23rd Mar 2016, 10:40

Mileage for that car is 12.4km/l on the highway and 10.5km/l in urban environments.

Clive (Uganda).

23rd Mar 2016, 10:42

Replace the spark plugs please. Denso Iridium only.

Clive (Uganda).

6th Apr 2016, 18:44

Hello Clive. Send me your email or telephone contact. My check engine light does not show when starting the car. Also how do I connect the DVD?

Stephen, Uganda.

25th Apr 2016, 20:39

Do you mean the beams 2000 engine? Coz that seems to be the stock engine...

9th May 2016, 14:57

Hi Mark II drivers,

I own a 2003 Mark 2 Grande GX 110. I have a problem with my air conditioning. When I am driving town service, all is well. When I do more than 100km non stop, the air conditioning goes off (the air conditioning fans go off). So you cannot experience this problem unless you are on the highway. It's a pain to start so well on the highway and somewhere the A/C cannot support you anymore in the remaining journey.

Regards, Emma.


16th May 2016, 20:41

Please tell me how to change these Japanese language things I can't understand. I can't watch video on any screen. My email is Mahdicade112@hotmail.com. Please contact me or call me on 00252612722222. Thank you.

1st Jun 2016, 07:02

What's the engine capacity of your Mark II? I have a Mark II with a 3 litre engine and it's not good in fuel; it does about 7km/l with the new air filter & oil filter. I use Castrol 10W30 multi-grade oil.

14th Jun 2016, 15:54

Any one with an English manual for Toyota Mark 2, please send it to paulbanda22@airtelzm.blackberry.com

Thanks in advance.

16th Jun 2016, 17:54

The DVD ROM in the glove compartment is for the Navigation DVD-ROM only. It won't play multimedia discs.

25th Jun 2016, 17:43

Check your d4 fuel pump.

3rd Aug 2016, 18:09

Please, I do have Mark II 2003 REGALIA... If you have an English manual, please email it to me as well.


9th Aug 2016, 11:24

Yes, the beam 2000 engine.

16th Aug 2016, 14:50

Please use Iridium spark plugs for the Mark 2 Jzx110.

16th Aug 2016, 14:57

Your gas levels for the A/C may need to be checked and refilled.

16th Aug 2016, 15:00

A 3000cc engine in the Mark 2 is the best performer, but a guzzler too. It must be the one with a turbo! It's not fuel efficient but powerful. True.

16th Aug 2016, 15:02

Which year is it? Please always use Total 5000 engine oil and good spark plugs (Denso Iridium). Each is 50,000ugx but lasts for 100,000km.

11th Nov 2016, 10:56

If you get one, please forward to me at akhonamandland@gmail.com

23rd Feb 2017, 19:20

Kindly send me the english version of the manual please on my email. zvirahwak@gmail.com

23rd Mar 2017, 04:47

I am Mukwaya Aloysious from Uganda. I have just bought a Mark II Grand, but with a D4 engine. It consumes a lot of fuel and I don't understand the problem.

17th Apr 2017, 09:22

This is Nathan.

I am from Tanzania. I need some parts for my GX 110.

Please contact me back on WhatsApp +255 766 000075

26th May 2017, 14:53

Kindly send to thagichukamande@gmail.com

9th Jan 2018, 04:56

Please, if you can post the manual on email james.mundingi@gmail.com, I'm seriously facing problems with my car, but I'm failing to translate the Japanese.

12th Jan 2018, 14:01

I have checked out the link you attached to your comment, but I still can't see the manual attached to the cars.

How then do I get to download the manual if there is such provision?


24th Apr 2018, 23:44


Kindly send me the English version manual of the Mark 2, 2500cc at email rosefires_15mangiheart@yahoo.com.

Three queries:

1. My vehicle's gearbox is not working properly. When I put it in R or D3, it sounds and feels like someone hit my car from the back.

2. How many litres of ATF oil are needed to refill it?

3. What is the use of ECT?