 'ring' on the turn signal indicator stalk is turned on. Though they look like 'cornering lamps' they are not. What is your Mark 2 model?

Hope that helps...

Best Regards.

Sanjay Wijesinghe


Sri Lanka.

21st May 2008, 10:37

Dear Sanjay.

My Mark II is year 2001 model. Manual is for 2002 up wards. But every thing is almost same except few things such as fog lamps. It says same as you said about fog lamp. But in my car these white color lights fitted to front bumper are corner lights. They are working when signal lights are turn on.( with out blinking)

Thanks & Regards.

Dhammika from Colombo.

26th May 2008, 11:52

Dear Dhammika.

Re: Fog lamps-Thank You for your clarification based on the Owners Manual. Does it have any pictures or graphics showing the location of the fog lamps?

As far as I know most Mark 2 models do not come equipped with cornering lamps. Otherwise this should be mentioned in the Manual.

Best Regards.



Sri Lanka.

27th May 2008, 21:40

Hi my name is Logan, I recently bought a 2003 Mark II but the navigation screen is in Japanese. Does anyone know where can I get the instructions in english?

30th Jun 2008, 04:29

Hi am Eliud Were from Kenya and own a Toyota Mark II GX 90. My car always vibrates when am doing past 90kph but the vibrations cease past 120kph, what could be the problem because I have done wheel balancing and alignment but the vibration is still there. Secondly, from which supplier could I get spare parts of the vehicle from Kenya. Thirdly, kindly apprise me on the function of the Over Drive button.

My e-mail address is ekris78@yahoo.com.

Thank you.

Eliud Were.

22nd Jul 2008, 02:47

Hi Damika and Sanjay, good to see someone from Sri Lanka in the forum, because I'm from Sri Lanka too. Talking about mark II, I just love those cars, could you tow please let me know how much would it cost for a 2001-2003 Mark II in Sri Lanka?

Thanks in advance


1st Aug 2008, 19:35

Hi Piyendra.

Price is depending on the condition and the year of manufacture. It will vary from Rs 3.4ml to Rs 4mln.(Registered Car)


20th Aug 2008, 00:36

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a 2001 mark 11 2500cc. So far so good. However it seems to be very bad on fuel. Looks like it guzzles. I am doing 60Km for 10 litres meaning it's doing 1 litre for 6Km. Is there something wrong? I was expecting it to at least give me 10Km. Please advise.

27th Aug 2008, 08:54

Hi, Mark II enthusiasts.

Just wondering whether someone could advice me. See, am considering buying a second hand Mark II GX81, 2.O,1G-FE with an auto trans. What could be the fuel economy on this model?

Kindly drop me a line at Kennedygo@yahoo.com.

2nd Oct 2008, 23:59

I drive a 2002 Mark 11 here in Jamaica and its wonderful. let me clarify the issue of the lights at the end of the bumpers. for the 2000cc models they are turning lamps but for the 2500 cc they seem to serve as fog lamps.

20th Dec 2008, 12:54

Hello members

I also own a Toyota mark II Regalia, a 1997 model. I would like to humbly request whoever has the car's manual in PDF to e-mail it to me because am having problems to read the LCD screen on the dash board since its in Japanese. Your assistance will be highly appreciated. My e-mail address is elvissalagi@yahoo.com

Elvis Salagi.

30th Jan 2009, 02:59

I am Kent Onyango from Nairobi, Kenya. I recently got myself a MARK II GX OF 1999. The machine is smooth and gives ultra performance. I am however disappointed on the fuel consumption, almost 7km/ltr. What are some of the tips to mitigate this situation?

Secondly, the buttons like ECT buttons, tilt handle, over drive buttons. Can someone advise on their usage and do they have anything to do with consumption/fuel economy?